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  1. Re: No rising for wilshere???????? Why??? wait until today and hope SM can rise this kid. Unfortunately nothing happen...................... WE NEED A EXPLANATION NOW!!!!!:mad:
  2. :confused:Just can't believe how come wilshere is not deserved +1 to 90 considered his FANTANSTIC SEASON!!!
  3. Re: Is SANTANDER, Federico worth to keep in the long run??? NO ONE CAN HELP?????????????
  4. Hey guys, could anyone give me some idea if I should keep SANTANDER, Federico? Thanks in advance.
  5. Re: 41 mil for Ribas Diego? ...... ANSWER
  6. Re: How to counter 4-2-3-1 (default)???? Thanks a lot, guys..... :D
  7. Re: How to counter 4-2-3-1 (default)???? no one want to help????
  8. Hi guys, My Barcelona is facing a very annoy opponent in the league tomorow. The team is always playing 4-2-3-1 default with AMC coming behind FC. I don't have too many victory records with this team in the past few seasons. So could please someone give me some idea to counter this team??? Thanks in advanced.
  9. Re: Player ratings thread Mate, I am so sorry to hear this is your last post. The thread is the best one I have ever seen on this forum. Best wishes for you. Please come back and continue when you have time!
  10. Re: Player ratings thread Great thread, mate. Just wonder when you start to do the Brazil Rating? Cheers
  11. Consider USA rating review is on its way, do you guys think Henry will down to 90??????????????:confused:
  12. I need a forward and think about both young men. Both have been down to 95..... So which one has the better future by end of the season?????
  13. Re: GILARDINO, Alberto down to 92???? no one care?????
  14. Consider to the poor performance of Fiorentina, so do you guys think GILARDINO, Alberto will down to 92??
  15. Re: Bale to 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He definately deserve 91!!
  16. Bale only rise to 90.........................
  17. Re: Best Riser/Moneymakers of the upcoming league reviews Well done, mate. Your thread is amazing.......... Don't worry about other silly person's complain. Rep!
  18. Re: Player ratings thread Mate, do you think Alonso from REAL will up to 95 this time??? cheers:)
  19. Re: SM.com down for the moment? Back now................
  20. Re: SM.com down for the moment? Me neither..................:mad:
  21. Hi guys, what do you think Alonso's rating this time?? 95 or 94 or 96???!!!!
  22. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE) How about M'VILA, Yann??? 89/88???
  23. Re: Luís NANI go up to 92???????? He has MVP of Man Uni this season. Why he doesn't deserve 92??????????? People!!!!
  24. He have a great season so far and keep score and assists. So do you think he will go up to 92 in the next rating change????
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