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  1. Just wondering if age affected performance, would playing a 36 year old 90 rated player be a risk, would he just fatigue quicker than other player's? thanks.
  2. Re: Should i have payed this for sniejder? And is pato worth this? Far too much IMO, Forlan is in terrific form for Athletico Madrid.
  3. Just a few questions on positions: I know that it's better to play wingers high and wide like in a "4-3-3 with wingers" formation, but can they play right and left mid with the same performance or does it hinder it? Secondly, I know that forwards are best played behind the striker but can they play to a similar standard as a striker? And finally, I realise attacking midfielders are best employed in the middle of the park but can they play behind the striker just as well? Cheers
  4. Before the start of the new season does your chairman give you extra funds? Cheers.
  5. I've just recently taken over my second club and found a large amount of players who aren't match fit, I've left them to rest for around 5 days now and they're gradually becoming fitter but it's taking longer than I expected, so i was wondering, what % of fitness do players gain per day?
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