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  1. Re: Gc 285

    Well the first time I've ever been on when a GC has come out so I decided to pick up Liverpool.:D

    Manager list

    Liverpool - LegendaryLemon (Alos Rothnie)

    Malaga - Deasy (Jimmy Thompson)

    Udinese - garymack (Gary Mack)

    Anzhi - Nick Justice (Nick Justice)

    Rubin - Shanemendo (Shavil Mendis)

    Coventry - Dan James. (..)

    Villarreal - Ninster (Nin Chatha)

    SAO PAULO - Dougie House :D

  2. Re: Gold Championship 280 Thread

    MARSEILLE here. Have a thin squad with a core of good players and absolutely no depth! Will be looking to offload the dead wood and bring in a few squad players - will probably be doing part/ex with external and cash with internal. Still, open to offers if they take my fancy. Hope this can be a top game world!

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