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  1. Alborz


    Re: Hey haha thx for all the welcomes guys
  2. Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes! i cant agree with u on reina or crouch. Reina has not been doing as well as he did last seasons, or the season before. If anything hes been getting worse and worse. And only in the last 4/5 games he's played decent. Crouch on the other hand, although he hasnt started that much this season, in the last 4/5 games he's played really good and hes even got a few tackles in.
  3. Re: Markus MILLER (Karlsruher SC ) i have taken that in to account and like i said, we'll have to wait and see:o
  4. Re: Markus MILLER (Karlsruher SC ) 21 games and 29 goals leaked :rolleyes: not a decent ratio in my opinion. so i voted keep the same. if karlsruher manage to finish in the top 10 then maybe he should be increased by 2. but not yet. but thats just my opinion, tell me your reasons too
  5. Re: Man Utd If i had to pick rating changes for me it'd be this. And i got the reasons in brackets vds 0 neville -1 (been injured for a while and for me hes not doing as he used to say last season) evra 0 hargreaves -1 (18 games, but only 1 goal, 0 assists, but hes had 27 shots off target ) ferdinand +1 (proved his worth when in captancy of england and in great form of late) ronaldo 0 (dont wanna make him 99 ) Anderson +1 (covered alot of yards and working hard to try get his first prem goal) vidic +1 (superb defending with rio at the back) tevez 0 (still as great as he was before
  6. Re: Man Utd mate, you got any reasons for wanting those changes?? cus i dunno but you cant just ask for people to change ratings because you want them too, right?
  7. Alborz


    Hey, I'm Alborz.... Originally Iranian.... New to the site and managing borussia dortmund (even tho i support Arsenal lol) So yeh, I guess, hi!
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