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  1. It looks like him/her is buying up or hacking ( if it's possible ) just about every new World Championship or English Championship that opens. I tried to join a WC last week which was full of Somalians all with a rep of 40 which was obviously the same person. Someone has way too much time on their hands.
  2. Your right, Paul, SM doesn't care at all about the many Game worlds which have been ruined by cheats. Neither do I anymore, which is a shame, because I used to enjoy it.
  3. This gameworld has been wrecked within a few days due to multiple accounts and cheating in the transfer market. Well done.
  4. If you have Pep Guardiola in EC2, that's where your problem lies.
  5. Re: Wl top. Liga mundial top OK, not a problem.
  6. Re: Wl top. Liga mundial top I seem to have been omitted from the final list of players even though I appeared in the previous one. Is there a particular reason for this?
  7. Re: Wl top. Liga mundial top I'd like to join if possible.
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I have the Oldham Athletic job on offer. I'm going to reject it tonight around 2030. Not sure what happens to it after that.
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Just taken over at Leyton Orient. Squad is pretty thread-bare in terms of numbers, so looking to bring in a few on loan. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Thanks already to Harry at Arsenal for loaning me Ebert. Currently sitting 2nd bottom of Division 4 with one point from five games. Should be fun.
  10. Re: Ec - 5910 Thanks for this accolade Veigas. Just a bit sick I didn't realise it was the Charity Shield on Friday, so I didn't set a team or tactics for it, otherwise I would have won that as well. Nevermind though.
  11. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Newcastle United welcome 5 new players to the club. Samuel Umtiti Alexis Sanchez Gueida Fofana Aymeric Laporte Ezequiel Lavezzi Delighted to have got these guys. Three are young stars of the future. The other two are already proven on the world stage. All can play in a number of different postions, which is what I was looking for. All have a chance of starting tonight against a talented looking Villa squad. Best of luck to everyone.
  12. Re: Ec - 5910 I think you're probably referring to my effort. I've ammended it now I think.
  13. Re: EC - 5910 / Competitions Thread Everton - Chelsea(Away - Zlatan) Huddersfield - Leeds(Away) Port Vale - Preston(Home) Crawley - Swindon(Draw) Lincoln - Southend(Away) Michael Anderson - Fulham.
  14. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) FC Schalke in GC 237. Current looking squad with Huntelaar, Farfan,Draxler,Neustadter,Matip etc with Afellay,Holtby,Sidney Sam,Alain Traore,Rasmus Elm and some good youth. Worth a look.
  15. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread Just rejected Barcelona. Couldn't leave CSKA.
  16. Re: EC - 5910 / Competitions Thread Crystal Palace - Arsenal (Away) Aston Villa - Everton (Home) Liverpool - West Bromwich Albion (Home) Manchester United - Stoke City (Home) Norwich City - Cardiff City (Draw) Southampton - Fulham (Away) Michael Anderson - FC Fulham.
  17. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) A very nice Leverkusen in GC 293. Ter Stegen, Leno, Lars Bender, Dante,Gundogan, Schurrle,Huntelaar, Kiessling Carvajal to name but a few. It's about to be ripped apart with bids already in.
  18. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Not sure if this Game world is still active, but I've taken the Juventus job anyway. The club appears to be in a mess at first glance, with a few of it's star names no longer here, and average players brought in(Barry Bannan ). Injury and fitness also looks like a problem, and we're 8 points of the top already in tenth place. Could be fun.
  19. Re: European Championship 5000 Discussion Thread Just rejected a pretty original looking Atletico Madrid, including Falcao, should anyone want it.
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