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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Bold = Keep. Hope i could be of assistance comrade and good luck. :)
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Different type of players comrade, but in SM ratings terms, Gotze should reach 96/97 quite easily before he's 25, but i'm not sure he can be 98 or 99. I think it'l be between him and Bale in 5 years time though to be best players in the world with Julian Draxler. My answer would be not quite, but he'l still go down as a great Borussia Dortmund legend in 20 years.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread You just get that feeling that the FA cup is Manchester Uniteds to lose. I really cannot see them losing to anyone left in it, unless Wigan do what they did last year and that is defend superbly. Why do Manchester United just always win - Ferguson is so so good, i cannot explain the superlatives i can give to him, for his concentration span, which is about 27 years, aiming to win and win and win relentlessly. I don't think we will see a scottish manager quite as successful as he for a long time.....Cue David Moyes to prove me wrong haha. :cool: David Moyes is the next Manchester United manager, we all know it. Man United is a club, born to be led by a fearless scot who wins endless trophies haha.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread No chance. I can't see Wigan not having a say in this cup. Stranger things have happened, and i just have some electric spark feeling that Wigan will reach the final this year. + Rafa Benitez is a cup master tactician, so Chelsea shouldn't be overlooked. If Millwall makes the final i will stop watching football alltogether comrade haha. :D
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Big Papa all day long. Great tough CB. Then Wollscheid. Get both if you can, they are superrrbbbb CB's!!!! Wollscheid has 92+ potential and Big Papa has 95+ potential. He is just a massive figure and tankhouse for S04 - a key player to their champions league success in short and long term.
  6. Re: Heung-Min Son or Andrea Poli I'm not wrong... I clearly included Rudnevs in my post just to make sure my fellow comrade knows Rudnevs is a deadly goal poacher, but stats do not show what Son actually does on the pitch and how he infleunces games so much. Son with Rudnevs are both really great, but Son offers much more than Rudnevs outside of the box, and he has a powerful 30 yard shot with both feet. Technically well rounded, and the question is Son vs Poli not Son vs Rudnevs, so if you could stop badgering me that i'm always so 'wrong' Jkerrs i'd appreciate it. I am only looking to help my fellow forumers on here and your just slating me for unjustified reasons.
  7. Re: help needed with 2 deals Hello comrade, i watch Der Bundesliga relentlessly all day, every day, and i assure you, Draxler is 1 MILLION times better than Shaqiri. He also plays LM,CAM,RM and even CF for Schalke when the Hunter isn't playing. He already is carrying S04 by himself up front, he is simply amazing for a 19 year old. In SM terms i believe he can hit 95/96 where as Shaqiri is looking towards being another Robben-like 94 rated Stalwart. Julian The Draxman Draxler is the Deutsch Kaka comrade. He passes players as if they are not there. I rate him so so highly, he is 1000x better than Shawaray and i argue he should already be 89 rated, if not 90. Martinez will win many many trophies with Bayern and he is more diverse in passing then Wilshere i.e. Wilshy cannot play long balls as good. Also Javi uses both feet and he is great in the air. Javi all day long comrade. Hope i could help you comrade and good luck.
  8. Re: Falcao For Lewandowsky and Muniain Do it comrade. Lewa will reach 95 also in his career, and Munian will also reach the heights!!! That is a great deal for the long term!! :)
  9. Re: Does Fabio Coentrao have a chance of dropping in rating?
  10. Re: Heung-Min Son or Andrea Poli Oh my word, get Son comrade. He is one of the best CF's in Der Bundesliga. Him and Rudnevs are a deadly partnership, and Son is single handedly trying to get Hamburger into the top 4. He has 94+ SM potential, where as Poli will only ever reach 90. Good luck comrade.
  11. Re: SMFA Cup and Shield - how to qualify?
  12. Re: Recommendation for formation & playstyle Yes, point the wingers going forward comrade, use target man and play offside. Make Mats Hummels your captain - he is such a cool head, and gets vey high 9/10 ratings when he's captain. Play him centre in the trio also, with Subotic and Danilo.
  13. Re: Arsenal Problems scoring... constant draws. 4-1-3-2 Arteta holding, Giroud and Walcott CF's. Hard tackling. Everything else normal. Playmaker - Arteta. Target Man - Giroud. Hope i could help comrade
  14. Re: Does it make a difference?? Any help is appreciated
  15. Re: League Cup and League Shield Has the draw been made? Maybe it's a glitch in your game world comrade. You should report it to the devs and hopefully they shall fix it for you.
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Toni Hard Hitting Krooooooooooosss comrade. Easy choice. 95+ potential. Yes do the first deal. Bernd Leno will be the 2nd best keeper in the world only behind Ter Stegen in a few years!!! Leeeennnnooooo comrade Larsy Bender all day every day. He has 94+ potential but he isn't a right back haha. You should purchase him anyway comrade. Gunddooooogggaannnn!!! He is the Deutsch Xavi' date=' one of the smoothest side and forward passers in the world, he should have no trouble keeping Sahin out of the team, and he has 95+ potential on SM with Gotze and Bender alongside him in a devestating midfield. Lavezzi long term comrade. Ter Stegen Leno Unnerstall Szcena Ter Stegen will reach 96 let alone 90 in the long term' date=' Leno will reach 94/95, Unnerstall and Szcezna will reach 92 in their peaks. Yes do exactly that. Keep Ter Stegen and Leno, they are world beaters and soon enough, the top 5 keepers worldwide will all be Deutsch haha. Keep Unnerstall if there's no pressure to sell him. I watch Der Bundesliga relentlessly comrade, and trust me, Stindl is far superior to Schmeidy. Stindl runs the show with Mame Diouf at H96. Hope i could help you all with your deals comrades and good luck with much success in SM. :)
  17. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread hahaahahaha, Arsenal >>> Borussia Dortmund in every way huh...... Dreamland is ALIVE AND KICKING tonight hahahaha :D:D
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