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  1. Midway through the season one of my players was concerned by the lack of games and went to lvl four, then I started playing him every game from that day on. And today he requested a transfer... so just how one earth does the concerns thing work? For this player he went from level three to level four when he was injured and obviously i could not play him....This is all very strange to me, can anyone explain how does the concerns work?
  2. Hi all I just received a counter offer for fabregas 10mil and pato (my team) for fabregas (his team). I offered a defender and another midfielder both 92 at first but he came back with this offer. Other strikers Vucinic Kyut Fabiano Hulk and Bojan. Other midfielders (CM) are Gourcuff Ozil Fletcher Jovetic and Ederson. Should I take? Ty in advance
  3. About midseason now and I am currently 2nd, 2 pts behind the leaders. Today I am playing the leaders at home. He likes to play a 4-5-1 defensive formation. I was thinking of playing a 3-2-2-2-1 to counter this. I do not really know how to deal wif the 4-5-1 formation when played by a star studded team as its normally played by weaker teams when going on the defensive. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. Re: diferences between home and away matches well i tink there are certain formations and tactics that work really well with away matches but poor for home matches and vice versa hardi i noe someone in a similar situation to u, hes win ratio is only 50% at home but hes unbeaten away all season,
  5. Re: Game Engine SUCKS! normally when i see a thread title like this i normally tink someone is just moaning about losing, however this time i am with the thread maker. If a team with 12% fitness actually wins why should we make the time and effort to change and review or team selection every match? It is obvious the other manager cannot be bothered with hes team so why should we get the rewards....
  6. Re: Manchester United Risers/Droppers Thread My opinion Edwin Van Der Sar - 94 -> 94/93 Ben Foster 88 -> 87 Tomasz Kuszczak 88 -> 88 Patrice Evra 94 -> 94 Fabio 80 -> 82 Wes Brown 89 -> 89 Gary Neville 88 -> 88 Rafael 86 -> 86 Nemanja Vidic 96 -> 96 Rio Ferdinand 95 -> 95 Jonny Evans 89 -> 89/90 John O'Shea 89 -> 89 Ryan Giggs 93 -> 93 Paul Scholes 92 -> 92/91 Michael Carrick 92 -> 92/91 Darren Fletcher 91 -> 92/93 Luis Anderson 91 -> 91/90 Darron Gibson 85 -> 86 Owen Hargreaves 90 -> 90/89 Ji-Sung Park 90 -> 91/
  7. Re: Which team, which formation ? umm play 4-3-3 wingers and play benzema and kyut as the wingers and have them cutting in. Attack down both flanks
  8. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM
  9. shooter


    Re: 3-3-4 a 4-5-1 or a flat 4-4-2 should do it
  10. Re: Tactical Help needed - URGENT! try a 3-5-2 formation, defensive slow tempo men behind ball and counter attack. If this gets u to win games change to an attacking mentality wif fast tempo
  11. Re: Help with this deal Thanks for your replies guys, ill take it i just thought that torres injury and liverpools poor form might affect torres rating.
  12. I made an offer for torres and was countered with 28 mil and pato. 28 mil is about half of my money, should I accept the deal? What will the ratings of these 2 players go to. PS: pato is my best striker
  13. Re: Cup Final! whos team is stronger? Anyway i find that 4-3-3 wingers attacking down both flanks works. Try to play W/F or F/W as the wingers and have them cutting in.
  14. Re: Best young GK to get? dont sell Casillas....sell other players to lower the salary...you can cash in on asenjo. Buy akinfeev or lloris
  15. Re: Nani or Valencia? Nani has the potential to be much better than valencia, however as most ppl said he is too inconsistent, a rise to 90 might be followed by a drop to 89 again. Valencia on the other hand will reach 92 in the near future and MAYBE 93 in the future, however i dont see him getting past 93. So for now buy valencia but keep nani on your shortlist.
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