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  1. Re: Aaron RAMSEY I would say Ramsey is a defo keep. Don't sell him. As you've already said Cardiffs agreed a fee with Man Utd for Ramsey but they have also agreed a fee with Arsenal so he now needs to decide which club he wants to go to. If i was him i would rather go to Arsenal. They would probs loan him back out again or develop him through there youths and reserves.
  2. Re: Player that rised by 80? On the player ratings list it does actually say hes gone up by 80!
  3. Re: Paulo Henrique Lol he's not that good at kick ups
  4. Re: Who Shall I Sell? I would go for Derdiyok as he could get a good rise after the Euros
  5. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? Ow! I think he should really be included!
  6. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? I'm hoping for a France Vs Spain , Not that bovered which one wins. I would look out for Gomis,Nasri and Ben Arfa as they played exceptionally well in their friendly the other night and also i would keep an eye on Benzema for France. But really i think Spain will be the team that will shine especially with the players and quality of Fabregas,Iniesta,Torres,Villa Etc. I would watch out for Arshavin,Derdiyok,Huntelaar,Gomez,Aqualiani and Modric aswell.
  7. Re: Whats the most you have seen a 10k player sold for?? Well how did this go through? J. MCGUIRE Droylsden » Chelsea £70.0M Jamie McGuire is 24 and is rated 68 and his SM value is 31K and his Chairman value is 20K!
  8. I have Latauro Acosta and i was wondering should i do a swap for Stevan Jovetic and Wijnaldum? Thanks for the help
  9. Re: 10 to my number 1 Talent in Hot Prospects list!!! I voted for Lulinha and i would of had Kroos in 2nd
  10. Re: 11-20 In Top Talent List!!!!!!!!!!!! I went for Ramsey!
  11. Re: Kevin's Top 10 Low League Talent As you said mate he wont rise much he as been performing poor recently and i am a leeds fan and i wont be that fussed if he does leave! Jonny Howson should be No.1
  12. Re: Kevin's Top 10 Low League Talent Number 1 as to be Jonny Howson for Leeds Utd
  13. Re: Jose Antonio Renteria As he played for the first team?
  14. Re: Abdülkadir Kayalı - U17 turkish talent Nice find Mate Rep for Youuu!
  15. Re: Torric Jibril As any one mentioned this player to SM yet?
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