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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Personally i think: Infernito = MUTD. Commander = Der Commander (leader, legend, captain of SM forums) But there you have it. I have been asked many times if i know either of you two, and it's safe to say we weren't acquainted until both of your lengthy stay away from here ended. :D Anyway onto Arsenal - Bayern comrades. One of my Arsenal supporten friends recently says, this will either be the making of a young British Arsenal team, or an annihlating cruxifiction, which capitulates Arsenal Football Club to the ground. I really hope Diaby and Sagna perform for the badge rather than the name tonight, because i can see them slacking, with Verm out on the wide left, not instructing them what to do 100% of the time. Giroud has had a rest recently, so he should be firing on all cylinders!!! Come on Arseenallll!!! Show Nasri, Clichy and Van Persie what their missing!!!!!
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Badstuber = one of the best CB's on planet earth, alongside Hummels and Howedes. I think your showing your Borussia bias again Mr MUTD. Holdgy Badstubby, is one of the most elegant, no nonsense CB's around these days. Hard to find old school CB's like him nowadays. Bayern Munchen need him to win many champions league trophies in future. Hope i could help you out on a player Mr MUTD. ;)
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... If your getting Ivanovic then do it comrade. By summer ratings Ivanovic will be 29 93, where as Bonucci will be 26 92. Ivanovic will always be 1 rated ahead of Bonni until he's about 34. Good luck comrade and hope i could help.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Short term = right Long term = left Lavezzi is out of steam, but on his day, he is better than Cazorla just about!!
  5. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I agree so so much hahahaha. I have been able to witness what Arsenal fans in England have been moaning about for years!!! Djourou is Hannovers best player........ hahahahahaaha :) He's as funny as Gerald Asamoah and Sasha Molders - the laughing stock of Der Bundesliga haha. :D
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Martinez has been a great transfer so far' date=' every time i see him play, he is just superb!! But i could still see Gustavo even fitting in this season a bit like this: [center']Neuer Lahm JavMartino Baddstuby Schalab-Alaba Kroos Schweiny Gustavo Muller Mandzuckic Ribery That right there for me, is their best current line up without a doubt!! And because they press so high, the CB's are virtually on the half way line anyway, which suits Javi Martinez. That team right there, is a worldwide force. I don't even think they need to sign Howedes for 10m, but Guardiola is just killing off the competition (S04 & BVB) next season by purchasing both Howedes and Lewa. [/center] But on tonights game, i think Dante will once again cost Bayern a win on concentration, he's just not good enough for the champions league. I hope he's reading this and proves me wrong haha.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Micah Richards >>>> Both Boatengs. Doesn't matter which. Jerome Boateng has cost Bayern 2 champions league titles and trophies, he cost them the DFB Pokal cup twice also. He is too mistake-prone, where as every time i see Richards, he is a forward non-stop bullet train that nobody can stop when he is in full flow at RB. Man City really do have 2 great RBs!!!! I would love to see Micah Richards join Der Bundesliga one day, but there are so many great RB's in Der Bundesliga, it's hard to see which top 6/7 club he could join haha.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Lets hope so comrade. I really hope Die Emirates is buzzing tonight' date=' i am uber excited for this match!!! I hope its end to end, with plenty of goals from both teams!!! Wilshere vs Kroos has got my adrenaline racing already haha. England vs Deutschland!!! The biggest footballing rivarly on the planet without doubt. By the way, does anyone know in England, if other clubs and teams are backing Arsenal with you guys?? Because every other team but United in Britain is out, and like last year, every BVB, Leverkusen, Die Fohlen and S04 fan i know of, cheered Bayern on in the final last year. Come on ARSENAL!!! Wow that is unbelievable if he did haha. Imagine if real life managers like reading these threads, and they came across my posts, and enjoyed what i wrote!!!! That'd be fantastisch!!! For Sure, but i don't get why Bayern would want to sell Gustavo?? Does anyone know if there's a behind the scenes rift going on or something? Because Gustavo has just fallen out of favour all of a sudden with Der Bavarian managements this season. Anyway it's Arsenals gain and Bayerns loss right there haha!! :cool:
