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  1. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread If the dopey manager plays Hildebrand worst GK on planet earth' date=' Barney Barnetta and Affelay - S04 will be put to the sword by the turkish devils. Nevertheless, Galatasaray fans like yourself may learn the player who Deutsch fans call the 'Draxman' (Taxman) - who is dreaded by the opposition, and he may score some goals!!! The Hunter might be in for hunting the turkish foxes for dinner and lets not forget Wefferson Warfan!! The most Majestic right winger around - he leaps like a butterfly on the ball, but his composure off it, and tracking and pressure to retreive the ball can be poor sometimes - he needs to be told what to do all the time!!! Any real suprise, seeing as the brave Celts went up against one of thee most corrupt football teams in world football today *cough bribed cough*
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Exactly' date=' Vincy Wincy is taking this way over the top here!! He is a great ratings predictor similar to Der Commander, but too much showboating going on here!! You don't rarely see Der Commander showboating his correct ratings predictions or match predictions etc etc.... P.S. i was right on the Bale prediction as usual, could have got 94, I'm right on predicitions as ever..........:D:D Comrade i agree with every point in your well explained post about Shawry, the toughest tankhouse CB in the Barclays Premier League right up until i saw your comment of EPL being better than Der Bundesliga haha. Maybe it's possibly slightly by miniscules still ahead, but i think both league's are just about level now, Der Bundesliga just needs to get 20 teams in it, rather than a weaker 18 teams - it doesn't boad well when comparing against the then top league in the world - EPL!!! Heil Ryan Shawry and HUUUTTTHHH:)
  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Meh, whats done is done. The only thing that can cheer me up now, is that I as Der Commander of Der Bundesliga, officially order BVB to slaughter Shekhtar 4-1 away, Lewa, Rolls and Wotzy to score a few, and then something to cheer me up even more next week when Bayern slaughter Arsenal 6-1 at Die Emirates, and Schalke to win 3-1 against the 'red devils from turkish hell'!! Onwards and upwards fur Der Bundesliga comrades!! :):p
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Meh' date=' i was going to add Bellotalli but i remembered he joined Ac Milano recently haha!! Meh, Garry Barry scored an own goal recently, so i thought i'd save you the misery of hearing their whole teams names mentioned again after the abysmal recent performances!! :p Exactly my point, To say domineerers like Shawcross and Neustadter be 88 rated when they should at least be 90, and media overated Garbage players like Neymar and Hazard be 91 and 92 is blasphemous!!!!!
  5. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Both deserve 90 comrade. Stoke have one of the best defensive records in the whole of Europa!!! Huth and Shawcross deserve 90's' date=' i personally believe if your team had better wing backs, with big boys like Nzonzi, Cameron, Crouch and Jones, good wingers Ethrington and Shotton, Stoke could actually push on for a top 4 finish!! They just have terrible wing backs who let them down time after time!! Bale deserved 94, I don't know who the people saying he didn't deserve 93 are kidding. Foreign fans when thinking about the Barclays Premier League = watching Gareth Bale, Wan Persy, Good Ol' Rooney, Wilshere, Walcott Luis Suarez, Lampard and Gerrard!! These players are the faces of the Premier league, all who deserve very high 91+ ratings!!!!
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread At the Euro 2012, i was impriessed with him, other 6 Champions league games i was impriessed also. He's Celtics 2nd main man after the 'Super Duper' Gary goalscoring Hoooopper!! ;)
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Nein comrade' date=' the first 90 minute football match i ever watched would you believe it was BVB 3-1 Juventus in 97!!!! Ever since, Juve has been good, but a big rival (hope to lose) whenever i watch them!! Wilson and Ambrose are league 2 quality. They were absolutely pathetic. How they keep rising on SM ratings is beyond me. Can Someone also explain to me why in the blue heavens Adam Matthews and Kayal were on the bench?? 2 top young players!!! Lichy is like the annoying orange if you compare their faces. You just want to grab him and hit him where the sun doesn't hit haha.
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Nein nein nein comrade!! Baallleee deserved a 94 rating' date=' so did Gotzy Wotzy, Sissoko is not on neithers level. He will only peak at 91!! Shawcross> Jagielka - and this is an unbiased view as i support neither team. Shawcross strikes fear into opposition, whereas Jagielka being so tall is not agile and slower, therefore players like Rooney tend to domineer him. Shawcross could easily make the Bayern, BVB or Leverkusen team comfortably comrade!! Just like Hodsgon, SM continue to snub the best CB in the premier league. If he joined Liverpool, Shawry would shoot up to 92/93 very easily.
  9. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Anri, that's what real Football is about - its a contact sport. This is what i remember watching of Leeds, Liverpool, Arsenal and the great Manchester United when they all tussled each other in the late 90's early 2000's!!!! Pure brute strength, tough tackling. Is it me, or is Scott Brown the scottish Roy Keane!!!! haha
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I think Juventus have actually bribed the referee of tonight. It's so blatant haha. At least i had the balls to give the predictions a go!! You'l probably say you predicted PSG to win 5-0 weeks ago... pfft... But he's old, and Celtic if Super Duper Hooper can get a shot in the corner, just Like Wanyama's early shot, Buffon doesn't have the longest reach and used to rely on his felixibility of stretching, but lets not kid ourselves, he is 35. Hooper and Commons are a good CF partnership to surpass him!! Celtic to win 3-1. I boldly stand by my 3 weeks old prediction. Heil Celtic.
