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  1. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Answer = to survive. My first team squad of players 85 + is only about 16/17 players. The rest are all risers for profit. I know how to manage small teams its the only thing generally I do. The only way to do so is to be very active with scouting and in the transfer market. Buy>Wait for rise>Sell>Repeat and Reinvest in risers again (and occasionally get a squad player) Unless I want to be stuck with the 75-79 rated squad I inherited then the only way to eventually get to a startin 11 of 90+ with a small team is to buy and sell as many risers as possible
  2. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ I'm trying, really really trying to get a decent squad together next season after the disappointment of losing in the play offs, but its difficult. Losing £1,000's and £1,000's each week so need to keep buying risers to sell just to stop me going into debt leaving very little for building a decent team
  3. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Yep. I am really struggling to compete with Carlisle. I have the smallest managed club in the gameworld so if any other club comes in for a player I want then thats my challenge ended there and then. And here we go again ....... Carlisle United have made an offer to Zenit for Aleksandr KERZHAKOV Fulham has made an undisclosed offer for Aleksandr KERZHAKOV of Zenit. Thought I would get him as noone had him shortlisted and noone had bidded on him since the gameworld started Oh well back to bidding for Inzaghi's, Michael owens and other permantly injured or aging undesirables Its hard being a tiny club in this gameworld. Not fun at all
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Ive got 17 clubs. Some of these I have had for 7 years. The game is not fun anymore. I do not want to (nor do I have the time to) calculate which players need more gametime. The time I do have to spend playing the game I want to build great teams through transfers and scout out future stars. I do not want to see 7 years of team building being slowly ripped apart through concerns. I am going to reduce the number of teams I manage starting with the ones with the most concerns as I do not have time to work out who needs rotating in every gameworld or want to see years of scouting and dealing destroyed + soccermanager is supposed to be a form of entertainment not a chore. As people have stated before once player concerns start it is an impossible to put right domino effect. If I can't manage to keep my players happy in the reduced number of teams then I'll keep reducing to the point of quitting the game. There is a lot of things wrong with the game - player concerns, stupid robot chairmen, too many game worlds & lack of proper customer support to name a few. I do enjoy (well I used to) playing manager games so think I will be trialling some of the other versions out there on the internet to see if they put game play experience and customer care first before profits and minimal maintenance.
  5. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Bit gutted lost to unmanaged Southampton in the play offs 3-4 First time ever I have failed to get promoted in a forum set up so tba I started the season expecting to go up even though I had one of the worst starting teams in the set up. Maybe I was being too optimistic and it was too much to expect with the squad I had to work with. Im going to stick around as I am always in for the long term in every game world I enter. I took Carlisle on as a long term project and will get to the top league and europe eventually All the best to all for next season
  6. Re: The biggest ever risers GW: World Talent Scout I have applied for my club. Asec. Mimosas. Ingame name Kevin wright . Thanks
  7. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Has anyone got a Mid or High 80's GK that my Carlisle can loan please? Will need to borrow one til the Big league 2nd division is reviewed so I can sell my risers to fund buying one. Thanks
  8. Re: The biggest ever risers GW: World Talent Scout ASEC Mimosas please
  9. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ I wish external clubs would bid for my players. Need to sell Inzaghi before he drops dead, he is only worth a couple of million as P/E but as my best fwd my chairman values him at 6million so cant buy another until an external bids as his value will drop to pennies. Hurry up please - everything appears to be going so slow Managed to bring in Bocaly 88 - Regular for the French champions so in for a rise for sure Giggs 92 - At least playing for another season so with my budget I dont care about his age for now
  10. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) With Charlton getting promoted Bradley Pritchard will be in for a rise. 1076 minutes. = 72 -> 77 ?? Barak Moshe of Jeruselum 1282 mins 1 goal = 70 -> 77/78? A couple of starters for Helsinki Sumasalo 72 -> 78/80 Schuller 74 -> 78/80 Uruguay Gonzalo Castillo starter for Cerro Largo 72 -> 78+ ? Fernando Ruocco of Fenix 4 games as sub. 73 -> 75? Maximiliano Córdoba of River plate. Quite a few games as sub. 1 goal 70 -> 75 Peru Leonardo Valencia. Starter for union la clara 72 -> 77+ japan Kohei Kuroki a couple of sub. Only 11 mins so if gets a few more minutes from the bench 72 -> 75?
