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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread No doubt this was a clear foul, right. Right? Clearly been learning the trade from Young.
  2. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion And decisions like this, ladies and gentlemen, is why "United" will win the title. All hail United.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread Defend that. Go on. I used to rate Young but nowadays he's just a disgusting cheat.
  4. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Came on here just to post this! Disgusting behaviour, it really is. RE Ticket prices Jon, just count yourself lucky it's only one game a season. What with those prices and the lack of any form of ambition in the club (tied in with more and more protestors and boycotters) it's no wonder we're getting close to 20k these days. Will be below that next season judging by season ticket sales so far.
  5. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Nah just popped back on to rant and rage about the current state of our team, and the incident mentioned on the last page happened in the meanwhile so thought I'd post it on here.
  6. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Would like to think I know the history of my own club better than some Derby fans and their made-up rumours thanks.
  7. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Aye it needs a lot of work but it's bloody funny. We get about 4-5 incidents a game of players doing funny things, tangling with each other, flipping over, etc. It's probably the funniest when it's after the whistle or in goal celebrations. One time (playing outfield this time) after a team-mate scored, I went to celebrate with him only to trip over the goalkeeper (lying on the floor) and ended up injured in the goal. The cramp-type thing is hilarious as well. Unrealistic the amount of times it happens, but very funny. Particularly when your team-mate is through on goal, only to pull up. One guy rounded the 'keeper before it happened.
  8. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread What!? Sorry Mousey but that's the most ignorant comment I've ever heard about history. We've never been a long ball team, or dirty (was just a brand rival teams gave us when we most successful for being a bit rough in the tackle). The 70's team (where "Dirty Leeds" originated) were arguable the greatest team of their today and tore teams to bit with their passing. As recent as the O'Leary era we had a great young team playing brilliant football. Under Blackwell we played dreary football but since then (until Warnock) we've played it on the deck. As for our style of football today, I agree completely. Pathetic, embarrassing, just a disgrace. Brown is a thug. I miss Grayson. He had his faults but at least he had us playing attractive football and scoring goals. Our defence is as terrible as it ever was under him, only now we also play anti, wreckless football and can barely manage a shot, bad enough score. Aidan's right about the stewarding as well, very OTT at ER. Most of them are hated. At least you lot only have to put up with them once a season (barring cups)! Oh and as for whoever claimed that whoever makes the play-offs will deserve it - laughable. Apart from the top four every other team has been dropping points almost every game. Hull and Boro have fallen apart, Cardiff, Blackpool and Brighton are drifting around in there. You would imagine West Ham or Birmingham will win the play-offs, and hopefully the latter because I would leave to see how West Ham fare after their failed attempt at buying the league. Their totally inept manager shown up for how utterly clueless he really is.
  9. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Most people think referees IRL are bad; just had the funniest, most ridiculous decision in a game of clubs. Playing as GK, I caught a cross and sprinted to the edge of my box for a quick throw-out. But as I went to release it, my player tangled with an opposition player and the Player Impact Engine did its thing, which is to say my pro did a flip and ended up just outside the box. The referee awarded them a free-kick for handball. Seems legit.
  10. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Any betting men here, it's probably worth a tenner next season on Leeds to get relegated. Our current squad, once we've sold Snodgrass and McCormack (which will happen this summer) will be weaker than the team that lost out in the League 1 play-offs 4 seasons ago. 16 months ago we were 2nd in the division with the best attacking team in the division, all under the age of 24. Now only Snodgrass remains. Bates has torn this team apart limb from limb. Now playing anti-football (apart from Snodgrass), loaded with incredible average, inconsistent old players (and Snodgrass), absolutely toothless (apart from Snodgrass). Seriously, I haven't seen us play this awful, this often since we lost five in a row under McAllister, including defeats to Histon and Hereford. There's only one direction we're heading since for some bizarre reason selling our captain for £250k and that certainly isn't the Premiership. You thought I was miserable before, christ this the most unenthusiastic I've felt about football since, well that losing run the season we got promoted when we nearly blew a 21 point lead over Millwall. Would genuinely rather support Coventry right now.
  11. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Jason Roberts is an absolute thug.
