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  1. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread jesus played a bit more last night and tweaked all the tactics and formations, still not perfect but it is better. Thing that's annoying me now is defending corners, so far in my season I have played Laverkuson and Stoke dominated both but got nailed every corner they had they scored from by putting it right in the middle to Keisling and Crouch. My keeper just stood there every time and let them score, I tried controlling defenders to mark them but still nothing. I ended up losing 10-2 to stoke because after 5-2 I gave up and just kept conceding corners to try and work out how to defend them but come up with nothing.
  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Any of you lot got a suggestion on formation and tactics to use in career mode? I am Liverpool and finding it a nightmare getting anyone into the box apart from Lucas. Seems like no matter where I put them Suarez always drops back way to deep, Sturridge goes out wide and like I say Lucas is constantly bombing into the box. So far I tried the default Liverpool formation, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 3-2-3-2 nothing works. Even tried playing Suarez in Lucas CDM hoping he would get into the box but no he still stays deep in the middle of the pitch. When I play online it doesn't seem to happen, Suarez hangs around on the edge of the box and I can get the ball to him, turn players and what not. But career mode nothing seems to happen like it should. I am dominating games too my possession is always 60-70% my passing accuracy is 89-90%+ and I am getting quite a lot of shots but as it is always Lucas taking the shots and nobody else getting up to help him out I am not winning as much as I would if my players would do what they are meant to. I play on legendary setting and am currently 9th I think after 12 games, I tried turning the difficulty down to world class and I ended up not saving it because it was too easy keeping clean sheets every game and Lucas was scoring 3-4 goals a game it was just not realistic and boring.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I told you guys 4 years ago Chelsea was signing Demba Ba.
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 It's a bit off an odd situation with Jack Robinson, he seems to do well every opportunity he gets in the first team but then when we need a left back we put Johnson in from the right and play Wisdom (who I believe will become a 90+ of the future). I think Robinson has the ability to become a regular first team premier league player but maybe it wont be for Liverpool. Adam Morgan is a beast for under 21s and youth teams but did not show much in the first team during pre season when Sterling and Suso etc stood out. If he is just taking longer to develop and can play the same level he does for under 21 games in the proper games he will surely be 90+. Opinion amongst friends of mine that have seen him play more is divided.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sterling never dived against Osman, he was running fast and his heel got clipped it knocked him off balance he lost his footing and fell. Simple as that. Same for 98% of these 'blatant' dives that gets everybody's knickers in a twist. If you ever play sports you will understand it does not take a lot to trip up when your running at high speed. Professional runners that compete in athletics sometimes get a tiny clip from another runner and lose their feet then fall. Are they diving too?
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Super Sunday summed up the whole history of the Premiership... Totally inept refs getting 90% of the decision wrong and a perfectly good match winning goal being discounted for us yet Man U are given a totally unquestionably offside goal. Cant believe Phil Neville booked for diving though! The impression I have had from the media the past few weeks is Suarez is the only player to ever dive in history. His dive today was disgraceful, Moyes never touched him.
  7. Re: CM Under 22 Is Joe Allen already in the Liverpool team in your world? I have picked him up on my teams for around 4.5-6million in my worlds from Swansea. He is 22 rated 86 so borderline for your requirements but is a full international and has been Liverpools real stand out performer this season. Who knows if Brendan Rodgers does turn it around and they have a god run in the Europa League he may go up quite a bit.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I wasn't around for the Man U game but it was never a penalty, Valencia was going down before Johnson even got there and fell the opposite way. If Johnson had came through him from behind and took him down he would have fell backwards on top of Johnson.. It was all set up by Fergie in the papers the day before he says they haven't gave them a pen for so long, they feel compelled to give him one. Like Neller says it was years ago now everybody has moved on.
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Sounds crazy. How do I contact SM there is no ticket thing anymore either?
  10. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 when do the english based players change? There used to be a calender saying exactly when each leagues ratings were getting done but I can't find that anywhere.
  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Anyone know if Joe Allen will go up by much, he was really good last season. Liverpool have been poor but Allen has probably been their best performer. He is currently only 86.
