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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread HT 4-1 FT 10-1 ET - Dermott says Reading players were fatigued. hahaha
  2. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread hahahahaahahahahahaah. .... pffftt hahahaahaaahhaa. hahahahaaha. Ouuchhh, my lungs are acheing real real bad after that!!! Abosuletly beautiful comment TheMar-AFC. Hummels aims for champions leagues and world cup trophies and Koscielnny aims fo..... I love Arsenal fans so so much. Brilliant senses of humours :D:D:D
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread Manchester United 7-1 Reading ^^ This is my prediction, they will absolutely slaughter the minor club. There's really no point in them travelling, Ferguson will ensure they are humilated proper and good, just to show how small they are. Hopefully Shinji is playing tonight and possibly Darren Fletcher, who both i like wery wery much. If Rooney is playing, Reading better pray they don't hit for 10, seeing as Arsenal hit them for 7 in the other cup, and United's 2nd string is much stronger than Arsenals!!!! Also any chance of Fergie playing Johnstone?? I've heard good things about this young keeper recently. I hope i can have the chance to watch him, unless fergie plays Lindegaard, who is as much waste of space as Kuszcak used to be. I was also hoping to watch Sam Wooton, but it appears he's gone out on loan unfortunately. Anyway, i always look forward to watching Reading & QPR receiving absolut pummelings so cannot wait tonight!!! :D
  4. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread He had a good time in Der Commanders Dream land Matrix universe while it lasted. Don't disrupt the moment comrade haha. :D;)
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread In Der Commanders calculations, there are 300m Man United fans world wide, and 285m Liverpool Fans worldwide. But lets not get too deep into figures here, we can all agree that Manchester United and Liverpool are the 2 most successful, supported biggest clubs on the planet in this very moment in time. No other club can touch Englands top 2, not even Bayern Munchen nor Borussia Dortmund - for the moment haha, until they start domineering the UCL which has commenced this year for a 10 year period haha. Manchester United did wery well against Madrid and i predicted it would be 1-1 or 2-1, because Jonny Evans + Ferdinand >>>> Ramos + Varane. Madrid is on the decline, Barcelona are getting bored of domineering so easily, Man United keep on improving players who british fans previously dismissed e.g. Welbeck and Evans - who i rated both wery wery highly, and Ferguson is the greatest manager that ever lived. He has patience of an Eagle swooping for prey. He is just so so good. Alex Ferguson is the greatest ever manager above all others. Guardiola and Mourinho don't even come close to Paisley, Stein and Busby, let alone Ferguson. An invcinible manager, and up until wednesday last week, i thought BVB and Bayern would cruize control into the final against each other wery easily, but Ferguson has shown last seasons UCL dismissal was just an anomilie. I expect Man United to destroy Real to pieces in 3 weeks. Nevertheless i dislike the comments made by Ferguson and Mourinho saying that this should have been the final - i mean there are hundreds of millions of fans who want to watch BVB and Bayern in the final also. Bayern are still favourites for me to win the UCL though. Manchester United - 2012/13 Premier League champions, FA Cup winners, Champions league semi finalists. ^^ That is a great season and achievement for Ferguson into his 27th year. :)
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Meyer will be a general squad player' date=' who fills in when called upon. He isn't anyone too special, he can pop up with the odd assist or gol here or there, but you cannot predict his future devlopment just yet. In SM ratings terms, i believe he could peak at 89/90 one day for sure. The main man at S04 to watch out for is Julian 'The Draxman' Draxler for sure comrade. He has 95/96 + potential on SM, he is Neymar/Lucas Moura/Hazard - all of their strengths put together = The Draxman. He is a genius 19 year old. S04 would be absolutely nothing now if they sell him, immediately after selling Holtby, as Juli is getting a lot of game time at CAM now. Hope i could help comrade. :) I watch Der Bundesliga relentlessly comrade, all day, every day, analysis must be sharp and excqusite so therefore i can make solid future predictions on players. I use past and present facts to justify my future facts/predicitions comrade. I do not make predicitions from 'thin air' with a 'crystal ball'. Mostly on last seasons stats and how this season is weighing up for players, teams, coaches etc etc.
