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  1. Re: Belgium Pro League Review Yes, please add the current rating....otherwise this is just as much work for everybody else....whats the point?
  2. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  3. Re: New User Interface [beta] I'm totally with you. I really don't like the new message style. Its too small and they don't give any information. I don't want to click on every single message every single time, just to find out what that message really means. I would love to have the view messages screen back or a change to the current messaging system, so I don't have to click on each of them to see them completely.
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) My point is, that he reached level 4 on the past amount of games. Since then he played in 100% of all games. Why does he then reach level 5? I would understand it, if he remains level 4 for a long time or until the % for the past 2 seasons or whatever time frame it is, reaches an acceptable level. I think a player should be happy to be promoted to first team and not dislike it even more. This doesn't really make sense! And don't get me wrong, I know what you mean but I think it still doesn't make sense!
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I am not a fan of the new concerns system. I mean in general I am, but the execution is definitely not right. For example: I have Valencia in my team, he is 91 and a winger, he is my no 4 winger. I know that's luxury but the point is, that as soon as he had reached concern level 4, I started him in every single game (and he had a few games before that, played in cups and the odd league match). And what happens? Today he requests a transfer anyways. I don't get it. Shouldn't he be getting happier for starting 10+ games since his last concern change? Now I'm gonna lose my long term winger for the future for some measly cash, that I don't really need. CHANGE THIS PLEASE!
  8. Re: Rating Analysis of the Big Leagues - May 2011 Awesome job, keep on going with this. Liebe Gruesse aus Kanada G
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Have been offered Ganso + Neymar for my Nasri. My 4 best wingers are Robben, David Silva, Nasri and Valencia. My strikers are Rooney, Higuain, Nilmar and youngsters. Good deal or not? I like Nasri a lot, but feel like this is a good deal for me. Cheers
  10. Hi, I'm usually not complaining and I know that it's just a game. I have been playing Soccermanager for 1.5 years and generally like the game a lot. The problem I have, is with the unfairness of the match engine. Let me say this before you jump me though, I realize that you can't win every game and that especially in cup games upsets are more likely. I get that. Just check out what happened to me tonight! I am VFB Stuttgart (1st in division 1 after 31 games), I played with an average of 94 and nobody was under 90% fitness, formation 4-4-2 standard (every player in the right spot), no boxes ticked. My opponent in this World Champ Shield Final was AS Monaco (14th in division 4), unmanaged and with an average of 86 and about the same fitness as my team. I lost 2:1. In case you dont want to check out the links, Shots 22(me): 6 (them), Shots on goal 15 (me): 6 (them). 10 to 7 corners for me too. Playing for me were for example: Ibrahimovic, Forlan, Lampard, Pirlo, Lahm, Sergio Ramos, Lucio, Pepe, Buffon.... Upsets are OK, but just imagine in reality that for example Barcelona (or Chelsea, ManU or another top-team) loses a cup finale against a lower division team. Upsets might happen earlier in a cup tournament, but I would say that in Finales the better team usually wins. The best players shine in the most important games. I think that the engine is extremely unreliable in regards to this. This is hard to deal with. A season takes a few months, winning titles/cups is hard and rare enough. This shouldn't happen! This wasn't the first upset I suffered, there were many....but this is the worst I think. I couldnt upload my jpgs, gifs or whatever...everything was too big. Thats why Im posting those links: They show the game stats as well as my unmanaged opponent's last fixture. Check it out! http://knalli.de/sm/cupfinale1.jpg http://knalli.de/sm/cupfinale2.jpg http://knalli.de/sm/cupfinale3.jpg
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi I have the following deal on the table: MY Players: Scholes, Lehmann plus 5 million (I have enough money) for HIS: Seedorf. (I would get his Seedorf and he would get my Scholes, my Lehmann and my money....just to make it cleeeeear) I have good cover at either position (Lampard,Lucho,David Silva, Kuyt just to name a few) but I still like the deal. Opinions? Thanks for taking the time Gabor
  12. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes Very nice thread, one of my favorites....keep it up
  13. Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast Very nice post, the only thing I can think of: You should have a look at Geromel from Koln. He is a great CB prospect and a nice riser as well. Cheers
  14. Re: English Premier League Ratings Thread
  15. Re: English Premier League Ratings Thread Hi, I think 92-91 is more likely than 91-90. He has been playing lots, just not enough goals. He has 2 goals in 5 champions league games at least. ^^ Cheers
  16. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/artikel/381093 Thats the link, they sold him for 5 million euros. Before a transfer is completed contracts are voided first with the old club, standard practice. Cheers Gabor
  17. Re: Austria & Switzerland Rating Predictions True. I am supporting this thread as well. Cheers Gabor
  18. Re: Risers from every side in Brazil. Now that the season is over, how about an update Insider? Pleeeease ^^ Cheers Gabor
  19. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!!
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