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  1. Re: UEFA Cup Results / Match Previews / Discussions great goal i think
  2. Re: Super cup Yes. But the last 1-2 weeks there was usual schedule.
  3. My congrats to all fans of ZeniTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Saint-Petersburg!!!! :) (=
  4. New footbal manager http://www.11x11.ru/?ref=68101 link with referal system (=
  5. Re: Finances I have already put some players to transfer.....I hope it will + after every turn.. Anyway thanks to everybody for help.
  6. Re: Chelsea v man united GoodLuck to MU from SPB *
  7. Re: Finances I am at the beginig of the season.... the first match will be 25th of may...
  8. Re: Finances Oh....yes... i put a wrong tick. My team build a new stadium for 65 k fans... but it unfo4inatly will be finished ONLY in 2010....
  9. Re: Finances First i try to put him to transfer... then apears "Unavailable to Transfer - Contact the manager if you wish to negotiate a deal" When i try to release him....apears "Player too expensive to be Released. Your Chairman is sure if you transfer listed this player you would receive bids for him." PS: ...thaks for help
  10. Re: Finances I have 1 team....Zenit St Petersburg I have a stadium Petrovski (22,000), Saint Petersburg Of cause it is small, but I Have only 24 players... should I sell some of them?
  11. Re: Finances How I can earn money? Why a can't put the cash for tickets? Evere tur I have -500k balance...as the wage's are big...Can I chose the sponsor,?(TV Revenue, Merchandise) This is disbalance of the game? I have't any young players..... M B I do something wrong? pls help
  12. Re: UEFA CUP FINAL- Rangers v Zenit St Petersburg )))))))))))))0000 What a wonderful finish..........I don't kow what to say... i.... I go to celebrate....:;;;;; Thanks to all how suppot ÇåíèÒ......Ñïàñèáî...
  13. Re: UEFA CUP FINAL- Rangers v Zenit St Petersburg Thanks for moral support. ^.^
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