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  1. Re: Diving - when will FIFA take action? What message is UEFA sending to others when they punish the player for simulation while they kept their arms crossed when Taylor did his butcher start on Eduardo. (3 game penalties for breaking a leg vs. 2 game penalties for simulation) Who knows how many punishments will C.Ronaldo deserve this season. Wenger is absolutely right and I'm on this side regarding Eduardo's situation.
  2. Re: Diving - when will FIFA take action? Why is this story about Eduardo still active? Nobody is saying that his action was justified, but certainly he isn't that type of player to dive with deliberate intention. So many other players dived even worse and UEFA didn't move a finger.Not to mention funny and ridiculous reaction from Scottish Football Association. What message is UEFA sending to others when they punish the player for simulation while they kept their arms crossed when Taylor did his butcher start on Eduardo. (3 game penalties for breaking a leg vs. 2 game penalties for simulati
  3. Re: Amauri for Keane Keep Amauri. He had a good season in Juventus and is one of their best players.Also, he decided to play for Italy and no doubt he will get his chance in NT which can eventually bring him 93+. Best regards, MM!
  4. Re: Ukranian Premier League Information Thread No rise for Darijo SRNA from Shakhtar? Now I'm really quite dissapointed with SM and their "scouts". Hope this will change because IMO he is on of the best RM/RB players in Europe and wider.
  5. Re: Luis Ibanez He will rise to 85/86. With Jurčić as a new Dinamo coach, he often rotates Ibanez with Hrgović(and Hrgović with Ibanez) but every time he plays Ibanez shows big talent and there is a big future in front of him.
  6. Re: No Rise For Gago? One bad season makes players to go down by -1/-2 while there has to be 1-2 good seasons for players to go up by +1/+2 if they already have a good rating(89+). IMO not realistic and Gago should have gotten rise to 92.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread With referee on Barca's side there was no chance of Chelsea winning. 4 obvious penalties and how many did he judged? None!
  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I 100% agree. Congratulations to Barcelona but Chelsea deserved to go through.I like Barcelona but if there wasn't this referee they wouldn't go through. Disgrace!
  9. Re: Gago or Lass Diarra? Definitely GAGO! Far better player then Lass Diarra.Has bigger potential to reach 93+ in the future. Best regards, MM!
  10. Re: Forlan He has pretty impressive stats in this season of Spanish Primera División: -19 goals and 6 assists in 23 games. - So he has pretty good chance to get a rise.It would be a realistic move from SM. Best regards, MM!
  11. Re: scotland ratings This is the answer to my Ticket regarding McGeady: "Hi Master, Having looked at the forum, it appears that there are mixed views about the above player, with many Celtic fans agreeing that he deserved to drop. Ratings are a matter of opinion, we believe the dropping of all of the above was fair." So my question is: -Who are this MANY Celtic fans that agree with McGeady's dropped rating?
  12. Re: scotland ratings Although I've sent a Ticket regarding McGeady I couldn't get a answer from SM.They've practically accused that by having him in one of my teams I'm doing this from my own benefits and by doing so I'm "abusing system". Obviously no argumentative answer so there is no point of asking. Simply ridiculously.
  13. Re: scotland ratings I couldn't agree with McGeady dropping. Maybe he isn't in last season form but he shouldn't drop so easily. Another SM disappointment.
  14. Re: French ratings In overall ratings are realistic but: -Why did Wendel(Bordeaux) decrease?
  15. Re: German Changes The most important thing is that KLOSE changed to FWD and VIDAL to DM/CM.But who cares that they have played great in this season. Obviously SM doesn't care. But this mostly due to SM using researchers from the countries to advise on Rating's. Who knows what will happen in Italian,Spanish or England rating changes. I think that 60% will drop, 20% rise and 20% change of position.
  16. Re: German Changes I don't know who is in "SM rating team" but they are doing a sloppy job. Player to have 92+ rating should have good form for couple of seasons while they 1 bad season automatically brings him rating decrease. Maybe I'm too harsh but when I first started to play this game it wasn't the same. (maybe others have better experience)
  17. Re: Thomas HITZLSPERGER IMO he should kept his rating(92) until the end of the season. VfB Stuttgart is on 6th position in Bundesliga only 3 points from the 2nd team.They are in a good form and HITZLSPERGER is one of the key players who has 3 goals and 3 assists in 22 games. But obviously SM "friendly" towards German league (Tasci,Klose,etc...)...Let us see what will happen to England league. Best regards, MM!
  18. Re: German Changes HITZLSPERGER dropped from 92 to 91. Fair or ? Plus no rating change for Tasci and Klose(only changed from CF to F). SM is really having bad judgments when it comes to rating changes in big leagues.
  19. Re: Help with deal Fabregas for Ribery I must agree with gozgoz8 comment that Ribery is 2nd highest rated W at SM and it very hard to get high rated at W. But you are very thin in midfield and I would keep Fabregas.He is very young player rated 95 and playing for a big club.Taking in consideration that Barcelona wants him badly then I would probably keep him so I can see what will happen to him.But IMO he can not be worse then 94 in the future. I would suggest you to get rid of FLAMINI and sign some excellent midfields like: -Tymoschuk - one of the best DM in Europe, joining Bayern in the
  20. Re: Which RB? This young players have good chance of rising and to have brilliant career in the future: -Jérôme BOATENG - 20 years, rating 87 -Lorenzo DE SILVESTRI , 20 years , rating 86 Best regards, MM!
  21. Re: Kanoute vs Toni Both excellent strikers that have reached peak in their ratings - 94. (minimum chance of rising) My choice would be TONI.Mainly because he plays for Bayern to who I give more chance in CL.And his advantage is playing for Italian NT which can eventually bring him higher rating if they win some bigger competition. Kanoute is in my opinion more versatile player playing for also excellent team Sevilla(finished in Top 5 in last 4 seasons of La Liga).But I don't feel they have "something" to win the title which can bring him higher rating. It's hard decision but who ever you
  22. Re: I have had an offer accepted for mutu, would you do it? It seems a good deal because you are getting a 94 rated player for 93 rated player plus some money BUT I wouldn't do it. Mainly because Mutu age difference isn't to big and 94 is his maximum while Forlan is having an outstanding season(19 games=15 goals & 6 assists) so he is definitely getting a rise to 94. So just be patient as Spanish ratings aren't far from here and it would be a shame to sell excellent player plus money for identical excellent player. Best regards, MM!
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