  12. Re: G. Rossi??? Worth buying? Thanks Tee and Roo, if he drops lower than 91 I am holding you fully responsible! Do you know also how I can find out what countries are being rated? There used to be a thing where I could see the rating schedule in a calendar but now I can only find which ones are being rated at the moment.
  13. So I havn't played SM in a long long time and forgot how it all works. I have taken over a team in my friends world who are in a lower league and I want to try and build it up. I have lots of money (£200million) and a few decent players already but only Defoe as a Striker. Most of the really decent players have already been bought and managers won't sell for any money. Rossi is the best rated player available at an external club, I know he is injured for ages and Villarreal have been relegated but could he still be worth buying? He is around £20million and would be my only 92 rated player. But is his 92 rating likely to drop dramatically? Even if he dropped to 90 he would be one of my best players.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just realised my signature too, didn't think I had been off SM for that long.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Can't be bothered reading back through the thread no doubt it's full of rubbish from Chelsea fans that no nothing and Arsenal fans who date their sisters. Anybody watching Being Liverpool on C5? Rodgers comes over as a complete idiot. He can not give a team talk to save his life and his little group hugs couldn't even arouse my dad after he's popped 3 viagra.
  16. I just took over a team in aEuropean Championship league, there was a game today I could not pick the team because I am not a gold member. So my assistant took control and it is like he purposefully picked my worst team. I have a squad full of 90+ for each position yet he picks a team of players rated 78, 82, 85 and 88s. Why is this? My team were all 100% fit.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread if he can get back into the team..
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Crewe actually have some really good youngsters coming through now that Arsenal are keeping an eye on. I used to work at the Crewe youth academy and knew there was a relationship at one time with Liverpool but when foreign players became more widely available and cheaper Liverpool started concentrating on other targets.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hendersons goal was great, hope he can keep this scoring run going for a long time. Also I thought Flanagan had a good game too for England and Shelvy looked very good when he came on as a late sub. Nice to see us have some actual interest in England these days, I am not really patriotic about our football team unless Liverpool players are involved and got a real buzz from the England 5-1 Germany game when all the scorers were from our team. Hasn't been the case in ages though usually we only have Gerrard and Johnson and they are mostly injured.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would love us to get Hazard, he is one of the best young players in the world. However even if it was true about us having first refusal we would not get him, his price tag is something like £37million. And if other top clubs were interested to get him we would need to match their bid so sadly it will never be a possibility.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Poulsen by a mile was the worst of the two and probably the worst player we have ever had. He was a zombie in the middle of the field he never moved' date=' let players just go past him and didn't even look as if he cared. Don't get me wrong Degen is/was awful and I genuinely believe that you could find better players in pub teams. However he at least did try to give it his best and when he did play there was effort in his performances. aren't you a hoot? Vidic is obviously better than Agger however I would not take Rooney over Suarez.
  22. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I was only jesting about playing him as our 1st choice right back however Skrtel is a bit of a liability in the centre though, because of injuries we had to play him every game last season but he is really our 3rd choice and maybe Coates coming in pushes him to 4th. He got forward really well against Bolton and looked good with the ball at his feet. I do think Kelly is a really great player already with the potential to be a world class player, he needs to 100% recover from this hamstring injury though or else it will keep affecting him for his career. On the Yossi point I would love him to come back, he was one of our best players and never let us down. I was gutted when he left and we missed. Can't see him coming to us though as he wants to play every game and he wont get that here.
  23. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think our right back problem has been sorted. Skrtel should play there ahead of Johnson. He was a beast going forward and is a bit dangerous when he is in our box for most of the game. Great display on Saturday from the whole team, Lucas in particular was brilliant. We don't have the star quality all over the pitch like Man City and Man U have but what we have got are hard workers all over the field and players like Suarez and Kuyt who just overwhelm opposition players with their off the ball movement. If we can keep everybody happy and performing like that for the whole season we will win the league just by pure effort alone. The Manchester teams have looked sharp banging in goals against depleted teams but they won't be able to keep that up for a whole season for dozens of reasons.
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