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  1. West Ham are the future div 1 champs! I will make the gw a promise that I will win div 1 before that pathetic Fulham team managed by Numpty Dom!
  2. I will be starting this season by making it my 375th gw appearance (115th as West Ham boss man) as the most deluded manager on this gw with an incredibly stupid and annoying split personality ever to set foot on this planet. I will be facing that pathetic Welsh team, who should never have ever played in the EPL.....Swansea. Who are now managed by some random unknown manager that calls himself Boris Respaka who is as active in the game as Arsene Wenger is in the transfer market. Fans still want and love their old manager Roy Keane ( Gold 1.⭐️) Strongbow....even tho he was just as useless. ----------------------- My team will probably stay the same this season as most of my better players on the game are now rejects in real life but as long as they hold a decent rating they shall stay and be worshiped by the Hammers in the new 60k stadium which will never ever fill up even 75% of its full capacity (some of you will be thinking more like 50%). My hopes lay on Persie and Falcao to get us promoted, and I'm pretty confident......i mean get us enough points to avoid relegation. ---------------------- Any hows.....enough about my team, I'm not that vain. Looking forward to the following this season.... - Raz begging to sign everyones top players, completing the mega multi part deals, having one of the best teams in the gw but still winning NOTHING! - Dom saying this is my season, season after season after season...and again winning NOTHING! - Secasiu thinking he is an amazing scout.....one word, 'DELUDED' - Harman brothers, J.Henry and a few others trying to buy only EPL players...WHY!? I know EPL is the best league around (Secasiu will have a heart attack at this but oh well) but WHY?! - Jooles and SOP the has beens DESTROYING two of the most successful clubs in the gws even more. - Craig going on about what a great idea the blog is....MHMMM! and finally... - ME quietly thinking I could win the division this season....SHUT UP YOU DELUDED IDIOT! Just a few things I'm looking forward to seeing.
  3. well lets hope you get a smaller team then and prove your worth...
  4. Liverpool should go to a manager who has been in this setup a long time, not just someone who jumps in and out of different setups or what ever.
  5. Dan has left Liverpool....pretty dam gutted to be honest...more n more decent people go and yet the bad eggs stay on
  6. Been forced back into Forum by SM not listening or explaining why I have been banned from communicating in the news feeds of any GW... So you guys are lucky to have me back here Anyways a few of my players at West Ham dont seem to understand my philosophy so I will have to show them the door and we will be starting with Lorenzo DE SILVESTRI....bloody muppet! Will consider good cash offer or a replacement plus cash, meaning another RB (so please dont offer me a Striker or a LB as a replacement, I know some of you in here just dont understand how simple it is!). May consider selling one or two of my better players but be warned they will only leave for very good offers so do msg me in game or whatever. Peace
  7. Tonight will be my 260th game and my final game as Birmingham manager, as I prepare to take over the West Ham manager position. It has been a roller-coaster ride with Birmingham, but not much of a disappointing time even tho I come close to promotion and never achieved it but big plus side is that I never got relegated. I feel that I have over the seasons taken Birmingham in the right direction and added a hell of a lot of value to the squad. Think it was worth around the £120-130m mark when I took over and now leave it at the value of around £184m. I leave a young squad of the average age of 22 from 50 players... I just hope that we can get in the right manager to hopefully take them further... Anyways more will follow once I take over West Ham officially, in the next 24 hours.
  8. I quite like the way the forum looks on my phone, hate it on the browser but I will try and be more active for the good of the gw! After rebuilding the Birmingham squad with under 24 year old I've now decided to sell one of the younger players from the 2 in all positions 's and replace him with a older experienced and higher rated. Anyways also pretty sad to see Ben leave, one of the 7046 legends....hopefully see you back at a later date but good luck with whatever. On that note I have made myself available for the Spurs job, so hopefully there a chance of moving on after over 250 for Birmingham. My longest I've been at a club after coming back to SM.
  9. oh lord have merci! This forum And McGoreth or McNugget what ever your name is just get over it and stay out of the elite g/w...you obviously messed up some where so your ban/suspension is deserved. I for one am happy that you got spanked, far too many children like you on here that have no idea and spoil a good g/w. Luckily you wasn't around long enough to cause even more damage. STAY OUT!
  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Selling YOUNG and ZUNIGA for cash...its a bidding war...will accept highest cash offer on Wednesday morning!
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread lol! No chance, as if!
  12. Re: European Dream i agree....lol had you won I'd been promoted. Next season my SLB lads will do it.
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