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  1. SIRIGU, Salvatore GK 28 91

    £11.5M 13 Jul


    GÜNOK, Mert Photo GÜNOK, Mert GK 26 83

    £1.8M -


    ERSU, Erten Photo ERSU, Erten GK 21 73

    £100k -


    MERTESACKER, Per Photo MERTESACKER, Per D© 30 91

    £13.6M 13 Jul


    ALVES, Bruno Photo ALVES, Bruno D© 33 89

    £7.5M -


    KORKMAZ, Egemen Photo KORKMAZ, Egemen D© 32 87

    £5.5M -



    £1.6M -


    ERKİN, Caner Photo ERKİN, Caner D,DM,M,AM(L) 26 89

    £5.8M -


    MATIĆ, Nemanja Photo MATIĆ, Nemanja DM,M© 26 92

    £16.2M 14 Jul


    BLIND, Daley Photo BLIND, Daley D(LC),DM© 25 90

    £11.3M 13 Jul


    TOPAL, Mehmet Photo TOPAL, Mehmet D,DM,M© 29 89

    £5.2M -


    COLEMAN, Seamus Photo COLEMAN, Seamus D,DM,M® 26 90

    £10.9M 13 Jul


    GÖNÜL, Gökhan Photo GÖNÜL, Gökhan D,DM,M® 30 89

    £5.0M -


    THIAGO, Alcántara Photo THIAGO, Alcántara DM,M,AM© 24 91

    £15.0M 13 Jul


    MEIRELES, Raul Photo MEIRELES, Raul DM,M,AM© 32 89

    £4.6M -


    POTUK, Alper Photo POTUK, Alper DM,M,AM© 24 88

    £5.2M -


    UÇAN, Salih Photo UÇAN, Salih DM,M,AM© 21 85

    £3.8M -


    STOCH, Miroslav Photo STOCH, Miroslav AM(RLC),F(RL) 25 88

    £4.8M -


    DIEGO, Ribas Photo DIEGO, Ribas M©,AM(RLC) 30 90

    £7.6M -


    NAVAS, Jesús Photo NAVAS, Jesús AM,F® 29 92

    £14.0M 13 Jul


    RADCHENKO, Artem Photo RADCHENKO, Artem AM,F(RL) 20 76

    £410k 23 Jun


    MARTÍNEZ, Jackson Photo MARTÍNEZ, Jackson F(RLC) 28 91

    £11.3M 13 Jul


    SOW, Moussa Photo SOW, Moussa AM(RL),F(RLC) 29 90

    £5.8M -


    EMENIKE, Emmanuel Photo EMENIKE, Emmanuel F(RLC) 28 89

    £5.1M -

    i have bids for zabaleta and cazorla accepted

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hey Guys' date=' I've just been offered £30.5M for my Yaya Toure, I reckon I should accept but what do you guys think?[/quote']


    Carvajal or Azpilicueta ??


    El Shaarawy for Luiz Danilo?


    El Shaarawy for Lucas Moura?

    or would it be worth keeping El Shaarawy instead?

    get moura

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Varane plus pepe FOR david luiz

    Varane plus pepe

    Ramsey or Navas?

    Campbell and Ramsey or James Rodriguez?

    Wilshere + Ramsey or De Rossi?

    Right hand side for all

    Would it be worth snapping up Shaqiri or looking at other targets?

    I hear that he's surplus to requirements at Bayern.. He would be the best player in my squad' date=' if I signed him?[/quote']

    Get him

    MESSI for Kroos and Muller??

    Messi for Kroos and Robben?

    1st one

    Pique or Alexis Sanchez and Oscar?

    Long-term picture would be appreciated. Depth is not an issue in any area (I have a squad of over 250) but Pique is the main CB of my biggest rival. It would weaken his team but I fear Oscar has a big future...

    Pique because his your main cb

    My David Silva for Ribery and Obiang! Will Ribery keep his rating for long?

    Silva' date='ribery could drop some day but not for atleast 1year

    verthongen or miranda?

    Miranda any day I also think that he will get a +1

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