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  1. Re: Arsenal problem Rep 4 help Trade Almunia for Engelaar assuming he is still on his dutch team that is unmanageable.
  2. Re: Youth Team Experiment Ivan Bolando (85) from Racing Santander. Turned 19 a week ago though. Moussa Sissoko(85) Toulouse. Pedro Botelho (75) Arsenal player out on loan that should start for Real Sociedad next year. Dani Aquino (78) Real Murcia.
  3. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) Took over a Roma squad + nasri and testing out the 3-4-2-1. My team is 3-1-0 since I took over. Beat first place Inter and Juventus pretty easily. Averaging 64% possession and 24 shot on goal a game so far.
  4. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) Took over a Roma squad + nasri and I am unbeaten with 3-4-2-1. Beat inter who was using a 3-1-4-2 ( 3-5-2?) 1-0 last week. He was on a 5 or so game win streak and dominating.
  5. Re: I need wide players! And Fullbacks! any advice?? Geraldo Wendell - Just turned 26 a month ago, rated 91 with the chance of hitting 92 after being voted #2 player in France this year. Ibrahim Afellay - 90 at 22. Future riser I think, but he may stay at 90 for a bit. Arda Turan - 90 at 21. I think there is a good chance to make 91 based on Euro play, but not much after that if he stays in Turkey.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would do it in a heart beat.
  7. Re: DM or AM helppp If you can gather a little more money I would say Turan Arda. Can play 3 positions(both wings and AM). 90 rating at 21 and bound to rise with starts for Turkey. 15.7M. Jeremy Menez if you cant afford Turan. 12.4M, 21yeard old, 89 rating, can play 3 positions.
  8. Re: Rising CM Geraldo Wendell thoughts? 92? Voted #2 player of the year behind Benzema in France. Diaby would be a good buy if you dont think Arsenal will sign a CM/DM this summer.
  9. Re: RB and RM I was going to mention him. Hes the captain at Saint-√Čtienne I believe. Should at least hit 89 next round.
  10. Re: arsenal players are underrated Someone just said Gerrard was better than Kaka.
  11. Re: An English Quota System. Will It Help? Idiotic rule.... Over bearing politics and regulations ruin everything in life. Who is going to develop the Zlatan's, Mutu's, Adebayor's, and plenty of other players that come from country's with lack luster training. Would make the game of soccer worse if you ask me.
  12. Re: arsenal players are underrated I am an arsenal fan, but I don't really agree with you. Almunia is fine at 90. Toure should drop to 92/93. Gallas should drop to 91/92. Sendros should rise maybe to 90. Eboue should drop to 54. Clichy rise to 93. Sagne rise to 93/94. Cesc is fine at 95. Adebayor rise to 93/94. Rooney is just overrated at 96. Eduardo 90 at least probably 91. I think he is as good as many of the other 91's. Van Persie 92 on skill 91 on what hes done. Carlos Vela should of been an 88 in the Spanish rating too. I think their are other players that get screwed over a lot more though. Antonio Cassano, Mexes, and De Rossi come to mind.
  13. Re: Evra vs Clichy Sparky; Clichy was PFA Left back of the year not Evra.... Clichy is way more energetic if you ask me too. He never stops running, but either does Eboue and he is terrible so I don't think that is a important point. Personally I think this a stupid argument. You can't go wrong with either one of them. One week Evra will be better and the next Clichy. I do think Clichy got robbed from the national team though, and Evra should start. Albidal should play CB or ride the bench.
  14. Re: Jack Wilshere - Arsenal Havard Nordtveit is another arsenal player to watch for. Current captain of the reserve team at 17 and Arsenal is in need of CBs. Could get some playing time with the first team in the summer.
  15. Allow transfers from unmanaged clubs, but be able to set a maximum rating that can be transferred from those unmanaged clubs. This will allow teams with just a few good players allowed to keep them when unmanaged, like Marseille and Nasri, but still allow people to pick up lower young stars still. It also give's some incentive to people to take on lower ranked teams in leagues that have started as they will most likely have their main players left instead of just a pile of money.
  16. Re: Sergio Ramos I haven't watch him to often, but after watching him get totally handled by Carlos Vela I find it hard to believe hes the best in the world.
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