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... No. Tony Jantschke will be the best RB in the world when he is 26/27. World class RB and in SM terms' date=' i believe he can reach 95/96 - should be around Dani Alves' rating in the future. Bold = sell comrade. They are either way overated, or on the decline. Trust me, the rest of your players are absolutely amazing haha. :cool: Comrade trust my perspective' date=' Micah Richards = beastly RB Howedes>>>>>> Reinartz. Eriksen all day every day. He has so much higher technical ability then the other two, and he has a better chance of winning more international honours then the other 2. 1 = Moura Moura Moura 2 = Erky 3 = Strutsy Franck Tabanou is a left footed Franck Ribery. He is single handedly running the show at Toulouse in a tougher league. Tabanou could be a world beater' date=' depending on who he joins in the future e.g. if he joins a top 6 club in Der Bundesliga, he immediately has the potential to reach 92/93. Vertonghen edges it comrade. Thats a toughy haha. Holy moly' date=' BRUNO MARTINS INDI comrade!!!!! He will be a great great CB rated 95/96 in the future, he's a better version of Dopey Douglas Maicon and Sol Campbell mixed together!!! Top top CB, and i expect him to join Der Bundesliga or EPL soon enough!! Top top player, whereas Insigne needs to leave a poor Serie A league to stand a chance of 90+ in the future. Suarez >>> Cavani. Suarez runs the show at Liverpool, where as Hamsik runs the show at Napoli. Cavani is two dimensional, whereas Suarez is 6 dimensional, and he plays with more variation e.g. on and off the ball. Suarez will reach 96 where as Cavani will only ever hit 95 in a poor Serie A league. Hope i could help you all comrades and good luck with your deals. :)
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Yes, sometimes i completely forget Hummels was Bayern Munchen supporter when he was younger, but not anymore comrade. He is Borussia Dortmund future captain and legend through and through. He has a contract until 2018 and he is wery wery loyal. I think with Howedes at Bayern, they would be much much stronger also with Guardiola manager!!! Bayern vs BVB champions league finals for the next 6 years straight!! Now that'd be a beautiful sight haha.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread i called it a fair draw, not easy one comrade. Arsenal are far from going to have an easy draw tommorow. They will need grit determination and a lot and lot of luck to get a draw. I think if Arsenal do win, it would go down, as one of the greatest shocks in champions league history for sure. Arsenal unbelievably (you wouldn't hear me saying this 10 years ago) are huge huge underdogs even on their home turf tonight. Arsenals hopes rest on Diaby overpowering Kroos and Schweinsteiger, because they easily deal with players like Arteta relatively easily week in week out - Diego Ribas is a recent example of that. Come on Arsenal!!!!!
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I agree wery wery much with you comrade. Gotze will be better than Iniesta rated 97 when he is 25 - that is a more realistic comparison as they are great great CAM's at different stages in their careers. Well said.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hummels - best CB on planet earth comrade. 96+ Potential. Could be the greastest CB that ever lived soon enough. Badstuber all day long, with Hummels, they are juggernauts for their huge clubs. Both will go on to have succesful careers with many trophies and in SM terms, both be beyond 95/96 easily. Butland>>Kapinos But things can change, nobody would have thought Big Papa of Greece would become such a great CB in Der Bundesliga. If Kapinos gets a money move to a Munchengladbach - when Ter Stegen leaves, i think in SM ratings terms he could be higher than Butland. It all depends on who Kapinos joins comrade, so if you can, wait it out until the summer if you can, if not, Butland is the realistic choice, and Kapinos is a big big gamble. I think Bale will stay as LB in SM until the end of the season, because he slots into there nicely now and again. Get him either way, he's only going up in SM ratings from here on out. Hope i could be assistance and good luck in your game worlds comrade.
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread "Be scared Arsenal Der Deutsch are coming with there tanks parked firmly on the emirates lawn....." I absolutely loved reading this comment in the media sections hahahaha!!! Brilliant quotes, not made by me unfortunately, but the comment really gets you thinking, - Bayern aren't going to play counter attack are they? Also loved Schweiny's media comments about Mia San Mia - i remember that in 01 when they crushed Valencia in the final - all of Deutschland and Der Bundesliga fans went crazy, because Rafa Benitez' Valencia were a great side. Although Neuer has taken it way over board with the media when he said 3 years ago, he brushed Arsenal off, because they were not a big club. Slightly disrespectful to the Arsenal, and he better hope Walcott and Wilshy weren't reading the media. I'm just excited to watch the game tommorow, it's nicely poised and you don't know which Arsenal is going to turn up against a strong strong Munchen side!!
  16. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Bold = keep Hope i could help you comrade and good luck. :)
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