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  1. Re: World Championship 20000? Yes I suppose the key is maybe not to create an 80-club GW that is difficult to fill. If we keep it smaller then it might be easier to keep it forumer-filled. Isn't there a type of game world where the person who creates it can moderate the game world? (ie. get rid of players not following the rules, etc?) Otherwise a mate of mine would be keen to join too I'm sure. We're both on WC 11111 but it's going down the drain so we're both keen to switch. He's not very active on the forum but a good (and fair) manager, so that's a +1 on your list.
  2. Re: World Championship 20000? I'd be really interested - if we could actually guarantee it's a forum-ers (ie. non-cheaters) GW only... Thanks
  3. Hi, I recently took up a new squad - see below. I'm looking at buying up new players but am having trouble sorting out my current players as there are a lot that I don't know. Anyone have any idea of who I can definitely let go of or should definitely hold on to? Thanks, B. _____ MIGNOLET, Simon Gk 23 87 VENTURA, Hugo Gk 24 84 SCHENNIKOV, Georgi LB/LM 20 88 (ON LOAN) TORRES, Jorge LB/LM 24 86 MEZA, Severo RB/LB 25 85 WASS, Daniel RB/RM 22 86 IBARRA, Renato RB/RM 21 80 ALVAREZ, Uriel CB/DM 21 82 PUYGRENIER, Sébastien CB 30 88 TOPRAK, Ömer CB 22 87 MANCIENNE, Michael Def/DM 24 85 KAYAL, Beram DM/CM 23 87 RALF, Teles DM 27 88 JEAN, Vanderlei RM/RB 25 87 GUERRERO, José Daniel CM/CB 24 85 BARGFREDE, Philipp CM/DM 23 87 PALMER, Liam CM/AM 20 75 MARTINEZ, Osvaldo AM/Wing 25 87 MORENO, Giovanni AM 25 87 TEIXEIRA, Alex Wing/AM 22 87 (LOAN) DYER, Nathan Wing 24 85 HAUCHE, Gabriel Fwd/AM 25 87 VICTOR, Casadesús Fwd/AM 27 86 OROZCO, Javier Fwd/AM 24 86 SANCHEZ, Vicente Fwd/Wing 32 87 STOKES, Anthony Fwd/Wing 23 86 NECID, Tomás CF 22 88 (LOAN) CHOUPO-MOTING, Eric CF 22 86 ABOUBAKAR, Vincent CF 20 83
  4. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread New Palermo manager just wanted to give everyone the heads up. Seems like there's been a lot of managerial movement lately, let's hope the setup keeps going. You won't see me having any dealings with umanageds anyway! Btw, if anyone's got some players they'd like to send out on loan let me know! I would definitely give regular first-team football to - CB Left-footed/Both 88+ - RB 88+ - CM or AM Left-footed/Both 88+ - Wing or Fwd 88+ Cheerio-
  5. Re: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Anyone concerned nearly half of the setup is unmanaged now?
  6. Re: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Weird, looks like Bale is back at Spurs now. In the meantime, we just played Espanyol and lost, with Bale being man of the match and scoring the opening goal... !
  7. Re: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Strong win from Chivas in the Mexican derby against Club America, 4-0. Division 4's top goalscoring side rise to 2nd.
  8. Re: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Aliyev shows his class with Chivas, scoring a hat-trick to win the game 3-2 against Galatasaray. That's five goals in three games for him.
  9. Hi, My 4-3-3 defence currently has Pique playing as centre right, and Thiago Silva playing centre left. As I prefer having a left footed player in this position, I have been trying to sign Mexes but haven't been able to negociate anything else than an exchange deal with Silva, and I'm not sure if it's worth letting him go... Thiago Silva is younger and has been steadily gaining importance in the AC squad, but then Mexes has too with Roma. Both are now starters for their country too. Ideally I could just sign Mexes and keep Silva, but if I had to let Silva go for Mexes, do you think I should do it?
  10. Re: Stadium Building I've been managing Monaco for a while in WC 4203. Started in Div.3 with their tiny 18,000 seat stadium. Brought them up as follows: Season 2: Promotion to Div.2 Season 3: Promotion to Div.1, World Champ Shield winner Season 4: Div.1 Winner Season 5: Div.1 Runner-up, SMFA Champions Cup Runner-up Season 6: Currently top of the table and in semis of both cups. After all this, my stadium has only had one increase to 32,000 (average attendance 30,000) meaning I am still all the way at the bottom of the table in terms of stadium size and attendance. Far behind my main rival Barcelona and his 98,000 seat stadium... I realise there's a risk that stadium increases will devalue money further. On the other hand, I think it would stop the whole risers speculation game getting over the top, as it would give managers a more stable income. I constantly have to buy-to-sell players in order to cope with my negative weekly balance.
  11. Re: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Promising first win for Chivas over AZ, 3-0, with solid performances from new recruits Aliyev, Ruffier and Monreal. Chivas climb to 5th place in a South-American-led division 4.
  12. Re: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Gotta say Will, your transfer policy seems pretty bold to me... Dropping two world-leading and two very strong players, with Kaka and Garay being overrated, Pjanic struggling to break through at Lyon, Necid and Dzagoev not having proved themselves outside of Russia... Not saying you were necessarily wrong mind you, it just seems pretty adventurous! Look forward to seeing what your squad delivers in the long run.
  13. Re: World Championship 10688 discussion thread. Hiya, I've taken up Chivas de Guadalajara! By the way, I'm interested in loaning any 85+ players! Get them on the loan list and I'll put in an offer! Cheers.
  14. Re: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) Which club are you?
  15. Re: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) Hello, Looking to sign a few left or both-footed Wings, Fwds, AMs and CMs; 87+; loan or purchase. Let me know if anyone's interested. (Athletic Bilbao)
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