  12. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Not sure where you've got that quote from (wikipedia?) but as far as I'm aware pre-contracts can only be agreed with clubs from a different country. And in this situation can you really see any foreign clubs coming in for him? Only an SPL side is likely and he would (well, has) only moved for a Premiership club. So in this case irrelevant. His replacement is an unfit ex-player on a month's loan and potentially a player who was let go from Norwich when they were in League 1. Oh, and maybe Thomas Cywka. All free, funnily enough. Weird that. On the bright side our 18yo youth 'keeper who will probably never get anywhere near the first 11 (short of another Rachubka farce) has signed a new long-term deal. Not with 80yo Maik Taylor in the squad. ----- That picture above makes dismal viewing. And how many of those 64 (excluding Townsend and Delph who are still at the club) were actually any use? I count McCarthy, Lichaj, O'Brien, Gradel, Sodje, Freedman, Kishishev and Gray. Two of those then signed or rejoined after and were gash. That makes 1 in 8.
  13. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Letter to Bates from a Leeds fan (not mine). No doubt will be ignored or else insulted for daring to question. A long read and I'm sure no-one will be interested but it explains in great detail why Leeds fans feel as we do about the club at this moment and in particular the chairman who has turned this club into what it is today. ------------------------- I am writing to you to express my concern as to the way you are running this once great football club. As someone who has actually invested good money in supporting the club over the last 25 years I believe I’m entitled to ask these questions and particularly ask them of you given the fact that by your own admission in a court of law you have never invested a penny of your own money in the club. You have now been in charge of the club for 7 years and in that time what have you actually achieved? When you took over we were 11th in the Championship and 7 years later we are still 11th and with no signs of realistically challenging for anything better. When you took over you stated that your primary concern was to repurchase Elland Road and Thorpe Arch and yet neither are in our control. You state banks are currently happy to lend money for property and development, well surely given the fact the buy back price of both assets is considerably less than their actual value it would be straightforward obtaining a loan to repurchase them both? You constantly remind us how expensive the yearly rent is that we pay for the use of these facilities, if this is the case then surely obtaining a loan and buying them back would be a far cheaper and more prudent option? Notwithstanding this you are yet to explain your failure in buying back Thorpe Arch before the deadline, especially as you had so many years to plan for this date and also after selling Fabian Delph for around £6m you yourself said it would help with the repurchase of Thorpe Arch. Strangely that money vanished without a trace and after blaming the council you then decided to say it was a facility that was no longer up to standard and we would instead be looking at other options. (Something that has strangely never been mentioned since!!) With regards Elland Road you claim you do not even know who owns the ground yet you are happy to spend millions of pounds on building work improving a ground that we do not even own, why? Is it the case that you do actually own the ground? You still constantly blame the Ridsdale era for all of our problems yet after you placed us in Administration and then repurchased the club (through unknown means) you told us all that we could draw a line under the past and move forward and that the club was free of the debts of the Ridsdale era. Why then in your latest letter to season ticket holders do you still remind us of the “living the dream” era? After 7 years this current era is firmly yours and you are responsible for all failures, it seems the Ridsdale era is something you constantly use as a weapon to excuse your complete lack of investment in the club. Further to this where are the investors you told us that you had lined up after Administration? Seven years down the line we still have none! You now claim this is down to us “moron” fans scaring them off. Is it nothing to do with the fact that people have seen your past record of dealing with investors and the way you insult and slander them (another thing that has cost this club millions in court cases) and decided they want nothing to do with the club whilst you are at the helm? You state that each year you budget negatively, for a low average attendance, league position and for no cup run. If this is the case then where exactly has all the money gone? Over the last few years we have played Man U, Liverpool, Spurs x 2, Arsenal x 2, all on TV with bumper gate receipts, we have received compensation for the kids that Chelsea, Everton and Spurs stole, received money for Wise and Poyet, received £6m for Delph and £2m for Max and Kasper. This is a huge sum of money, if you budget negatively then surely this windfall should provide the funds for a decent team? (we currently have the cheapest starting XI in the Championship!). You state the club has one of the largest wage bills in the country yet wasn’t it a boast of yours a while back that we have one of the lowest wages to turnover ratio’s in the country? Why is it that as a club we are unable to renegotiate the contracts of our talented players? Last season we lost Kilkenny and Johnson, and Max and Kasper were forced out due to there been no prospect of them renewing their contracts. This year it seems it will be Howson and White who we lose on free transfers and Snodgrass and Clayton who are sold (ring me in September if you are able to prove me wrong with that!) Why is a club like Crystal Palace who were in financial difficulty themselves only a short time ago able to tie down Zaha on a long contract despite interest from the big clubs? Yet we constantly see our talent leave on frees or for nominal fees due to the clubs failure to be able to negotiate contracts? It also makes zero business sense to constantly lose such talent as they need replacing. For example had you provided Johnson with a decent offer then we would have been able to keep a talented up and coming young player