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 No chance of ever playing for NT' date=' because i don't think he's as good as Inigo Martinez, but still he has been a stalwart for Sevilla with Fazio at the back. They don't score enough goals up front and this is down to over reliance on Jesus and Negredo. Jesus who has also been inconsitent as well as Negredo to an extent. Botia has been Sevillas best player this season, and i rate Jose Campana WERY WERY HIGHLY also. Top top players. Well both Botia and Jose Campana are well capable of achieving these ratings with the newer reviewal system. Botia and Campana have been standout players for Sevilla for quite some time now when they have played. Botia i don't think can achieve the 92/93 at Sevilla, but around better players and team who performs at a top 4 level, Botia could quite easily get in a top 4 side in the Big 3 divisions of Europe and perform to a high level. I back my 92/93 potential comment, because his heading, tackling, clearing, vision and awareness is quite sound. He does lack a bit of composure on the ball at times though. But 25/26 92 is very reachable in this system reviewal day and age. Who knows, Sevilla might even turn it around next season and finish top 4/5, with Malaga on the imminent decline and Bilbao set to sell off their main assets.
  8. Re: Piszczek or valencia? Comrade, Piszcek is a stalwart RB, in a domineering BVB team, although he is out of form at the moment, i believe he can regain that form soon enough. Piszcek >> Valencia, it's a no contest really. Piszcek also has the better chance of lifting the champions league trophy in Wembley Stadion May, so that boads well to rise to 93/94 very well. Hope i could help comrade.
  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Therefore a very good player to have in your youth squads in SM' date=' as he has huge huge potential to be the best in his position!!! Future LM for Deutschland quite comfortably with Schmelzy on the left hand side at Euro 2016 for sure. Hartherz is working very hard in training and for U21's Bremen academy and U21 Deutsch setup. He really has the means and physical presence to override Schmitz at LB, and it's not as if Schmitz is a world beater haha. Bremen are lucky to still have Hartherz in their setup tbh, they tend to always underate their players at their club e.g. Pizarro, Diego Ribas, Marin etc etc over the years. Hartherz is the next best single talent they have, and i guarentee he'l either be sold to one of the power 3 or Real Madrid. He could fit in well at S04, in my opinion he'd be a good upgrade from Fuchs on the left hand side, linking up with the oh so talented Draxman.
  10. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Mr TheMar-AFC, if you are so so sure Wenger should be sacked/retired, then can i ask who you think would be the next manager of Arsenal for the next 15 years?? personally once Wenger goes to a club like S04/PSG/Munchengladbach, then i can only see and Arsenal plunge in downhill slope, where they chop and change managers regular under the rule of Kroenke similar to Chelsea, if they do not achieve success i.e. top 4 finish. I do agree, that 4th is Spurs to lose, and AVB is too good of a manager to slip up on 4th now, especially when you have the 4th best player in the world i.e Gareth Bale backing and at the heart your play. So next Arsenal manager in your opinion??
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Anyway back on topic, after a great display by BVB in the UCL, here's to Bayern being 0-3 up before it's half time with Schalab Alaba, Riberrryyy and Thomas Muullllerrr all to score within 35 mns. I'm hoping to see a solid display by the CB partnership whoever plays in there. Van Buyten is still good enough, despite arguments about his age too high. I also hope Guardiola is there in the crowd on tuesday night to watch Gomez, Zucki and Mully and realise he has 4 great CF's already if you include goalscoring machinen Nils Petersen, and that they are just being pure greedy going for Lewa. I'm hoping to also see Toni 'Der Hitman' Kroos to get on the score sheet in the second half. He reminds me so so much of Lampard it's not even funny, so therefore british fans and football watchers can conclude that he is a super #10 just behind the CF's player. According to Heynkes, he is better then Roberto Mancini playing #10, and that is quite high praise for sure!! But we cannot disclude world class players like Walcott and Wilshere, and that they could just as easily rip Dante and his CB partner to shreds!! All is balanced for Bayern to domineer and Arsenal to play classic counter attack football, so let the mind games begin!! Cannot wait for tuesday and wednesday so so excited!! I haven't even got started on getting a buzz from watching Barcelona rip Ac to shreds yet haha, Messi is just the best of magicians in a lifetime. Messi to score 4 on wednesday i guarentee it!!!
