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  1. I just took over, and I would like to ask for some help on how to best proceed with my team. GK Patricio (90); DF Janmaat (88) Kana-Biyik (88) Spahic (88) Navarro (89); MF Cabaye (90) Reyes (89) Perotti (89) Rakitic (89) Trochowski (89); FW Totti (91) Plus a bunch of 88 players on the bench. Will a defensive 4-5-1 be good? With 40 million in funds, how can I best maximize my resources? Thanks
  2. Re: Bale or Mata? Thank you all very much for your opinions on this matter. I really appreciate them.
  3. Re: Bale or Mata? I already have good LBs and AMs, and Bale currently plays as a winger in my team, and Mata will be taking on the same role if I go for him. Thank you for your inputs
  4. I received and offer for a swap involving Mata and Bale, and I believe both have a solid chance of having their ratings upgraded to 93 soon. I'm torn between the two. What do you guys think? Thanks!
  5. Re: Tactical Help Requested Thanks a lot!
  6. Good day! In 11 league games, I only managed to gain 11 points. I was hoping for more, since my team is one of the strongest in my division in terms of ratings. I played 4-2-3-1 in a number of those matches, and I recently switched to 4-3-2-1. I was hoping that you could give me tactical advise on how to best maximize my team's talents. Thank you very much! GK H.Lloris 92 Defenders D. Maicon 93 A. Song 91 T. Vermaelen 91 V. Marcelo 93 Midfielders N. Sahin 91 T. Muller 93 G. Bale 92 Strikers G. Higuain 94 C. Ronaldo 98 W. Rooney 95 Substitutes D. De Gea 90 J. Boateng 90 A. Naldo 90 F. Coentrao 91 Y. Belhanda 90 R. Diego 91 G. Ronaldinho 90 Thanks and more power!
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