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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hart >>>>>>> Valdez!!!!!! Hart = 28 95 Valdez = 34 91 Hart is future value for money, forget the short term ratings, Hart is a great keeper at the wrong club haha. Good luck with your deal and future success in SM comrade.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Arsenal FC 2013/14 Manager - Der Commander Managing technique - Dictatorship Managing style - Relentless Deutsch style attack of the opposition goal, not silly tippy tappy hispanic style. XI: Szcezna Adam Matthews Kurt Zouma Ecuela Manga Kieron Gibbs Oxlade Chamberlain Wilshere© Strootman Franck Tabanou Walcott Giroud Subs: Ali Ahamada, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Diaby, Santi, Poldi , Marco Streller GK Coach - Seaman Wing back coach - Lee Dixon CB coach - Tony Adams Midfield coaches - Overmars & Viera Attacking coaches - Alan Smith, Thierry Henry, Bergkamp. P.S. Doctor - current Female Chelsea doctor (transfers to Arsenal haha) I would win infinite championships as an Arsenal manager wery wery easily. I would go down as an all time great within 2 years, winning back-back champions league titles. Does any Arsenal fan like that 19 man squad to domineer British football with crazy Der Commander in charge?? :cool:
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Superb, Der Deutsch have a tendancy to have der beste supporten in der welt and this video proves it. They make great atmospheres, and i can see in that video a lot of Arsenal fans were just happy to witness Bayern fans in town haha. I remember a Schalke friend of mine who went earlier in the season when they thrashed Arsenal, that they made a heck of a roar outside Die Emirates before they even got in. Deutschland - the place where the beste football fans in der welt live haha. :cool:
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Begovic all day long. Arsenal are on the decline' date=' where as Begovic is rising as a keeper and could be joining Der Bundesliga soon enough hence his rating will immediately push up to 92/93. Hope i could help comrade. What he said ^^^ hahahaa :D Gotzy Wotzy just about, but Thomas Mullllleerr will be a goal scoring machinen in the future, and one half of Deutschlands deadly CF strike force with Rolls Reus. Gotze = 25 97 Muller = 28 96 Two modern greats, get both if you can comrade. Future legends of the game!!!:cool:
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'm not too sure Wenger has a 'War Chest', but i do know Arsenal are the only business model in England, capable of providing a 'clean' war chest to their managers! Wenger is a genius with money for sure. On your point about Der Bundesliga, that article only further fuels my case, that Der Bundesliga will domineer worldwide football for 20-25 years soon enough, because a lot of spanish clubs will be liquidated, bankrupt and shut down, and the EPl if they keep spending the money they don't have, will decline also. I as a knowedgable leader about Football, Der Commander, expert analysist on Deutschland and Deutsch football, predict a Deutsch domineerance of Football in the long term future for many many years whilst, Espania and England recover from the economic recessions that have hit every industry including their football leagues and teams. Wenger is actually tailor made manager for Der Bundesliga and i personally think he could turn Schalke into worldwide domineering machinens - they have the youth system and current squad, they just need a financial genius tactician like Wenger to come in. Imagine this (Bayern) Guardiola vs (BVB) Klopp vs (S04) Wenger vs (Leverkusen) Hyppia vs (Munchengladbach) David Moyes - who all fight and domineer the champions league for many years with huge profits every year!!! And the most watched liga in der welt!!!
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... For the short term yes, long term no. Sakho is a great CB, and Gameiro is a deadly CF!! Chiellini will be on the decline in 3 years time as Italians usually do. P.S. Ligue 1 is an improving league where as Serie A is on a downhill slope, only being saved by Juventus and Napoli at the moment. It's a very useless league so i'd keep Sahko and Gameiro if i was you. Good luck and have faith comrade.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread ^^^ What this guy just said hahahaahha. Heil Derrrr Bundessliggaaaaaa!!!!! Es ist Der Beste liga in der weeellttttt!!! :)
  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Deutsch fans - best fans in der welt, copying how Liverpool and Celtic FC fans of the past were like - better flares, better songs, better enthusiasm, better voices, better passions and most importantly better banter - they were singing 'FOOOTBALLSS comminngg homeee', just to pay homage to England, that Der Bundesliga is on the uprise. Similar to how Borussia fans humilated Man City fans singing ' You only win when your singing, sing when your wiinnnnninggg' hahahahaha. I love Deutsch fans and people in general. Bring on Wembley Stadion in May the final, where it'l be a full Deutsch invasion of fans, 50 000 Bayern loud fans vs 50 000 Borussia loud fans!! Bayern 3-3 Borussia BVB win 10-9 on penalties. I predict in the next 10 year period, Bayern wins 3 champions league titles, BVB wins 3, Barcelona wins 2 champions leagues, Man United wins 1 and Schalke wins 1. Heil Der Bundesliga!!!! Only Man United and Barca in the world, will be able to cope with the future Football monopoly dominerance, and the likes of Damiao joining BVB and Neymar joining Bayern will only increase the potential here. I really hope Bale joins Bayern and Wilshere joins BVB, because then truely it would be one of the greatest leagues ever. :D:cool: We just need Der Bundesliga to rise to 20 teams, thats all i ask.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Arsene for me has always been blindfolded in terms of cash to spend at Arsenal. I could imagine in a board meeting, Wenger sorts all their finances out, then when its all clear said and done, and Arsenal are about to make 30m profit in annum, the board allocate immediately 26m of it and give 4m to Wenger on transfers. He really doesn't stand a chance against the profiteering, suit wearing yes men directors of Kroenke's!!!! Kroenke is drying Arsenal out for his American teams if you look at their past working capital per annum in their financial records!!! In Deutschland, Merkel would never allow Tyrants to ruin Der Bundesliga anyway, i don't know how much influence the government has on football in England but they really should do!! A laisse-faire Football structure will self destruct soon enough. There is nothing in this present time stopping Kroenke going home in the states, happily knowing 60 000 more fans turned up to fill his and his yes men's pockets up even more nicely!!! Heil Der Bundesliga structure of hierachal management!!! :cool:
  10. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Are any of these top 20 teams Deutsch by any chance?? If so, there's a high likely chance you'l all be seeing Der Commander in WC 33333 domineering soon enough haha.
