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  1. Hi, quick question. If a player has the position of CM/AM, will he play in the AM role with the same amount of skill as the CM role? I think that the AM used to count as a second position and was as such weaker, but now I'm not too sure. Thanks for any help
  2. Re: Rate My Team Thread Very good team, good and youthful. I think you'll need another LB though, for cover, or if you have spare cash then maybe get a 91 or 92 one, whatevers available. But you have cover everywhere else, so good team
  3. Re: Offered the Real Madrid Job in a Spanish Championship!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The last few posts by both of you have done nothing except create a needless argument. So you've both been spamming by arguing with each other. So stop, now.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I think Rakitic will increase to 90 in the next change. He will probably continue rising as many (including myself), rate him highly. There is always a strong chance that he moves to a bigger club next season, and if he plays well there (not saying he will move, he just might), his rating will increase rapidly. Even if he doesn't move, I think he will continue rising. A LM is harder to come by, but 12 mil is quite a lot and Rakitic is a great player. It depends on how much you need a backup.
  6. Re: "Simple"... Pato or Bojan? I'd probably say Bojan. I feel he was more deserving of a 90 rating in the last changes. Pato is obviously great, but he faces stiffer competition from Ronaldinho, Shevchenko, Ingazghi (spelling?) and Kaka for places up front. Bojan only has to worry about Henry and Eto'o, especially with Messi often playing on the wing. The Milan attack is stronger this season and Pato might get less games, so I'd go for Bojan.
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd say no. Alonso will probably play quite a lot in the Liverpool side and could rise to 94 in the next changes. 95 is far too much right now though (maybe if he has a great season). Henry will probably drop to 94 soon, and maybe 93 after that. He has a lot of competition at Barcelona and isn't really performing that well. And a midfielder is harder to find than a striker anyway, so I'd keep Alonso.
  8. Re: What's your worst Trait ? Shaking an insane amount whenever I have to give a speech. It's embarassing and irritating.
  9. Re: What's your worst Trait ? A trait is a distinguishing feature about themselves, like they can jump 10m high or are fluent in every language. Or have two heads. I feel useless in this thread just like the best trait thread, as I have nothing that makes me different. I feel left out
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    Re: Oasis I've never seen a band live, but would love to see Oasis live. Shame they can't be bothered to do one in Manchester.
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