instead of seeing an old has been in Brown instead? Surely the difference in wages can’t have been that much and in Johnson we’d have a player who carried a sale value instead of Brown who offers no such potential. If as expected we do lose the next crop of our big names in the summer then what prospects do the club have in moving forward? How can you justify spending £7m on executive boxes and a museum when the club is losing all of its talent and when no suitable replacements are ever seen being brought to the club? Who is going to use these facilities when the product on offer to them is so poor? The corporate fans won’t be that is for sure! You tell us these facilities are essential to turn the club into a 365 day a year money making business yet when are these facilities actually going to start paying for themselves and when will we see some of this money directed at the football team? Your current policies are driving the fans away from the club and many of them will not return until you leave the club. Crowds are already down around an average of 3500 per home game and what are you doing to try and attract them back? Are you offering half season tickets or family packages? No instead you tell us we need to pay for next season by the end of January!!! Can you explain why this is the case? When season ticket renewals were first brought forward you advised it was to give us the best chance possible of competing early in the summer transfer market, we now know this isn’t the case so what reason do you possibly have? Surely by doing this so early you are boxing the club into a corner with regards tickets prices for next season? Surely you should be evaluating why crowds are down and looking to act upon this not telling fans to pay for next season now or your prices will be going up again!! it’s plain stupid!! Crowds are down and action needs taking, what we don’t need is further price increases! We pay the fifth highest season ticket prices in the country (that is a fact, not the twisted version you give where you tried to claim our prices are middle of the road for the Championship. The only middle of the road price we charge is the once a season category C game!! You are fooling no one with your twisting of the truth there Mr Bates!). You state, “if you want Premiership football you have to pay Premiership prices”. Well we’ve paid these prices for years now and yet we are nowhere closer to seeing Premiership football than we were when you took over seven years ago! Why can’t you leave the building work to one side until we reach the bumper revenue of the Premier League and show some desire to give us a team to get us back to the big time. The chance is there this season in what is an open league. Get Howson, White, Clayton and Snodgrass tied down on long term contracts, get the money brought in from Max and Kasper’s sales spent on a couple of decent players and show some ambition to get us to the big time. If you do this the fans will return and the club will get itself on a roll once more. If you are unwilling to do so then please please get out of our club and give someone else a chance. You claim no one is interested but given the tin pot clubs who we have seen experience take overs in recent years I have no doubt that if you were seriously willing to do business then someone would love to take over the club. We are one of the few clubs with the potential to challenge the big five but instead you are trying to turn us into another Burnley or Blackpool. Sadly I will be renewing my season ticket again this year because I love my club but I know many who won’t whilst you are at the helm. Instead of insulting those people how about you show some transparency and decency towards the people who have kept this club afloat over the last few years, us the fans. Stop with the insults to the fans who are demanding a change and try and win them back around by showing that you have the same aim as us in providing a football team we can be proud of and not a club who constantly loses its best players in order to finance the next building project. (Hey if you can explain how a nightclub and hotel in Beeston would benefit the club when we have the most vibrant city centre 20 minutes away then I’m all ears!!!) I’ve never felt so down and depressed about my club as I currently do and I hold you responsible for that, I can’t remember the last time we had a piece of good news or when we last had real hopes of achieving something, showing some ambition and moving forward. --------------------------- 1) None of it. 2) Interesting? It's entirely fricking obvious what Leeds fan think. Most were already píssed off at the way we've been treated, at where all the money has disappeared to, as to why we seem to be the only club who sells off our best player every transfer window and then doesn't replace them, as to why our best players are not offered new contracts until they're into the last 6 months. White (along with Howson and Snodgrass, our best player, and only 20) will leave for free in the summer (if he's not sold this window). Snodgrass will inevitably be sold in the summer, inkeeping with previous transfer windows. Not to mention Lees who is attracting interest from Bolton, Clayton (Bolton and QPR) and McCormack (Wigan...). I think this will be the last straw with most fans. Attendance has already dropped by about 18% and season ticket renewals are at an all time low. Serious questions are being asked and Bates response is to either ignore them, make up lies or insult the fans. No he wasn't. This isn't Football Manager. And the lad wanted/wants to stay. And every Leeds fan has been asking these questions ever since Beckford left. Then Johnson and Kilkenny. Now Howson and White. Next season Snodgrass. Our board incompetent and tight. What we need. And our of favour ex-player to come back for fitness with no motivation. We do this every year (McSheffrey, Trundle, Bannan, Livermore) and it never works. There's no replacing Howson at this level (unless you're Leicester or West Ham). Certainly not with our spending. Seriously don't see any positives supporting this club at the moment. We replace roughly 8 of our starting 11 every season and lose our best player. Until Bates leaves or more likely dies we'll continue to stagnate or possibly even head back down to the third tier. Dwindling fan base won't help performances and relying on youth, 34yo free agents and loans won't either.
