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  1. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! I realise I'm a bit of a "newby" but I'd love to get into this if there are any spaces.... Ta
  2. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread I'm in with SCHALKE and will try to pick up Holland - currently on offer to someone. Only looking to keep a few of my current squad so have quite a lot of deals going on - only one currently contested fingers crossed...
  3. Re: Gc 285 SAO PAULO - Dougie House
  4. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread Just taken over sleeping giants Notts County...unfortunately not only are they asleep I think they are in a coma...any loans from anyone?
  5. Re: Gold Championship 280 Thread SUAZO and CONCA are moving to MARSEILLE
  6. Re: Gold Championship 280 Thread MARSEILLE here. Have a thin squad with a core of good players and absolutely no depth! Will be looking to offload the dead wood and bring in a few squad players - will probably be doing part/ex with external and cash with internal. Still, open to offers if they take my fancy. Hope this can be a top game world!
  7. Re: Player at wrong club Oh and MARIO MUSTCH plays for ST. GALLEN not sion...man this is just one small club I happen to be looking at. And these aren't moves that happend recently either - he moved last season....
  8. In game Michael Dingsdag shows up as playing for Herenveen - which he did, 3 years ago. As far as I can tell he plays FC SION...Not even sure how to report a bug in game any more - the button for it is not as prominent as the one for buying more credits.....thoughts?
  9. Re: Gc 270 Ha ha, well that's embarassing
  10. Yet another Gold Championship..... Anyway, maybe this'll be a good one? I'm in as ROMA - looking to deal, have loads of cash
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