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  1. Have set up a Connect GW with a bit of a twist Only clubs from gold championships will be allowed (so easy to get the ultimate team in custom/normal/dead gw's) No club from the top divison in England, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine or Greece (taken from the Association top 10 rankings, 2012-2013) Basically anything else goes Am sure lots of you had a team you have taken from the lower leagues to title glory, this is the place to showcase that team and play against others managers who have done the same. Just do a search for any of the words in the title of this post " No top tier clubs, Gold Championship ONLY." (can you link to them? I couldn't find a way)
  2. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Stop feeding the troll people, ignore it and it will go away
  3. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........
  4. Re: Riferimento: Road formation help with Barcelona Sounds close to what I use, I usually go with the following on this system, similar to above but find defensive with counter attack works well away (and home tbh). Tackling: Hard, Mentality: Defensive, Passing: Mixed, Style: Mixed, Tempo: Normal, Pressing: Own Half with Counter Attack, Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking ticked. Ibra as a target man would also work PS, both my wingbacks are arrowed forward, and if i'm loosing after 60 mins i switch to 3-5-2 attacking, (removing all tick boxes) and changing to attacking and direct passing. __________________
  5. muld

    wrong finances?

    Re: wrong finances? Never had it happen but then again I don't think I have ever checked! Are you sure you haven't made an error?
  6. Re: A problem with a transfer
  7. Re: Mehdi Benatia Played until 21st October, only missing one game, got injured and is just coming back to fitness now, hence only playing 20 minutes. Probably realised he wasn't right after that game and delayed his comeback. It might stop him rising though, I'd still buy him.
  8. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ My main gripe is the fact we are having to piece this information together from what we have observed and information from other members (such as Daggers), there has not been any official statement of how the system is working apart from these statements.
  9. Re: Ave. rating 93, still can't win? With that squad (they are rather old by the way!) I would go 5-3-2 as you dont really have quality wingers. --------------------------- CESAR --------------------------- ---------- ZANETTI, CARVALHO, LUCIO ---------- MAICON -------------------------------------- MATHIEU ----------------------- CAMBIASSO ------------------------ ---------- XAVI ------------------------- SNEIJDER------ --------------- IBRAHIMOVIC, CAVANI --------------- Tackling: Hard, Mentality: Defensive, Passing: Mixed, Style: Mixed/Through the Miidle, Tempo: Normal/fast, Pressing: Own Half with Counter Attack, Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking ticked.
  10. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ After piecing bits of information from this and other threads I have a fair idea now of how the whole thing is working currently but there are still gaps. As I understand it the "community" are responsible and able to submit / vote on everything apart from what really matters (the player ratings). However the "community" can still submit ratings, we have just not been told at any stage what actually happens to them, is there a point or am I wasting my time? SM's original statement has been proven to be false, the community are not responsible for the ratings which are not copied from soccerwiki daily as you cannot vote on them etc so why do SM still claim they are? If they aren't then surely we are back to some kind of review schedule then with SM deciding the ratings? Seriously SM, some kind of accurate announcement on how the whole thing is currently working would be nice. Do you even know? This is like talking to a politician, lots of fancy and unnecessary words to distract us from the fact that at no stage have they actually answered the questions we have asked.
  11. Re: Riferimento: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy..
  12. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........
  13. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ I am maybe in the minority here and can see SoccerWiki actually being a good tool for keeping the ratings up to date (maybe that's the wrong word, I hope most people can see benefits but ONLY if it's used in the way the community wants it to be, after all (your own words SM) this is a COMMUNITY driven tool, if you don't engage or listen to the community they won't use it! Benefits of using the system should be highlighted, this has not been done as far as I can see, leading to anger and frustration. It does appear that some thought has been given to the way the system works. I'm actually going to discuss a couple of good points and bad points here as I believe there are both. Let us start with a few positives. I'm going to throw the word "****" into this sentence, not for any real reason and not in an offence manor, simply because I know it will now flag up this post to the SM team! I will happily take the warning if it gets SM attention and some answers/comment. Positives about SW. It gives the community a much needed forum to suggest rating changes (although it's not working as it needs to be at the moment, see negatives). Certain leagues are "capped" in terms of the maximum possible rating you can submit, this will reduce abuse potential. Users getting reputation over time giving their suggestions more weight. Negatives Can only add one bit of information at at time. No real communication from SM on how it actually works and the benefits for using it (I would have expected some announcements / rewards for submitting accurate data). It's not ready yet, by this I mean the community has not yet had chance to submit a statistically relevant amount of data for SM to be able to decide who is and isn't abusing the system. It also means SM cannot be confident of any rating changes submitted and therefore cannot port any into the game. No beta testing phase, am sure there are plenty of active users on here that SM could recruit and offer rewards, these people would also be able to reflect the views of the community to SM, there is a huge communication gulf at the moment. I am personally sick to the death of semi automated SM staff responses to questions which they don't answer or answer in riddles. No ability to actually see the ratings others have submitted, there should be an ability to vote on potential changes, which brings me to the next point... We never know which players currently have live votes and which haven't been touched. As mentioned previously by yourselves about data being transferred daily based on rating submissions, if this is the case then where are these changes? I am certain many players (I'll use the example above, Sterling) will have had a lot of votes for a rating increase. I can only suggest a rating change of +5, in some cases this isn't sufficient, the potential rating increase allowed to be submitted should be proportional to his current rating and league, I.E a 70 rated player based in the EPL should have potential for at least a +10 if not more, once he goes to 80 this should drop down to say 5 as it is now. Obviously a 70 rated player in Scottish division 3 should have a lower max rating threshold. The system is halfway there in this sense. Conclusions It is generally accepted that a review schedule is the preferred method of reviewing players as opposed to a random schedule where nothing seems to be getting done. Using SW as part of this process would IMO be better, the community could focus their efforts on certain leagues and have a "window" to vote on proposed changes to that league, then after say 1 week the changes for the entire league (or leagues) go live. This would reduce player hogging by keeping rises for a minimum amount of time as before and also would result in many more votes for the players under review and also accurate ratings. Final word One last word to everyone here, it's easy to knock something new and people are often opposed to change, SM have certainly made this worse in they way they have gone about this, however, instead of simply slagging off the system, insulting others and telling SM you aren't going to renew IMO it would be more fruitful to suggest how the new system can be tweaked / developed so we can turn it into something better than what we had, or at the very least similar. We can only achieve this by proposing rational changes / suggestions to SM and the reasoning behind those suggestions. PS, I don't post often but don't let the post count fool you into thinking I haven't been a very active Gold member for a number of years and have been with this game pretty much from the start.
  14. Re: New player positions! This is my point, they may have changed, see above example A DM/CM and a CM/DM used to be different and now are the same I believe. Obviously there is / was some debate about whether this made a difference, either way that debate is now over as they are all listed the same. Previously you could have an LB/CB and an CB/LB but now both are the same in the new system.
  15. Re: New player positions! Whilst I think it's much harder to read now I'm sure I will get used to it and can see the reason for the change, which will allow for more positions, also it's a little clearer now than it was (were the brackets there before?) it's hardly worth getting upset about. I have a serious question though, previously I was under the impression a player had a "primary" and "secondary" position and would perform better in their primary (first) position, is this no-longer the case? I am assuming this because previously I had a player who was CM/DM and another who was DM/CM, both now appear as DM,M© which would suggest I can now play either of them as the DM or CM without any difference.
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