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  1. Re: Claudio MALDONADO ???????? lol
  2. This guy currently been brought into the Fenerbahce team to replace an injured Steven Appiah, deserve and increase to 90 + ? played well against chelsea and did a decent job of holding Essien, does anyone agree of an increase and if so when do the Chilean ratings next pass? (currently 89)
  3. Re: türkish rating... those links do not work?
  4. Re: türkish rating... indeed hes a very talented player, if i bought him now for instance, when would his rating increase?
  5. Looking to purchase a 92 CB but i dont know who would be the best to look at right now, im new to the game and all these player changes but could anyone point me towards a good center half? thanks in advance
  6. Re: silva vagner love & juan arango anyone can help?
  7. just wondering whether these guys are going to go up, read a little thing about arango that he is likely to increase to 91? and i have recently purchased vagner love who looks sharp at the moment for moskva ? maybe an increase on the cards? oh and also i was wondering whether john heitinga of Ajax is likely to increase? thanks alot ppl dale
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