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  1. Re: The Late Night Crew Interventional... lol hugo. not my fault its a load of bolox nah im just jk aye hehe, it'll be fun, but wouldve like a better team , gess being able to buy all the gd brazillians is a bonus, here comes Kaka!!
  2. Re: The Late Night Crew Interventional... ffs Sao Paulo ffs , asll i got is adriano, but i can buy heaps of brazilians which is a plus
  3. Re: The Late Night Crew Interventional... I seem to feel like this setup is a load of bolox, lol
  4. Arsenal have always been the best club in europe in landing future prospects and all you need to look at is that of Thierry Henry, Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas, to realise that, Arsene Wenger, has indeed, got one of the best eyes for young talent that there is. No manager can match what he can do, and the fact that Aaron Ramsey has chosen to become a Gunner instead of going to the champions of both the EPL and UCL, has decided to move to a team simply because he knows he will be nurtured and very likely will become a great player, where as at team such as Man utd, chelsea, Spurs, he would have had no chance at playing a game. In saying this, Ramsey played well in the Championship, the PL is obviously a much harder task for a 17yr old and for anyone for that matter, but can Aaron Ramsey fit in at a PL club or will he fade out and become a player that promised so much, but delivered so little, just like Arsenal's season of last. My question to you people is, Has Aaron Ramsey made the right decision in deciding to sign for the Gunners?, and has he got what it takes to be "the next big thing"? I welcome your feedback
  5. Re: Alexander Hleb: Awesome or Awesome? Hleb is amazing, but he is too hesitant, if he ran at defenders instead of holding off and making passes that usually get intercepted maybe we'd get more goals, speaking of goals, the lad doesnt shoot, i reckon if he had more shots he wouldnt be a 5 league goal a season player, he would almost be a candidate to beat Ronaldo to the golden boot!
  6. Re: Drogba is a disgrace. Everytime the ball went anywhere near Dorgba hed go down, i mean, is he a professional or a baby trying to get attention? seriously, its pathetic. Also, Drogbas attitude is shcoking, i dont think i saw him sprint for one ball in the whole game, and there were a few of them. everytime he lost possession he would just stand there and stare into god only knows. Whereas a Van Persie would just go, alright, we'll do better next time and go help his teammates win the ball back.! .. Hes got to go, if he doesnt go, hes gonna ruin English Football i think.
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