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  1. Re: Owen Coyle is a Nitwit *another cough*
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread RIP the 96
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread not sure what is worse, ashley youngs dive or the man united fans mocking the hillsborough disaster
  4. Re: Official England Thread racism is skin colour' date=' nationality and religion according to the race relations act so yes it is and on the topic of racism: stuart pearce once got done for racially abusing paul ince. will be funny if he got the job with all the fa's big anti-racism spiel the last few months when they have a man who admitted to doing that as the national team manager.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread suarez admitted to using the word 'negro' once' date=' a word which some of the south american players are meant to call him that so its more than possible that he used it in that consequence as opposed to a negative reference to his skin colour, and there is zero proof apart from the word of evra (a man who in his previous appearance at one of those fa hearings was found to have lied) that any of the really bad stuff happened, thats why evra is getting stick (although in fairness more of it should go towards the fa and their joke of a justice process). not to mention evra thought he called him something far worse than what he later claimed to do, changed the number of times he said it etc etc. and of course suarez is 1/4 black, so its a tad odd to brand a man who is by quite a lot of definitions is black (glen johnson is 1/2 black) as being racist towards black people, especially as many of his black teammates past and present have come out and supported him over this (johnson, gargano, periera to name 3) he accused the country of senegal of racially abusing him before the last world cup, something about them saying he's a monkey who bends over for the white man
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread i think it was more down to the lack of clear proof in the case (the bit in the goalmouth that only those two heard that really did suarez) and the length of the punishment, not to mention the media's reaction (compare that with john terry getting lauded for his performance the day after he was charged for racist abuse) and the big one (for me especially) is that nobody (the fa, evra, man united) were interesting in reporting this to the police, when if evras version of events are true then suarez should be punished by the law not just the fa. and of course its liverpool v man united, which always stokes it up a few levels and the adeyemi one there are many people (including a bbc journalist who was sat around there) who were very sure that the word 'manc' was used so thats not racist at all (if it is i expect 70k+ arrest warrants issues for the game in 2 weeks
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread its one person who's a complete tool' date=' and as for the adeyemi incident i know people there who've sworn down it was 'manc' not 'black', but according on one high profile journalist its not racist to use 'black' (insult) when referring about terry, so that isnt racist oh, the man united fans were chanting 'the sun was right you're murderers' a good few times, so racism is bad yet mocking the death of 96 people is completely ok. but they do have some utter hypocrites, especially the english media who have COMPLETELY ignored this incident and have gone down the whole 'booing evra is supporting racism' when its booing a guy who many think is a liar and has screwed somebody over for that (no this isnt an invite to get this discussion going again, just wanting to inject a bit of balance in this) so if a man united fan cheats on his wife is it ryan giggs fault? and the reason why the club didnt accept the punishment was because of the process that took place (evra's testimony disappearing until the day of the trial, evra being able to give his original statement whilst watching the video whereas suarez was denied that and of course evra's inconsistencies were brushed under the carpet, not to mention some outright lies in the fa report) oh, and if it hasnt been said yet - sack kenny
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread city's fixture list is nicer than yours, you have to go there and you have spurs and chelsea away as well as liverpool at home whereas they have chelsea at home and arsenal and newcastle away from the top 7 having said that, if united are available at 3/1 or so for the title i do fancy a bit of that
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread kenny will make some mistakes, as will every manager at some point, they're just human. personally thought bolton defeat was more down to the players being cowards (bellamy aside) and lack of DM more than anything, but if i do have a tiny little gripe with kenny its him taking a bit too long to make tactical changes - swansea and stoke at home spring to mind. but people do need to remember where we were a year ago and how far we've come
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread this is a great point that i fear will be lost in all this - what basically has happened is that the FA has gone with one person's word over another because they found him to be more believable' date=' does this mean that someone can accuse someone of racially abusing them and provided that they're well coached by their lawyers and come across as convincing they end up getting the verdict in their favour, despite no independent evidence (video, audio) backing up their claims? and i remember people were quite openly mocking bellamy for his comments about 'sheep (romancer)' as being racist, a quick google search brings up a thread from bluemoon of people saying its no biggie and a comments section from the worldly readership of the daily mail saying that its no different to saying 'jock' etc - massive massive can of worms opened here and the 'insulting behaviour' could literally mean anything, loads of players tell each other to eff off all the time, personally I have no beef with that but does that mean that they can be punished? whats even more strange about this is comparing the emre/tim howard case in 2007 which was dismissed due to 'lack of proof', despite 2 other everton players backing up what howard said racist abuse is a crime, just because it happened on a football pitch doesnt make it something that can only be judged by the fa (and coincidentally all those people who've welcomed the fa's verdict havent pressed for them to pass the information onto the police, not that its fishy at all)
