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  1. Main page interface and location of ad banners have made access to the drop-down menus impossible, I can't comment on the match engine changes because I can NO LONGER EVEN PLAY
  2. The ads block the drop-down menus. I can no longer even play the game, even if I wanted to ...
  3. When the site returned to the old style format yesterday, it carefully arranged for a banner ad to block access to the main drop down menu ... 'nough said
  4. For the second time in as many months, I have quit a game world after observing another manager join with multiple accounts. This latest one had SEVEN teams. I reported it and the reply cited no action to be taken due to insufficient evidence ... sigh Please SM, create some new investigative techniques to identify multiple accounts and then follow through with banning those players from the game.
  5. Re: Endri Cekici - Albanian starlet +1 on May 7th
  6. When I click on the "My Clubs" option on the Soccer Manager My Worlds homepage, I am shown a list of my (3) clubs and yet only two appear. The bottom club on the list never appears.
  7. Re: TomOwen's Christmas and New Year Scouting Special Hi Tom Welcome back! Thanks for rekindling memories of a great era of the game. It seems in an effort to add ever more bells and whistles to the game, the designers lost sight of some of the really special aspects of the game which made reading threads like yours such a compelling part of the SM experience. Cheers!
  8. Re: Game wizard, club selection frozen? It seems it is an issue with Firefox ... I can make all the menus work with Explorer
  9. I am attempting to join a game world, yet it appears the new game wizard is frozen, broken, faulty, or lacks sufficient instructions ... How can I search game worlds?
  10. Re: Multiple accounts "already investigated" This same things has just now occurred to me. There is a player using his SAME name for two different accounts, and he has aquired and dropped teams within a few days of each other ... I attempted to notify with a detailed explanation but instantly got the "already investigated" auto response. I was incredulous so I made a second attempt and got an instant-auto response ... "not enough evidence" I think the inmates are running the asylum.
  11. I attempted to put a player on the loan list, and got a "Not Valid" message instead. This is different than the "The Chairman does not want to loan out this player" ... Is this a bug on this particular player, or is there something else I am missing? cheers for any help !
  12. Re: Free agents that are still tied to clubs Well, yes and no You are right in the fact file displays their RL team. However, even though they were listed as free agents, there was NO option to buy for 75%. They were at full value. It is as if they were in transition in "the system" ... also I think it was a matter of the new season had not yet started, since it seems to have resolved itself. Thanks for the reply Cheers
  13. How is it that some free agents appear on the free agent search, yet their profile shows them attached to a club, and there is no 75% fee, only the full price option to buy? Also, they are still attached to the club for the purpose of the "you may only deal with one club at at time" clause. Also some of these players do not appear on the club's squad list. Is this occurring because it is between seasons? Does this issue rectify itself when the season starts? Thanks for any clarification.
  14. Re: Visible Cash Balance Agree with the rest ... It is frustrating for it not to be visible where I "need" it which is when I am mucking about with transfers etc ... Put it back, please
  15. Re: Squad Caps I was just about to buy a game world on the assumption that team sizes could be limited. I despise teams with 100+ players, so I decided the best way to enjoy SM would be to buy a game world and set limit of a 30 or 40 players Now I find out there is NO way to put a cap on rosters?
  16. Re: Buying a Pre-Owned Custom Game World Good news. Thanks so much !
  17. I was thinking of purchasing a Pre-Owned Custom Game World, and I know I can make changes at the end of the current season. I have never owned a game world before, so I have some questions: Can I limit the number of players teams can own? Limit the ratings of players? Limit the total value of clubs? Can I change the number of divisions or teams? Perhaps the better question is ... What will I have control over? Thank you in advance!
  18. Re: Cavani Gomez Robben Lewendowski It is sealed. I bought Lew Thanks for all your ideas
  19. Will these four forwards hold their ratings for the next season, or are there rises expected for all except Robben? Thanks gentlemen !
  20. which LB to buy: Luiz Gustavo, 25 yr, 90, Bayern Munich or Luis Filipe, 27, 90, Atletico Madrid thanks for your opinions
  21. I am in a world which is playing in its 23rd week of it's first season. One player in the world has owned five different teams, buying and selling as he goes, and there is no end in sight Is this "cheating"? Worth reporting?
  22. Re: Where? How? I think I figured out the problem. I must wait until they demand a new contract. I was hoping to preempt that! Thanks!
  23. With the new layout and format I can't find where to manage player contracts Help please!
  24. Re: BEST buy of these TOP strikers ??? Thanks for the input. I am wondering why Cavani rates lower? I see him maybe rising this year and next to be on par with others as they age, value, and perhaps lose form Thanks again
  25. I just read a post where a successful manager says he sets his formation to defending while at home, and attacking while playing away, which goes against conventional wisdom. In all my years playing I have always used attacking at home, so this was new thinking for me Has anyone had experience defending while at home and attacking while on the road? Thanks gentlemen
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