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  1. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! YIPEE!!!!!! RAMON JOINS DREAM-CLUB INTER!!!! Following increasing pressure from fans Ramon was chosen as the new manager of inter leaving the celtic fans distraught as they had taken to ramon quite affectionately. However Ramon sees this as a step ahead in his career & said "well it is great to be here." he also said "i am going to make Kalou & drogba my priority signings along with carragher & luca toni. i will put in a great bid of 25 mil. + cordoba for kalou & would offer ibra in swap for drogba. cash will be offered for carra while toni's deal will be negotiated with ace Bayern manager .I am sure for the right price toni will be available and drogba,toni are my dream partnership!!!"
  2. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! INTER APPROACH RAMON!!!!! ONLY CHAIRMAN KEVIN LEFT TO GIVE APPROVAL!! Ramon has been approached by inter authorities to takeover at INTER after there fans were seen chanting his name. the manager is inexperienced but has proven in his short stay at celtic that he is competent to take up a big job!!!! fans of inter were crying for KEVIN to give him the approval plzzz
  3. heya i wanted to buy a winger for my celtic for around 8-9 mil. someone like capel. young,set to rise already 86-88 & spanish,italian or english. mostly a LM or winger. thanks
  4. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! Celtic kick everton 3-0. celtic's manager out thought & out manouvered the highly experienced everton manager & took a weak celtic to a surprise 3-0 win which proves ramon's value.he said "i hope to keep winning...especially since i hav malouda in my team" yes its true. wing superstar malouda has joined CELTIC!!!! & it has started a wild chase for his jersey in the area. also accompanying him is loanee ivanovic. i hope soon ramon's countryman kalou will join him at celtic. celtic's initial offer of 5 mil. & mcgeady has been rejected by the Chelsea boss but ramon has said he will come back with 10 although chelsea boss is asking for 15 + mcgready which is just rubbish!!!
  5. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! CELTIC GET NEW BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey guys just posted to let you know that the celtic board has chosen me i.e ramon to take up as their manager & i will fight till the very end to get them promoted. its my first managerial job & i am all excited!!! SO to make my team better i have decided to improve my defence & wingers. and have put a loan bid for ivanovic & an undisclosed offer for malouda which is higher thn his transfer listing amount and hence i am sure he will come to celtic. i also wanna buy cordoba and will soon put bids for them. if anyone else is selling good players plzzzz let me know. thanks
  6. Re: My New Unique Setup! i did...but he didn't reply. i wanna join any cool setup!!!
  7. Re: My New Unique Setup! heya could i join in??
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