  14. Two years, eight months, two weeks and a few days until Euro 2012 kicks off, we're getting close people! Actually, the seedings for the Qualifying groups have just been announced, so when better to create a thread? Actually (again), I created this thread to discuss the possible groups, because some of the pots are interesting and I'm bored (No JD in this week's Scrubs, not the same ). May as well turn it into an official thread, and it'll be interesting to see in two years, eight months and a few weeks time if this topic is or is not the thread being used. I'm guessing not, but what the hell. ------------------------------------------ These are the pots: Pot One: Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, England, Croatia, Portugal, France, Russia. Pot Two: Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania. Pot Three: Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Pot Four: Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus, Belgium, Wales, FYR Macedonia, Cyprus. Pot Five: Montenegro, Albania, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, Iceland, Armenia,Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein. Pot Six: Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Malta, Faroe Islands, Andorra, San Marino Notable names in Pot A are France, Portugal and Croatia, two of which scraped into the WC via a play-off and the third who didn't even qualify. I can fully understand how the first two are here, after having a look at the second pot, but I'm surprised Croatia made it. In Pot B the teams I'd want to avoid are Czech Republic, Sweden and Serbia. Over the next couple of years the latter two could become pretty strong, with the likes of Berg, Jonsson, Lundberg, Noring/Nordfeldt and a few others climbing the Sweden ranks to join Ibrahimovic and Kallstrom, whilst we all know of Serbia's talent. Czech Republic can be inconsistent, but on their day they are a team to fear. And they do have Petr Cech. In Pot C Ireland and Bosnia are the teams you wouldn't want to draw. Both just missed out on qualifying for the WC, and have proved they can mix it with the best of them. On their day, they can prove a real challenge for the top seeds. No offense to any Scottish fans, but I don't really fear Scotland at all. The only way I would, is if they follow England and Ireland and go for an experienced, very good foreign manager to get the very best out of the Scottish players, but the current contenders don't look like they could do this. Pot D have Slovenia, somehow, despite actually reaching the World Cup. They've proved they can mix it with some of the higher seeds and although most top seeds should have no problems with them, they're still a thread. Belgium have very much under-achieved recently, but with some top talents which include Fellaini, Witsel, Defour, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Bailly/Steppe, Vanden Borre, Kompany, Pocognoli, Carcela-Gonzalez, Hazard, Lamah, Mirallas and Dembele. Actually, that's pretty much all of them, but that's a lot of big prospects! Under the right manager, they should really be challenging the big teams. And you can't go without mentioning Wales, also with some very big potential stars in the making. Hennesey, Ramsey, Ledley, Bale, Matthews, Gunter, Nyatanga, Evans, Vokes, Church, Cotterill, King, Allen, and some lesser known ones like Taylor, Bodin, the Evans bros, Williams, Craig and Newman. Pot E have Montenegro. A country very much on the rise, with some top talents in Vucinic and Jovetic. The rest are all minor teams. No teams of mention in the bottom Pot. ------------------------------------------ As an England fan, the worst draw I could imagine would be Serbia, Ireland, Belgium, Montenegro and Azerbaijan (highest ranked of the bottom pot). Of those, all but the bottom seed could well be fighting for top spot. The best possible draw in my eyes would be Slovakia, Northern Ireland (no offense), Lithuania (sorry Tom), Liechtenstein and San Marino. The ideal group would be England, Turkey, Scotland, Wales, Georgia and San Marino. Turkey because of the rivalry, and because my mate's Turkish, don't think I need to give my reason for Scotland, Wales simply because of the rivalry, Georgia because Kaladze and Kvirkvelia's defending is comical and San Marino because I don't think we've ever played them. At least, not in my lifetime. Of the top seeds, you'd want to avoid Spain at all costs. The likes of Holland, Germany, England and Italy would be expected to win their groups without too many problems, but at the same time the lower seeds will know that they all have the potential to slip up. France and Portugal have some world class players but problems elsewhere with management and motivation. The lower seeds would fancy their chances with these, but if they can sort out their problems (in France's case sack their manage), they could well storm their groups. Croatia and Russia would be the ones you'd want to draw, Croatia particularly after a dismal qualifying campaign. Russia to be fair had Germany, but if Slovenia of Pot 4 can beat them, then the rest of the teams would fancy their chances in a group with Russia. ------------------------------------------ There's my long-winded thoughts. Discuss. Or just ignore this and let this topic rot.