  11. Re: Respuesta: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 They should really bring me on board, to advise them on how the SM ratings changes should go. It would then balance out a true reflection of which league's are the best in the world. :D
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Agreed' date=' way too many Deutsch and Espanic players coming through the academies, which are light years ahead of Englands Burton academy. I am in dreamland correct Kirky, neverthless the team i made has top 4 potential, the team you offer there will get ripped apart next season, and i can guarentee to any Liverpool fan on here right now, that Liverpool will NOT finish top 4 or even top 6 next season, if they keep disallussioning themselves that Agger and Skrtel are 'decent' CB's, they are so bad, they are worser than the player Razor Ruddock who played for LFC a long time ago. So so bad, they need Howedes and Isimat Mirin. Enrique is good in attack, poor in defence way too one dimensional and lacks consistency. Hooper is actually a Liverpool FC supporter would you believe it!! I could easily see an 8m deal going through, that's the asking price they had to Norwich who couln't even cough up 5m hahaha. I don't really rate Sturridge much, i think he's worser than Babel, and Babel was only 21 at Liverpool and he was in the champions league playing average and not average lingering in at 8th-9th spot!!!
  13. Re: bundesliga risers - keep or sell Wollscheid = 4th choice Deutsch NT CB - which is special 93+ Jantschke - the Deutsch Gary Neville, destined for a very big future in the next 15 years 93+ Rode - a great patroller in CDM, he enjoys running and dribbling also, a good tracker and man marker. BVB, Bayern and S04 all interested in him. 92+ Carvarjal - he is the future Real Madrid RB replacement of Arbeloa he is that good. 92+ Sararer - As good as Arda Turan and going to rise as quick as Arda. He will be 88 rated soon, then 89, then 90. He has a 91+ potential in the future, he is similar in his style of play to Jesus Navas. signed for stuttgart recently. Destined for glory. 91+ Furstner - engine who is the runner of a show. He should really be snapped up by a Gladbach or Stuttgart i feel. 88+ Felix Klaus - In the same breath and bracket of Gotze, Kroos and Draxler. Very underated at only 82, at a bigger club, he will jump to 88, and he will easily become a 90+ regular, if he were to join Gladbach or Schalke and link up with the death-defying Draxman etc. 90+. Hope i could be of help comrade, Felix Klaus is a big big talent. :)
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Yes, but i don't expect Yanga to be at Newcastle for the rest of his career haha I could easily vision him at Liverpool or Arsenal in 3 years time, and he could then easily get a 93 rating. He should aim to push on for the next 18 months and recieve a 91 rating, when Newcastle finish top 6 next season, then make the move to a bigger club who need a CB.
  15. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 I assumed he was still recovering from the knee injury he had at Montpellier?? Is he 100% fit to play yet?
  16. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Gerrard and Carragher are one of a kind my comrade. Liverpool had Alonso, Masch, even in the 07/08 and 08/09 seasons where they were very very good, Baros, Hyypia, Smicer, Hamann, Henchoz, Babbel, Kewell, Dudek, Luis Garcia in 04-07 etc etc SO SO MANY!!! The reason why Sir Alex does so well with United every season and year is signing the regular foreign player e.g. Kagawa and Van Persie as his most recent!! It's different styles of culture, attitudes and behaviours that wins trophies, and this is why i firmly believe until a hardman like Hyypia comes in to manage Liverpool, they will never win a premier league title in our life times again unfortunately! Liverpool fans need to stand up to the board of directors and show them who's boss around there!! It might be harsh to say, but gathering from Der Commander observing Rodgers every media conference and interview, he never blames his players - kind of a yes man to the board. Liverpool are in dire need of a back bone manager, who can take his own stance, players, etc etc to make them successful, and I dont personally see this occuring in the short term comrade.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Really? Hooper a CF target that Liverpool desperately need - one of the best goal poachers in Europa?? Ter Stegen 100% better then Reina and he's only 20' date=' Herrmann one of the best young right wingers on the planet and Mirin, Indi and Howedes are all available to purchase in the summer, hence why i chose them, and none of them are mugs!! Ter Stegen, Herrmann and Howedes shouldn't be in the same sentence as the word lightweight lol - and that's an understatement. Maybe add Jantschke or Uchida at RB?? Liverpool should shop in the Deutsch market, how Newcastle are shopping in the Francais market recently, there are many talents out there in Europa, just that Liverpool keep buying overated British players, for over the odds cash e.g. 12m for Sturridge with no competitors to sign him and now going to buy Ince for 7m!! Well over the odds cash and you can see why Liverpool will be in desperate need of a 75 000 + stadion in the future - due to their scouts and negotiators making Liverpool look like fools every year in the transfer market!! If i was a current Liverpool fan or even a season ticket holder, wouldn't you be enraged at this stupid British-buy policy, that Dalgleish managed to implement? They are living 25 years in the past, because it's the multiculture of a dressing room that raises team spirit and gets a team up to win titles e.g. Liverpool 01, 05, 06 etc etc etc!!!
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I predict Liverpool to finish 8th this season, behind Swansea who are guarenteed Europa League football either way. I personally think Liverpool should just concentrate on Zenit and winning the Europa league, as Hulk and Kerzakhov must be licking their lips, to destroy a weak CB partnership like Agger and Skrtel!!! How these 2 are rated 90 is beyond me!!! Liverpool 2013/14 potential top 4 finishing team (only chance of Liverpool ever finishing 4th in the next 10 years) Ter Stegen Wisdom Mirin Howedes Martins Indi Herrmann Lucas Gerrard Sterling Hooper Suarez Subs: Gulasci, Kelly, Robinson, Allen, Henderson, Coutinho, Sturridge Caroll I wouldn't mind being the Liverpool boss/scout/negotiator and run the whole club at the same time!! Anyone agree with this sort of team and depth, and possibly Van Baasten/Rijkaard as the manager?? Or even me lol?
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