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread here's a clip of the supposed 'kick' from suarez that incensed evra from behind the goal (1.15 in): LH50lwwBRms as you can quite clearly see suarez barely touches evra, at most scraping his heel but evra is clearly going down before any contact and when he does he rolls around grabbing his knee, when there is no contact whatsoever. and this man was seen to be 'credible' and to have no reason to lie about things.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread racist abuse is a criminal offence. well done there, i think you've won 'most idiotic post of the year' and to do it with such a late entry, bravo sir
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread this bit is also quite funny, esp considering the shirt that he was wearing at the time and for his country:
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread luis suarez - a racist because patrice evra said so... dont worry lads, no way on earth will the ban stand up now its become clear it came down to evra's word vs suarez's word
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread he could very easily do so if the 'evidence' that they convicted him on was one version of events that cannot be validated by anyone else and the use of a word that a very quick google search is not a racist word' date=' and if they've taken a conversation in spanish and used one word in english and done him for that then yes, he'd have a very very good case for suing them for that (esp when you consider the level of abuse he'd get at away grounds based on the verdict of a kangaroo court) and abuse of process for things like not speaking to him before charging him (a massive red flag there, which you'se have all ignored) and the fact that the people who decided to charge him are the same ones determining guilt (a massive conflict of interest there, and dont tell me about this 'independent panel' being independent because they aint). and of course as i said earlier, [b']the FA supposedly have evidence of a criminal offence so why aren't they passing it on to the police (merseyside police have said they havent recieved any complaints) as surely it would be ethically wrong not to do so, so can anybody answer that?[/b] and of course evra if he cant back up his 10 times comments (which it seems there is no evidence of) and as for you being so confident in the fa's processes - please. that organization is as inept as any out there and its blatantly obvious why this decision and punishment has been given, the rest of the world can see but people in this country by and large are far too dumb to see it
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread that player used the n-word right in front of the referee and got sent off - totally different situation, and should have been banned for far longer. suarez said a word that doesnt have racial connotations in spanish in that phrase and has been punished for that and the account of a man who's been found in the past to be an unreliable witness, so again totally different
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread what i'm more interested by is why the fa havent passed on their 'evidence' of a racial abuse (which is a criminal offence) to the police to prosecute - surely they have a social duty to do so' date=' or can they prosecute in place of the police? have you ever heard of ron atkinson - how's his career been since may 2004 (coincidentally in a game involving patrice evra!). and john mackie did an interview in the guardian a few days ago saying that he was pretty much radioactive after his incident, so whilst suarez's talent wont lead to such things he's going to be remembered as a racist first and foremost in this country based on seemingly flaky evidence it could quite feasibly lead to him getting less in endorsments (which incidentally he has lost none of since the verdict and this could give him grounds to sue the FA at some point as part of a defamation of character suit for loss of earnings if it turns out he's branded a racist by all on the evidence of one man) should he get a telling off - yes because whilst he probably didnt use that word with racist intent it can be interpreted that way and get warned that he shouldnt say that in this country (of course we can get into a debate into political correctness gone too far etc) and he issues a statement saying that he didnt have any racist intent and apologizes for any offence caused would have been fairer (assuming as i suspect the whole 10 times is bogus so discount that). and if you cant prove a crime you cant punish them for it, and in this case if people can get bans for racist comments based on the words of one man then all hell could break loose and that will do far far more damage for the kick it out campaign in the uk, just like the comments of the likes of piara power and clarke carlisle who dont have the slightest clue on what evidence he was convicted on and if it turns out said evidence is dodgy then they will look incredibly bad and look like people wanting to get people banned regardless of guilt and the fa not explaining this verdict in any way is allowing lots of stories/theories getting banned about, and that is highly irresponsible. they took 3 months to decide this, you'd have thought if they could take that long they'd make sure they got it right and could explain that, but typical FA they screwed that up and that is yet another sign of how unfit the organization is, couldnt organize a party in a brewery and possibly the most ironic thing in this is that when it comes to racism one of the things is that you are told to respect other cultures, whereas in this case it clearly hasnt happened
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread he admitted saying the word 'neg-ro' in spanish once which means black (and has zero racial connotations) and it is a word that has zero racial connotations on its own' date=' its been referred to in the echo and many other publications' liverpool correspondents. have a quick google if you want to double check that. but you seem to be happy with someone getting a massive ban and their reputation destroyed for a man who is himself a quarter black referring to a black man as 'black' once which is very strange well if you didnt want to drag it up why have you continued to post all day? or is the irony of that lost on you...
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread haha - when did suarez admit the 10 times that evra said' date=' or when did anything corroborate this? and there is this he said: and this is the man united fans at fulham on wednesday m5PA6lah_kY so he's admitting that fans of his team are uneducated! cant wait to see what banners they have up on sunday to make his point look even more stupid, and they look even more stupid when they struggle to explain why evra isnt taking this to the police like he should in all honesty, as they are the ones who should be punishing people who are racist in this country, more so than the fa
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