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  1. Re: Gillingham Team. On The Picture Of My Team There Are To Positions Circled Red. Is That A CM Position Or RM/LM?
  2. Re: Gillingham Team.
  3. Re: ılılı. EC3821 .ılılı jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
  4. I Have A Quick Question. I Play A 4-3-1-2 And I Have Had Some Trouble Picking My Team. As You Can See There ^^^ Is My Team. But If You Notice Two Positions Have Rings Round Them, What Do You Think I Should Put There, CM Or RM/LM? Also Do You Think SM Would Automatically Pick My Team Because They Are Out Of Position. Thanks In Advance, Matt P.S. I'm Very Sorry For That Massive Space In The Middle I Don't Know Why Thats There
  5. Re: ılılı. EC3821 .ılılı jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
  6. Re: ılılı. EC3821 .ılılı If Anybody Has Got Anyone For Loan I Would Like To Have Them
  7. Re: ılılı. EC3821 .ılılı jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
  8. Re: Illegal Deal Or Not? I Know I Was Like !!! He Might Of Been Wrecking there team Also, Do You Really Live In The USA?
  9. Re: Illegal Deal Or Not? Yes It's Been Completed Ahh I See Now A Person Payed A "Unavalible" Side 98M. Sorry For Being So Dumb
  10. I Was Looking At The "All Transfers" On My Team And I Saw That Someone Got £98.0M and Vieira ADRIANO and Tomislav SOKOTA For Simone Pepe But Really Who Would Do That? Illegal Or Not? (Sorry If It's In The Wrong Section)
  11. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity. Oh Ye Sorry I Couldn't Be Bothered To Post Them All But His Was Very Inaccurately spelt ; I Am Not Trying To Be Nasty.
  12. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity. I'm Sorry But Please Can You Practice Your Spelling? Just Some Constructive Critisism.
  13. Re: World Championship 6002 Match Reports/Transfer News Discussion Thread Higuain Still In Plans For Jewsbury Monday, 22nd June 2009 Still In Talks With Real Over Higuain's Future CSKA Moskva Manager ; Matthew Jewsbury Has Been A Keen Admirer Of Higuain For A Long Time. He Went In With A 27M Bid. Which We Have Confirmed It Has Been Rejected. But There Is Still Light At The End Of The Tunnel He Still Has A Chance Foe Higuain's Signature. Real [Madrid] Made A Counter-Offer Which Consisted Of : 6M + Vagner Love + Milos Krasic. When Jewsbury Was Asked What Have You Decided To Do He Replied ' That Is A Ridicolous Offer I Have Decided To Negotiate (Again) With Real, I Have Put In A New Bid Which Is: 18M + Milos Krasic. We Will Just Have To See How It Goes ' F.C. Porto Didn't Accept The Counter-Offer And We Haven't Heard From Them Since. Will Krasic Be Saying Bye Bye And Will Higuain Be Saying Hello, Or Will It Be The Other Way Round?
  14. Re: World Championship 6002 Match Reports/Transfer News Discussion Thread CSKA In Talks With FC Porto Over Miloš Krasic's Future? Sunday, 21st June 2009 Whats The Future Going To Hold For Krasic? Rumours Have Been Going Around About Krasic's Future At CSKA. Matthew Jewsbury Has Told Pravda, A Russian Paper. He Has Been Offered Around 13m For The Player. But Matthew Jewsbury Said He Was Hesitant To Let Him Leave, So. Matthew [Jewsbury] Went Back In With A Counter Offer Which is Said To Be A P/E For López Lisandro. When Matthew [Jewsbury] Was Asked If This Was True He Said ' Yes I Am Intrested In Lisandro's Services And I Have Made It Clear To Porto That I Would Like A P/E [Part Exchange] For Krasic. Will Porto Accept The Counter Offer Or Will Krasic Still Be There? The News Concerning Gonazalo Is Still On Going. Real Madrid Has Not Decided Yet.
  15. Re: World Championship 6002 Match Reports/Transfer News Discussion Thread Gonzalo Coming To CSKA ? Saturday 20th June 2009 Is Gonzalo Coming To CSKA? Rumours Have Been Confirmed Today That CSKA Moskva Manager, Matthew Jewsbury Is Intrested In The Signature Of Real Madrid Striker Gonzalo Higuain. Matthew Has Stated ' I Have Made A Offer To Real Madrid And I Hope To Be Getting him '. The Fee Is Undisclosed But Said To Be Around 27m For The Player Who Is Transfer Listed. When Matthew Was Asked What If You Don't Get Gonzalo's Signature, He Replied ' I Know The Asking Price Is Around 40m For The Player But We Are Not Going To Give Real [Madrid] That Much! If We Don't Get Him I Have A Few More Options But Gonzalo Will Be A Fantastic Addition!
  16. Re: World Championship 6002 Match Reports/Transfer News Discussion Thread A New Manager For CSKA! Just 2 Minutes Ago The New CSKA Moskva Manager Was Appointed. His Name. Matthew Jewsbury. He Said In A Interview With Russian Reporters ' I Am Delighted To Be Taking Over CSKA It's A Pleasure '. When He Was Asked What He Was Going To Do With His Money He Replied ' I Will Be Adding A Few More Younger Players '
  17. Re: arshavin for ronaldinho? I Think You Should Keep Arshavin But Thats My Opinion
  18. Re: Becky B's International Challenge I'll Have That Bayern Or River Plate Job If It's Still Avaliable and you want to give it to me
  19. Re: .Fabregas Revamped Avatar Store Hi can i have a Cameron Jerome one pl0x. Thanks, Matt
  20. Yo, People i was jw if you could do me 2 sigs no particular style just let your creative juices flow Can i have these players with there names on the sig: Frank Lampard Gabriel Abonglahor Thanks SOOO Much Matt
  21. Re: Harry Potter Or Lord Of The RIngs? Iv'e voted Lord Of The Rings as it is 1 or my favourite movie of all time!
  22. Well here is a video it's very funny! My brother filmed it and edited it etc, my cousin was the actor and the teddy was a teddy XD. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FRTwTwW_Dkk HOPE YOU ENJOY!! To watch more videos go to here : http://uk.youtube.com/user/borderlinemedia1 Please Post If You Like It Or Not Thanks, Matt
  23. Re: Selling Totti Wrong section XD lol
  24. Re: Please Make An Australian Setup For Me I know XD -Short-
  25. Re: Please Make An Australian Setup For Me Lmao you aren't just going to get it off someone who you have never know before you need to go and make freinds... then you might be fortunate enough to buy you one
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