  13. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread He is not quite a perfectionist on tackling just yet. He does get sillly yellow cards sometimes - thats what Subotic is there for and this is why for me' date=' they are the greatest balanced CB partnership in the world, miles ahead of any big timer teams in Europa or the world!!! I think once he masters the tackling part of his game, he will be the perfect ever CB to grace the game. He's not completely the finished article just yet, and that's quite something, because at the moment he is a boss of a CB already!!! Hope i could help on info on Mr Hummels comrade!! Da, but Mr Ashtini, what good would there be if I was typing sense to whereby nobody actually reads the 'german' forum apart from 2 or 3 people a day. My knowledge is best suited to the great English forums we have here with many nice readers, forumers and followers comrade. Hope i could help.
  14. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Comrades, my personal opinion is that Mats Hummels is the greatest CB in der welt. Its just my perspective and other Deutsch football fans around the world. You don't have to personally attack me because i believe in Mats Hummels???!!!! He stands for everything a greatest CB should have - composure, elegance, touch, awareness, vision, position, communications with fellow CB/RB, holding a high line, tracking marked men, strong header in both boxes, regular scorer, great penalty taker, great hair, great on both feet, can play short and long through ball passes, assists and scores regularly, leads the team out like a natural born winner, and he is destined for pure domineerance. I just pray the BVB board don't see profit symbols in their eyes and keep this Bulldozing CB for 15+ years and BVB with Bayern dominate the world for many years to come, so i can get a very very high buzz watching him week in and week out for the next 15 years in both League, cup and European cups haha. Heil Mats Hummel!! I love Superman... wait i mean Mats Hummmeelllssss haha. :cool::cool:
  15. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 In SM ratings he shall be rising to 85 in the summer and then to 88 in the winter 2013 ratings. So he will be 20 88 this time next year, then when he is 21 he shall be 89/90 rated. Then when he is 22/23 he should be 92/93 rated. Very highly rated in Deutschland as the next best LB. All 'Powerful' 3 Deutsch clubs, Bayern, BVB and S04 are all after Hartherz, but he will remain with Bremen for a while. He is the next best LB after Schmelzer, but i believe he could go on just like Bale to be a powerful LM and CAM!! He is a great driver of the ball and has a wicked left foot shot and can use his right!! He also does position very well with awareness, but his untiming tackling lets him down for now. Hopefully he shall rid of his weaknesses and become the best LB/LM in the world in 5 years time!!! Hope i could help comrade.
  16. Re: FA Cup My heart wants Wigan to win the FA Cup as Martinez is one of the best managers in der welt with Rafa Benitez, but my clever clever brain says Manchester Junited shall domineer the FA cup once more. It's unfortunate Wigan never get a home tie, they could have easily been in the final in 2011 and should be in the final and champions of 2013 FA cup!! Great great club are Wigan, well ran and great supporters - although they may not have the quantity, the quality of the small # of fans that they do have is very high!! Heil Wigan Athletic, future league and cup winners!!
  17. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I reirterate greatest CB that EVER LIVED. The likes of Bobby Moore, Beckenbauer, Kohler, Mattheus, Cannavaro, Maldini and Koeman have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on Mats Hummels. Hummels has 2 Bundesliga's, 2 DFB pokal cup, and in the future, he has 7 Der Bundesliga titles, 3 Uefa Champions league title medals, 5 DFB Pokal cups, 4 Shield cups, 3 Uefa Super cups, 2 Fifa clubs world cups. Now that is one hell of a career. The finest ever CB i ever watched, including Badstuber who is destined for many championships and trophies. Just like Messi Iniesta and Ronaldo, we are in the era of Hummels, Howedes and Badstuber, the top 3 Cb's that ever lived!! I'm so privaleged to watch all 3 in the space of one era and everyone else should be also. Heil Das Deutschlanders!! :cool::)
  18. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 No problem comrade, i'm always here for any help required. If you have any more questions on Der Bundesliga, i don't mind answering any expertly at all!! Feel free to ask. :):cool:
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I heard that paper is worser than Marca spreading lies haha. Marca similarly deceived Deutschland that Ter Stegen has alreasy sold his soul to them which is not the case. I believe Daily Mail of England and Marca of Espania have made some sort of deal with each other and Barca to try and make a outgoing of Valdez and ingoing of Ter Stegen. Arsenal would be much better off with Szcezna who i rate wery wery highly. + he likes playing video games and reminds me of a friend of mine haha!!
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