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  1. Re: New Manager Required For New Gameworld hey im lookin for fresh clubs at the moment, i will take them, long time Gold Member 225 raiting know my stuff
  2. Re: Creme De La Creme Championship Welcome aboard
  3. A place where the best of the best can come together and push eachother to the limits of there managerial ability! The championship will consist of 3 leauges of 12 teams: The Following teams are already reserved by some of the best managers i know on sm. Ac Milan Arsenal Barcelona Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund Chelsea Fc Porto Inter Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Napoli Real Madrid Tottenham Hotspur I would now like to open up the bidding to the remaning teams to any manager who truly belive they have wha it takes to take on the best of the best. the available teams are as follows (if you ask for a team please make sure you request to add me as a friend in the game my user name is Chris Davies (chatroom) Athletic club Atletico Madrid Ajax Bayer Lever kusen Benfica Celtic Cska mokva Fc Twente Fenerbache Juventus Lille osc Lyon Marsellie Panathanikos Olympiakos PSV Rangers Roma Sao Paulo Sevilla Valencia Villareal Udinsese
  4. Once upon a time, the UK number 1 was a genuinely exciting aspect of Christmas. But thanks to Simon Cowell and The X Factor, it soon became as tragically predictable as being half-cut on Baileys by 11am on Christmas day watching The Spy Who Loved Me in your dressing gown. Until last year, of course. Now the Christmas number 1 is a battleground for cultural protest, as several tracks attempt to emulate Rage Against The Machine‘s success in 2009 and defeat the evil X Factor hegemony. And for what it’s worth – here is where I’ll be casting my vote. The Christmas Sandwich by Chris Dennis is everything a Christmas number one should be. It’s original, it’s funny, it’s festive – and it’s tinged with a slight melancholy, just like Christmas. What’s more, it’d be a far bigger you’ to Simon Cowell than voting for Wagner or downloading 6 minutes of silence. It’ll be picking better music because it’s better music. VQQ9S05hT88 To help get this to number 1 join the facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/thechristmassandwich Spread the Christmas Cheer
  5. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Truly awesome match, everyone stepped up to the mark and overall sunderland just couldnt handle us. Best match i have ever seen live and it will take alot of beating in the years to come.
  6. Re: Bret 'THE HITMAN' Hart! 1) Best mens wrestler in the industry today: Kurt Angle 2) Best mens wrestler of all-time, to date: Kurt Angle 3) Best womens wrestler in the industry today: Melina 4) Best womens wrestler of all-time, to date: Trish Stratus 5) Best tag-team in the industry today: Beer Money INC 6) Best tag-team of all-time, to date: The Hardy Boyz 7) Most favourite match ever: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels in Ultimate X 8) Best ring entrance music ever: DX 9) Worst ring entrance music ever: Yoshi Tatsu (god is that jpop stuff anoying) 10) Coolest ring-attire outfit: HBK 11) Most bizarre ring-attire outfit: The Yetti 12) Best 'finishing' move: The Styles Clash 13) Most crappiest finishing move: Kahli's Brain Chop 14) Most 'hardcore' wrestler ever: Mick Foley 15) Best on the mic: The rock/ Stone cold/ Hulk Hogan 16) Best fans-chant: ? 17) Most entertaining wrestler: Santino Marella 18) Best stable/alliance ever (i.e - Hart Foundation, nWo, DX, etc...): NWO 19) If you could create a stable/alliance - who would be in it? what would the name be? Name = The Hardcore Revolution. Wrestlers = Mick Foley, Terry funk, abyss, the sandan, raven, sabu and balls mahoney 20) Best high-flier: AJ Styles 21) Most favourite PPV: Slamiversary 22) Most scariest wrestler: The Boogeyman 23) Best commentator: Tazz 24) Best at playing 'heel' (bad guy): Chris Jericho 25) That one wrestler you just hate!?: Batista 26) You're a wrestler - what's your ring-entry song? AC/DC - Hells Bells
  7. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Today sky broke a story that Danny Simpson is talking up Newcastle United target Tom Cleverley to newcastle united manager Chris Hughton. ''Danny Simpson has urged Newcastle manager Chris Hughton to sign fellow Manchester United youngster Tom Cleverley in the summer. Cleverley, who is currently on loan at Watford, is out of contract at the end of the season with United yet to offer him a new deal. Simpson is close friends with the 20-year-old having come through the ranks at Old Trafford together and, with the defender pushing to make his loan switch to Newcastle permanent, he is hoping his mate will soon join him.'' For the full story click link below http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11678_5740995,00.html
  8. Re: English Championship 1824 Match Reports/Transfer News After a Couple of Months in charge and a aparent reluctence to speak to the media Bolton Wanderers manager Chris Davies finally broke his silence after a helter skelter 4-3 away win at Birmingham City. 'With out a doubt i have to say i have had a dream start here at Bolton. Tonight we recorded our 4th striaght victory and whilst at times we made it harder for ourselfs than we should of done, i am pleased that the players showed the determination and work rate to unsure that the right result was achived.' When asked on his thoughts on tonights man of the match Mario Gomez Davies give the following statement. 'I thought he was outstanding out there tonight, he looked worth every penny that i paid for him and capped of a brilliant performance with two well taken goals, showing his evident natural goal scoring ability. You know when you put a player like Mario on the team sheet that if given the opertunity he will get you goals and tonight he did just that what more could a manager ask for from his player.' The interviewer then went on to ask Davies where he see's Bolton getting to in the table this season and the teams cup ambition. 'Without a doubt the cup competitions are our best chance of bringing home some silverware this season, i dont think we are anywhere near being able to challenge the big boys for the leauge title, but watch out for us in the cup because rest asured we will be giving it our all in the cups. As for the leuage i see us finishing top 6 maybes 4th or 5th at a push. We need to build for the future we cant expect to be chalenging with the squad we have at our disposal, but i will do everything i can to get the best out of the lads and help us achive the highest leauge position we can.' So there you have it folks, clear ambition to do the best he can at Bolton from Chris Davies. The only question is seemingly having brung in a strong first team will davies now look for more depth or simply make do with what he has?