  11. Re: Recommendation for formation & playstyle
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Mehhh,, Van Persie >>>> Lewandovski + Barrios, haha. Lewa is not as good as old Pery Wersy just yet. That's what devlopment is all about and Borussia are bringing them through like there's no tommorow e.g. Ginczek and most importanly Marviiinnnn Dukksschh!! :D
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hey Adam' date=' luckily for you, i predicted the annihlation on this very forum for you. ;) In a nutshell, i agree with you comrade. I said in an earlier post, the less Arsenal go to watch games at Die Emirates, the more shares going into Usmanovs hands, Kroenke is pushed out and Arsenal will have millions of investment flooding into the team and Wenger can domineer once more. I agree with you there' date=' Bayern were on the ropes when Arsenal scored their lucky goal, and Oxlade would have brought pace into the game with Poldi on it. Diaby was the key though as i said 100x before the match. Bayern aren't used to big tough players, but players like Arteta and Santi, they see those player off relatively easily week in week out. I agree with you there, Wilshy is Arsenals only hope, and if he joined La Liga or Der Bundesliga, i think that would be goodnight champions league playing Arsenal!!
  14. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Tonnnni Kroooossss. Why is he not rated 94 on SM i still have no idea. He and Gotze are the best midfield players in the world at the moment!! Not really' date=' as i said earlier, most of Deutschland and surrounding countries expected an cruxifiction and that is what we received. I and many other Der Bundesliga fans love and respect Arsenal, they pioneered the 21st century passing game and we should never forget that. Nevertheless i expect nothing less of Bayern to slaughter a tippy tappy Barcelona, with Schweiny getting stuck into Busqeutio like Curry on a nice Bochwurst!!! hahahaha :D I did say Arsenal shouldn't have played 4-6-0, Schalab Alaba had him in his back pocket with ease. Poldi did great though, i'm suprised at his improvements recently. Nevertheless, he shouldn't be in the NT ahead of Toni Kroos or our national treasure Julian the Draxman Draxler!! No comrade' date=' i knew Dortmund were possibly 1 CF away from being one of the best in der welt, because Barrios was not a great player for them. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern will domineer the champions league for many years to come i promise you this, but i'm not sure about Schalke. They are touch and go at the moment. It should have been 5-1 really, Bayern had bucket lots of chances if Kroos put Robben in quicker, and Kroos' 30 yarder went in. I absolutely love Mario Gotze, Toni Kroos and Julian Draxler. Taxi for every country in der welt, because Deutschland is going to walk the World cup 2014 with ease at this rate. haha. :D:cool:
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Comrade, selling Ribery or Gotze would be one of the biggest mistakes you'd ever make. Deutsch football is on the rise, and Ribery pioneered the Deutsch rise. I love Ribery and he will rise to 96 in the summer, i can almost smell his +1 right now - he slaughtered Arsenal tonight, something i predicted if you read other forums. But in general, Angel is on the decline and Thiago is an average player. He isn't up to high champions league top 4/5 team quality. He just makes quantity at Barca. Sell the 2 in bold comrade have faith and good luck. Wilshy all day every day. He is Arsenals best player, and i'l make a bold statement - future Barcelona captain and champions league winner!! Good luck comrade and all the best. :cool:
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I reirterate - God save Arsenal haha. Ramsey vs Ribery hahahahaha :D:D :D:D
  17. Re: What tv series are you into? YES YES AND YES!!!! Supernatural is wery wery amazing comrade!!!! Great great show.
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Carrick is THEE best CM's in the premier league this season and that is a FACT!! He easily deserves 93 end of the season for sure!!!
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