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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings Yes call me a lunatic when i say that Anederson didn't have a good season. Call yourself a lunatic comparing him to a Mascherano. *** blind idiot. You made some posts that are hilarious, and this one keeps em coming. Now the next thing you will post is that he should be rated 94/95 i guess
  2. Re: Spanish Ratings No M8' date=' wasn't trying to insult you, but rather to point out your Teves guy. Was having some funny moments. I mean putting Teves in one lineup and RVP in the other one makes me wonder how much do you know about football. And as i said i really disagree with your choice of the best 11 from both clubs, an to say that Fletcher/Anderson would have their place there And if you wanna select the best player from those two super strong clubs judging by this season, how did you find room for Anderson there????, a man who played 15 matches in EPL, starting 10:eek: and played 2 full games:eek: in the whole season. He played 881 minutes this season in EPL, without a single goal, and without a single assist:eek::eek:, playing nothing more, than to be generous and say mediocre football, nowhere near the rank of 91 rated player.
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings LOL, bias bias bias. Ramos can't have room in first 11? Thanks for this one, haven't laughed su hard for quite a while... Keep em coming Im surprised that Iker got the chance
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings lol the reason to drop Messi than, at least to 89/90 anyway:D:D:D To get back on the thread, any Non-United fans have any opinion on Sergio Busquets? 88? 89maybe?
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings We are not talking about Giggs here' date=' neither he belongs in this thread, I said Puyol deserved (past tense) and that is my opinion. The fact that i have to discuss this with the biased little ***** that is calling me a guardian fanboy is making me lough a bit. You can think what you wan't but he wasn't 97 by accident. And a quick tip for you, as I guess you are about 10 yo, football wasn't invented in the last 2 years, as I really doubt you saw a ball before this period of time, judging by your football knowledge treasury...
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings Yes he fully deserved it' date=' truly a great player in the[b'] last 10 seasons[/b], maybe you should watch some football ???
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings LOL and its a big one... Maybee Rafael should be 95? and Alves 93? Alves will go to 95, and Ramos to 94 if you ask me... And i think a lot people would agree with this prediction
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Comparing ratings with 4 defensive players doesn't make much sense with that RB United position. If you wanna play with 4 defenders you need to have 4 quality players for these 4 positions. If you leave out RB ManU have +2 in rating over Barca. Putting 89 rated player in Utd's brings edge to Barca, as Alves have 94, and could reach 95 now (which he deserves). Saying MUCH better defense than barca doesn't reflect my opinion. If Utd bring quality proven RB during summer, than it is open for discussion, but not at the moment, Barca is covered on all 4 positions with 4 world class defenders. I don't know if Rafael will take the role of 1st choice RB next season or not, but he is still a long long way from a world class player in a world class club. He is 18 years old with a given chance, and quite a large amount of potential to work on. And saying Alves is not enough on his half isn't correct IMO. As ars4nal_4ever said, he is supposed to play attacking minded role for Barca, but he still makes good come backs if they loose the ball. And if he can't make it, it is up on the DM to see this on time and make the good cover. IMO he is the best RB in the world at this point, a bit better than Maicon and quite a few bits ahead of Ramos which was a joke against Sevilla last weekend IMO. And he deserved that 97 fully in the last 10 seasons for Barca' date=' as well as for the best football nation these days - Spain. With his play and with his influence on the pitch, one of the greatst CBs ever. 435 caps just for Barca, and 72 for Spain... Needles to say anything more [b']EDIT[/b] One more thing, for you all Vidić fans - just remember his game with Liverpool... great defending... ROFL
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings Nice arguments, keep up the discussion, im out of it. Maybe you should make a new thread with a poll to vote between them? Or you know what would that look like? lol:D:D:D
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings The only rubbish said is: "Diego is better player than Iniesta" Yeah, and i never watched Diego, first time heard of him yesterday on this forum. Thx for mentioning him, i will try to buy him before he goes up by 5 to 99
  11. Re: Frank Lampard As mousey1 said, Gerrard 97 Lampard 96 Fabregas 95 would be ok IMO. Lampard is a great player, just shy of Gerrard, but is 96 player ATM And, realx7madrid, you are hilarious... Haven't seen such stubborn bias in a long time. Raul should be a new King of Spain...
  12. Re: Bojan Down to 88 If he played season like that in some lower 10 club, he would go down 1 maybe even 2, but not in Barca, best attacking club at the moment, that plays such a lovely football. Its hard to compete with likes of Eto, Messi, Henry, Iniesta... and still he gets most of the games from bench in La Liga as in CL. I think he should keep 89, its low rating to begin with, for a Barcelona player Oh, and just take a look at Hleb, and his season at Barca, and he is a class player...
  13. Re: best attack Someone called red_devil should know how to spell they favorite team players - (Macheda):p:p Unbiased answer for any football watcher is obvious - Barcelona, as the poll is showing. Byte your shorts reds lol
  14. Re: Ivan Strinic Yeah, doesn't play at all 2nd part of the championship. Guess its selling time
  15. Re: Milan Badelj He could go to some bigger club, in the future, but i would say that he stays in Dinamo for at least next season, and he still has a lot of work to do before he is mature enough to move. But i think he has bright future in front of him And this season just in 1st league competition he played 22 out of 23 games, and played full 90 11 times. All competition he has 2187 minutes of play, 3 goals and 1 assist
  16. Re: Anthony Mounier Went to 82 yesterday, i think im selling him now, but he could be 85/86 next time if he gets more playtime Has 11 caps (5 starts) with 499 minutes in league with 2 assists 92 min in 4 CL apps with 1 assist total 19 caps 3 goals 4 assists with 779 minutes on the pitch this season
  17. Re: Pato ..... .... made a mistake there, thought he was at 89 now (mixed up his rating with Bojan Krkić ;)) He should get +2 now
  18. Re: BUXTON, Lewis Well maybe they should have been in this section:confused:... Anyhow' date=' player who is playing his 8th professional season, and has more than 130 professional caps belong here if he has more playing time lately, you can't put player that gets more play time in talent section just because he started to be 1st 11 starter. I can't see any difference between this player and let's say Eduardo if he starts to get his pitch time after a long time. And as andyowls wrote: That was the time he should be in talent section, not 8 years later.
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