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  1. It is right to sell Vermaelen now that he´s heading to the Premier League?, and 15M is enough for him or is better to wait, I do not want to lose money, a good player, and to have another manager waiting too long for an answer I do not need the money either, Inter was my first team, I have 83 players and most of them were raisers Thanks in Advance for your response JONCX
  2. Teams have been offering between 27M and 30M for NESTA and SMFA rejected this deals. Any clue about this?, price too high, I don´t know what to think about this Thanks in Advance JONCX
  3. Re: Help With Pricing - Buffon - Salihamidzic - Jorge Andrade - Zanetti Many Thanks for your help Kind Regards JONCX
  4. I need help to put the right selling price in these players SALIHAMIDZIC - JORGE ANDRADE - JAVIER ZANETTI In the case of BUFFON it is just only for reference Kind Regards JONCX
  5. Re: International Management Many Thanks lil_kick_kid and very clear Kind Regards JONCX
  6. International Management Hi a little help, how does International Management works? How a manager has access to a International Team? Thanks in Advance JONCX
  7. Thanks in advance: How much them cost? BALZARETTI and MOLINARO
  8. JONCX


    Re: Fernandao I thought the same, Many Thanks BadBlueBoys. I like to trade, buy cheap and sell higher and in that way I am building good teams. Of course I am searching for new talents, and try to win games at the same time. Regards JONCX
  9. As always looking for help and Thanks in advance I have an offer for Lucio Fernandao around 13M it is the right price?, Regards JONCX
  10. Re: Walter Samuel Many Thanks for your answer mt-77 JONCX
  11. Hi and Thanks in advance, I want to sell WALTER SAMUEL, what is the right price for him? Someone offered me 20M for CHRISTIAN LELL, I know it is a hot prospect, the price is right, should be higher, should I keep him? I do not need the money really but I want to sell some players JONCX
  12. Re: Selling Nesta As imagined the deal was dumped by the chairman $44M cash only it is OK? Thanks again JONCX
  13. Re: Selling Nesta Thanks Mr.Adamski and man_u, You're always willing to help I agree with both of you I think that is a good deal but probably will be rejected. I try to build a younger team with several prospects, I do not know if that concept will be enough to win consistently in a future. I got rid of some of the expensive players who started to being old and feared of a reduction of their rating and price. Instead I am betting for new players. It is hard to know what takes into account the AI engine, maybe is a matter of rating only or even worse big names alone. I hope to do the right thing, anyway it is a game and I am enjoying it so much Kind Regards JONCX
  14. Hi all again: A manager offered to me 50M for NESTA plus two players Jonathan BOTTINELLI and Philippe MEXES it is a fair deal? Any help will be welcome, Thanks in advance JONCX
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    Position Help

    Re: Position Help Many Thanks for your answer Pokerguide JONCX
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