  15. Re: Official Euro 2012 Qualification Thread Why is Snodgrass not even involved?
  16. Re: Official Tennis Thread ATP race (scroll down past the article): http://www.barclaysatpworldtourfinals.com/News/Tennis/2011/Pretournament/London-Finals-Murray-Third-To-Qualify.aspx Actually very interesting. Murray, despite his shocking season, has 300 more points than Federer this season. Federer IS defending 1500 from the ATP Finals though, to Murray's 400, as well as 720 here to Murray's 90. Both are defending heavily from Shanghai where Murray beat Federer in the final. Also shows Soderling (9th) and Monfils (not even on list) are both defending a lot of points, mostly from Paris where Soderling beat Monfils in the final. Soderling's injury has been really ill-timed for him, missing two Masters and now and a Slam with a virus. He'll probably miss out. The likes of Gasquet and Del Potro were 11th and 12th at the time Nadal qualified (Wimbledon I think), so they're probably still somewhere around there. 1) Djokovic 11295 2) Nadal 7785 3) Murray 4730 4) Federer 4450 5) Ferrer 3420 6) Fish 2505 7) Almagro 2270 8) Berdych 2260 9) Soderling 2080 10) Tsonga 2080
  17. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread TalkSport reckon Beckford's on £40k pw. Only at Leeds eh. This man makes me want to cut myself.
  18. Re: Official Tennis Thread Kirilenko is hot.
  19. Re: Official Tennis Thread What an incredible match. Two very volatile players, game constantly turning on its head. Murray's second serve was truly horrific. Although I've never seen it ripped apart that much.
  20. Re: Official Tennis Thread Point of the tournament. Admittedly haven't seen Djokovic' mentioned on the last page but that was Murray's defence at his very amazing best. Chases down a smash and two volleys before smashing it down the line at full stretch. If this was a Masters Murray would've lost but as it is 5 sets Haase has just run out of steam. Murray's endurance tied in with his knackering game has got him out of jail again. Maybe Haase isn't as knackered as I thought. 3 successive games and he's right back in it.
  21. Re: Official Tennis Thread The wild card Donald Young incredibly knocks out Stanislaw Wawrinka in a 5th set tie-break. Best match of the Open so far. Young btw was the youngest ever Junior #1 at 16, but his career never got going due to all the media hype about he was the next Sampras. He's finally making a name for himself at the age of 22, having been on the receiving end of one of Murray's several off-days in Indian Wells earlier this year, and now this.
  22. Re: Official Tennis Thread I hope so, but his performance so far has been very reminiscent of his four 1st round Masters defeats this season. Murray does have a bit of hope in that this is over 5 sets but he needs to pick it up very soon. As I type Haase breaks him yet again after yet another double fault. Petchey sums it up well - woeful. On a sidenote, absolute epic on Court 17 between Wawrinka (14) and Young (WC). 2-2, 5-5 in the 5th. Wawrinka served for the first set, Young broke back, Young led 6-3 with serve in tie-break, then Wawrinka came back to 7-6 with serve, then Young came back again to win it 9-7. Wawrinka won next two sets before a crazy few games of constant breaks where Young eventually came out on top. And now Wawrinka has just broken back Young who was serving for the match. Wow.
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