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  1. Re: Respuesta: Re: Diego Forlan He got it for getting more assists. It's based on that. From the BBC - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/world_cup_2010/8804708.stm
  2. Re: Neuer Or Lloris Lloris all day long. Much better all round keeper with much bigger potential and current ability.
  3. Re: Diego Forlan Let's be honest, he's awesome. And a beautiful football player. He completely dominates the teams that he plays for in Atletico and Uruguay. Club wise he's like Alan Shearer at Newcastle, and he would have surely been a 95/6? Forlan carries Atletico Madrid now, ever since Torres left he has. If you actually watch him in a game, he defies all the statistics. He creates chance after chance for Aguero to blaze over the bar or wide, he flings out pin point 45 yard passes to Simao for him to cross. He walks past 2/3 defenders and smashes a long range effort in, he takes a
  4. Re: should rooney be 98/97 Sorry what??? David Silva, Mata, Hernandez, Banega, Joaquin or even Albelda.... Against - Nani (who has no brain, but has just started getting one) Valencia (in his first season), Fletcher (who is a dm), Scholes (who is amazing and I would take him any day) and Carrick... Out of those two midfields I'd take Silva, Mata, Hernandez and Scholes as the best combination. So surely that puts Villa as having a lot more to work with than Rooney??
  5. Re: ADLER or NEUER I don't think he sounds like a swearword. What's wrong with us pointing out to you if what you've posted has already been done??
  6. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (10/11) No way we can answer that for now. Remember SM have dropped his rating based on what he's played like up until th ratings, and he hasn't played again since then so how can we possibly say if he has a chance of recovering it yet?? The main issue is that he shouldn't have dropped in the first place, but now that he has SM have rated his season at a 91 level, therefore he has to improve again next time to go back.
  7. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) That wasn't your point though. Amazed these ratings are over.
  8. Re: Pique rating Can't believe he's got a 94. They're saying he had as good a season as Nesta? Ridiculous. He's a spoilt brat, and Alex Ferguson would never have let someone go who could go on to be one of the best CBs in the world, he's just overrated.
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