  11. Re: Fix By Mix - Europe's Solution. NEW CUSTOM! Tried to go for players that other people were not bidding on to try make my budget go further rather than paying over the odds for players. Rapid Vienna are starting like this until the first transfer bans are up.. Hart 92 Arbeloa 91 Barzagli 90 Tymoschuk 90 Susaeta 89 carrick 92 Scholes 90 Feghouli 88 Di Natalie 92 Giroud 90 Tevez 93 Should do ok in division3
  12. Re: Fix By Mix - Europe's Solution. NEW CUSTOM! I thought I knew a lot about football but there is quite a few teams in Division 4 I have never heard of
  13. Re: Fix By Mix - Europe's Solution. NEW CUSTOM! Vienna for me! I'm happy with that and won't be looking to swap, its the sort of team I was hoping for. I don't like managing the big teams as its too easy. I find it boring so only go for lower league teams to add sense of achievement to a club I have built rather than given. Think I will be in division 3 to start, so got two seasons to build a team capable of challenging Porto, Benfica, Ajax, etc for division 1 title which should be doable, Good luck everyone
  14. Re: Fix By Mix - Europe's Solution. NEW CUSTOM! I'll give this a go please
  15. Re: 10k goalie If they ever decide to review the smaller leagues there are a few 10k risers Chudy, Hamzic, Kotnic, Gcaba, Chencinski & a few more that I can't remember. Be warned though I have had some of these for what seems like years and it appears that SM can't be bothered to review their leagues so they may never rise
  16. Re: English Championship 8888 Discussion Thread Could have done with a cup run to help with finances but my reserves got thrashed by Man Utd's Xavi, Messi & Ronaldo first team 4-0 first round of the shield and will be going out 2nd round of the cup with an away Draw to Manchester City. Great news Starting to look a bit more respectable in the league with 2 wins in a row after not winning a game in first 6. Think I may have to lessen my ambitions for first season in Div 1 to just staying up and avoiding relegation
  17. Re: Put your money where your mouth is - let battle commence!
  18. Re: Put your money where your mouth is - let battle commence! I think we can say that this gameworld has been a failed experiment. Good idea in principle but I knew people would not stay committed There was talk before the gameworld started of increasing the prize money for season 2 after it was proved the banker was trustworthy But it was predicted by me and others that people with weaker teams would be vanishing after season one when they realised their squads were not up with the best and its happened everyone disappears. I was in for the long term and built my squad for this, but lesson learnt and won't be entering another set up similar to this and will be advising against it if I see another happening in the future - especially now Radabe has gone AWOL I have enjoyed the equal start and blank squads so players like messi, ronaldo, etc become a challenge to get and possible for every squad to get and not just a fight between manchester clubs and Chelsea within the first few days of the gameworld opening. I am always good at building squads and think I have ended up with one of the better squads on here and will be looking for another blank squad with tight budget game world Was suppossed to be awarded £10 for 3rd place, can't say I am that bothered about being scammed and I will just take it as another lesson learnt and will make sure people on the forum are educated on what has happened to us so it does not happen to them. I just wish I could find a set up where everyone who joins it is committed long term rather than vanishing the moment things don't start going their way Big disappointment for me it has failed even though I expected it to happen (although I did not predict the money disappearing!)
  19. Re: English Championship 8888 Discussion Thread And if its you that is the Villa manager' date=' please don't start raiding the unmanaged clubs. [i']Transfer Message The deal reported to be worth £7,400,000 involving Alarcón ISCO of Charlton Athletic and Aston Villa has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly. [/i] Thanks
  20. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread The Chelsea manager is at it now Gerard DEULOFEU has completed his move to Chelsea from Bolton Wanderers for £4,004,000. This gameworld is doomed just like 16,900 out of the 17,000 english championships are that SM have churned out on the conveyor belt
  21. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ You ended my unbeaten record
  22. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread Happy with progress at Colchester I started with a below avearge team in division 3. Sold every player and invested in risers mainly from Mexico and Brazil, sold every player to invest in risers again along with a few longer term players when 1st lot of transfer bans were up. Stormed to Division 3 title with 108 points, and now of course reinvesting again to try build a squad capable of challenging to promotion to the prem. I think we are starting like this for season two in division 2 GK Zengin 85 (should rise to 87 in the next few days) D Srna 91 D Tymoschuk 90 D Filipe 89 LM Susaeta 89 CM Carrick 92 CM Diarra 91 AM Gonzalez 91 RM Dempsey 90 Cf Kuranyi 90 CF Berbatov 91 No superstars yet but not bad to say my highest rated player I started with was 78. Team should at least be competitive hopefully. I always go for lower league challenges so see my self a bit of a pro at managing low budget, low starting squad with low revenue teams but its a lot harder in a more competitive set up like this on. Easily get outbid by the bigger teams and there is nothing you can do about it. This has been even harder as I chose to invest in the wrong risers at the start (slovenia/Slovakia/ div 2:() which SM don't seem like they can be bothered to review so not had as much cash from risers as I would have liked. Unless SM eventually decide to review division 2 big leagues and the lesser eastern europe leagues (slovenia/Slovakia/romania etc ) so I can sell and invest some more then I'll be starting with team above. Took advantage of the upcoming Croatia ratings and got all the good risers unchallenged which will boost my transfer kitty when their bans run out Will start investing in more longer term players after the next transfer ban is up as not really had the opportunity to do so yet as not had the players to outbid the larger teams (until now )
  23. Re: Put your money where your mouth is - let battle commence! Whats happening now? Season 2????????
  24. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread Only just noticed the stoke transfers, signs a load of players from unmanaged then leaves the gameworld after two games in charge.
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