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  1. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED!
  2. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED!
  3. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! Wow can't believe it - BARCA relegated! Still, the manager hasn't logged in for about 22 days...and it looks like CHELSEA will be joining them in Division 2. Not sure if this means automatic sacking? Or do i keep the job as I met my cup requirements (quarter final)? Would love to stay on as I'm sure Chelsea will have another spending spree in the summer - please god they buy a striker! At the moment I only have TORRES (been injured most of the season and poor in real life) BA (average) and VICT
  4. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread Stupid match engine....
  5. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Ha - deal Look forward to playing you in div 2 - maybe we could develop a friendly rivalry
  6. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Well, in most threads I've seen people point out offers they think are bad...but what the hell can we just forget it? No worries about the language...and I promise not to "bash" you in public..it's just a game eh?
  7. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 That's up to you, but if you read what I posted I'm not sure what i did wrong? Have you read the angry/sweary responses? I'm guessing you'll still deal with them. Jeez...I'll remember not to moan about any deals I'm offered in future and just reject. I think I was hoping that someone might come in with what I considered a fair offer...
  8. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 In all fairness I didn't actually say yours was a terrible offer - but for a 20 year old who some people rate very highly (even if you aren't one of them) a player of same rating, but older, who isn't first choice at his club and a bit of cash in a cash rich world, isn't floating my boat. But no worries - kinda wished I'd never posted anything at all...didn't expect such an angry response from people - especially all the swearing and vitriol (not from your self but others).. ah well, I'll learn my lesson there
  9. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 And really? Martin Skrtel for James Rodriguez?
  10. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Ah, really? That's nice...
  11. Re: MR - Hammer Fair Well Party Hi man - would love to be in with a Leeds utd. Am I right in thinking you start with 0 players and tons of cash?
  12. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 the bids for JAMES RODRIGUEZ are pants - LYON and CHELSEA have both made decent bids, but neither includes a defender. Then REAL MADRID have offered GUSTAVO...Not the biggest insult in the world, but still a pretty poor offer. Meanwhile, MAN CITY have offered JAUNFRAN and GRANQVIST (that's right, the former WIGAN player, now at struggling GENOA...) At this rate RODRIGUEZ be staying at PORTO. If he gets a move to a bigger club as expected then maybe I'll get some serious offers! AND THIS IS WHAT I ACTUALLY POSTED...AND I NOTICE THE GUY WHO DECIDED TO START SWEARING
  13. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Hi guys = PORTO manager here. After coming in with PORTO bottom of div 1, I'm sad to say that's where we have finished! Actually have a great squad, but a little unbalanced. With fat Frankie Lampard coming in for cash (why the hell not when you have 70mil in the bank???) my midfield and attack look really strong - LAMPARD, MOUTINHO, HULK, ETOO, LUCHO GONZALEZ, FERNANDO, HONDA, JOAQUIN, JAMES RODRIGUEZ, GUARIN amongst others. But we are just a little weak at the back. Need an outstanding CB/RB (either - or someone who can cover both)...especially as my top CB ROLANDO
  14. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread
  15. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread can I take LUKAKU mate? SCHALKE, DIV 3
  16. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread Having lost 3 players who were on loan at the club last season in real life, SCHALKE desperately need a friend Really short, with just 18 first team players - desperately need 3 in on loan, especially need a defender and winger. Help?
  17. Re: New game world managers wanted Holy ****...you're insane. Nice
  18. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Guys SOCIEDAD will listen to offers on any of their midfielders. I have a real glut of 88,89 (and one 90) midfielders, mostly young and with promise. I need more defensive cover. Not looking to do rubbish deals - i.e. my 23 yr old 88 for your 2 30 year old 84s!!! just looking for a fair deal - 1 mid for 1 def (any defensive position) of a similar age and rating. Or two of mine for one of yours of a higher rating. In addition YOHAN GOURCUFF 90, 26 can go for a lower rated defender as I realise he's not playing much in real life. Just PM in game or respond on here
  19. Am I the only one who has noticed that you can no longer search for european and world championships on the add club page? Are they phasing them out? It seems bad enough that SM seem to be filling the existing game worlds with fake accounts (just my imagination? All of them are filled with 40 rep players, who don't do any deals and quit after a few turns), but now it appears that maybe they are stopping them. Big shame in my opinion - some of the best game worlds to play. Any feedback? Ta
  20. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread huntelaar...
  21. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Applied for PORTO
  22. Re: Gold Championship 300 RIVALS COME OUT ON TOP SAO PAULO 3-2 CORINTHIANS Guerrero's goal wasn't enough to avoid opening day defeat INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE BEGINS CORINTHIANS 1-1 PSG Pato rescues a point CORINTHIANS ON TOP IN 7 GOAL THRILLER CORINTHIANS 4-3 FLAMENGO A real team performance sparked by man of the match Alexandre Pato NEXT UP - BAHIA 3 points a must
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