  9. Re: COTY 2009 - Last 16 - Adam Gutteridge Vs Wesley Sneijder I voted for wes, and here are my resons. 1. Wes is more active than Adam in my opinion. 2. Wes is a good lad and allways has something interesting to add to a point. 3. Wes gives good advice on chat of boro risers and other things when he gets the chance.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 68 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread 3 More English Players arive at Sunderland Emile Heskey England Internation Striker has became the latest player to join Chris Davies's all English revelution at Sunderland. Heskey will have a huge role to play for the club this coming season as the star studded adition to the squad and by far the most high profile player. Can he and Darren Bent strike up a good partnership and give leauge one defenders nightmares? Im sure Davies is certainly hoping he can. David Dunn David Dunn is another player to join the ranks at Sunderland. The former England u-21's captain will be hoping he can leave behind the memories of a poor second spell at blackburn and start all guns blazing for his new club
  11. Re: Gold Championship 68 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Sunderland News 0 : 2 Sunderland's all English Starting 11 started the season in fantastic fashion today with a 2-0 win away from home to a full strength Bolton team. Sunderland took the lead after only 13 minutes of play when a quick short corner was gathered by Darren Bent, who then proceeded to curl the ball into the net round the unsighted keeper. Bolton imidiately went on the offensive bombarding the sunderland goal with shots for the remainder of the first half but were unable to beat the Debuting Paul robinson. In The second half Sunderland dominated most of the possesion but Bolton still posed a threat, they allways looked capable of equalising but somehow sunderland managed to keep them at bay. Then in the Final minute of the game Lee Cattermole found himself all alone in the box after a Brilliant through ball and the debuting Cattermole confidently placed the ball past the keeper into the corner of the net too cap off an impresive display from sunderland on the opening day. In the post match interview Sunderland manager Chris Davies was asked to comment on how he felt his first match in charge went to wich he replied: ''I am absolutely delighted with the result. It is no easy task to come to a place like the Rebok Stadium and walk away with all 3 points. We were lucky to get the lead early on in the match, but what really really impressed me was the grit and determination my players showed out there to not secomb to the constant presure Bolton piled on. We thought tooth and Nail to the last minutes of the game and we were rewarded in the end with a second goal in the dying minutes. Its displays like the ones my players put on today that make me proud to be there manager. When your team goes out there and fights like that to the final whistle it fills you full of pride.'' He was Then asked by the Interviewer. ''So what next for Sunderland?'' '' Well we have got off to a brilliant start and i really hope we can show the same spirit we showed out there today in our next game. Today i was proven right that what this leauge needs is a team of English players playing with English grit and determination. I have a few more players lined up to come into the club and i feel we can only get stronger over the coming weeks when it comes to squad depth. So as far as the future goes i will state it now our goal this season is to qualify to the SMFA Shield and i think we have a real chance of doing just that.'' So there you are folks a brilliant start to the season for Chris Davies and his Sunderland team. Only time will tell if this will turn out to be a fruitfull season for them.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 68 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Sunderland After days of being endlessly ridiculed in the north east for becoming the manager of sunderland Geordie Boy Chris Davies gave his first interview since signing on the dotted line. What have the last few days been like for you? ''Ever since i signed on the dotted line 2 days ago i knew a dificult task lay ahead of me, ive had members of the public brand me a judas, but when i was offered this job i knew i couldnt turn it down' What Does the Future Hold for Sunderland? ''My first goal here is to build an all English squad. This is a ENGLISH leauge and for that you need English players that know the leauge inside out. These days there are too many teams out there bringing in lavish forign signings. Me i want to go back to the roots of football and establish a solid english team.'' How is that going right now? ''Well luckily we had a fair few quality englishmen in the squad already, like Darren Bent and Keiren Richardson proven England Internationals. Other then them so far i have managed to bring in 4 new faces. Paul Robinson, Stephen Warnock, Micheal Ball have all gone straight into the squad for todays game. Then we have Sol Campbell who is under going a medical and is all but a sunderland player. I have to say tho this is a harder task than i first thought it would be. Deals are proving very hard to come by at the moment.'' Where do you realisticly belive you can finish this season? ''It is my main aim at the club to build a squad of English players that can challenge for a place in the Top 6 and have a good cup run. other the next 3 years i fully expect us to win atleast one trophy.'' So there you have it folks the first interview from the sunderland manager chris Davies. Davies also would like me to mention that the entire of his squad that are not english are available for part exchange for English players. He would also urge any managers with english players they dont want or need to get in touch with him imidiately as his search for english tallent goes on.
  13. Re: What song is stuck in your head? Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  14. Re: What song is stuck in your head? buh buh buh bird bird bird bird is the word!
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