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  1. I'm not sure if stegen (89) gonna move to a bigger anytime soon but de gea (90) is playing well 2nd half of the season, and he just won PFA award as team of the year. If I direct swap my goalie, I will lose ard 3m (20m value for stegen - 17m value for de gea) , so should I trade my stegen for de gea? Would be grateful if anyone can help
  2. My budget is limited, so I can only get either one. Lamela's rating is 90 while jovetic's is 91. Rumours are saying that jovetic is moving in the summer. In term of potential or as a player, any idea who is a better buy? Do you guys think it is a good idea if I use Lars bender as part of the deal? Really appreciate if anyone can help
  3. My budget is limited, so I can only get either one. Lamela's rating is 90 while jovetic's is 91. Rumours are saying that jovetic is moving in the summer. In term of potential or as a player, any idea who is a better buy? Really appreciate if anyone can help
  4. Re: Pique or Ramos Thanks guys for the insight, I ended up with Ramos since his extra position might come in handy especially with SMFA cup randomness
  5. I can't decide on who should I get, pique or ramos? Both 95, pique younger by 1 year but ramos is capable of playing in RB. Any suggestion in term of future prospect, etc? Really appreciate if you guys can enlighten me
  6. Should I get messi or spend the money on hazard + gotze? Hazard and gotze are definitely talents. Both will eventually rise in the future. As for messi, not only he is 99 but also in SM, I found out that messi always has unbelievable statistics of scoring, assisting, and MOM. Really appreciate if anyone can give me suggestions
  7. Re: Falcao or RVP ? That's the thing ! RVP is proven to be able to play in a big team , Prem league, and champs league. The only thing I'm worried that falcao wouldn't be able to play as good as he is now when he is moving to a bigger club or playing in different league/ champs league. The good thing about Falcao is younger and has the potential to rise more than 1. But RVP can rise to 95 easily if he can win trophy with utd, I believe he is stuck in 94 because he didn't win any trophy with arsenal. :confused:
  8. I know that falcao will probably going to go up in rating again with his current performance and especially with recent rumour about him moving to prem league. However, RVP is too tempting for me with his current form and possible going up to 95 plus his value will go up by 6m if I get him (because I'm playing in lower league). Any suggestion which one should I get between them? Really appreciate if anyone can lighten me up
  9. Do you guys think he will still progress further? Any chances he will get his rating up from the current rating 90? I can't see him go further than 92... If let's say I sell him now, and use the money to buy David luiz from benfica rated 88, do you think this is a good deal?
  10. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Any chances darron gibson will rise from 85?
  11. Re: Nani or Valencia? Thx for all the suggestion, I have put a bid on valencia
  12. I can't decide who to buy between valencia and nani... I'm pretty sure their rating will go up but I'm more concerned on the long run... Nani starts to play brilliantly after 1/2 of the season while valencia shine during early 1/2 of the season... any suggestion who should i buy? for this season i suspect valencia will shoot up to 92 and nani to 90 but any chance nani outshine valencia in the future? really appreciate your suggestion and help
  13. Re: Klaas Jan Huntelaar I see, so there is no chance podolski will increase... I thought he is moving to big club ... Ok then, I will try to convince the manager then... Thx your reply
  14. Re: Kaka = Diego Ribas + Bosingwa Thx for the reply... So the romour is true, Diego is moving to big club soon, alright I think I will keep both of them then...
  15. Hi guys, I need your advice here He is currently offering me his Kaka(98) PE with my Diego(94) + Bosingwa(93) Do you think this worth to trade ? From what I know Kaka's rating should go down because he doesn't play champion while Diego, if he is moving to bigger club he will probably can go higher than 94 ... Any rumour about Diego moving next transfer window? Let's say I change the offer to his Kaka PE with my Diego + Gabriel Milito (93) Is this better than the previous one? Hope anyone can help me, really appriciate your reply and thx... cheers
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