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  1. Re: UFC Official Thread Pretty disappointed with the main event, I hadn't watched much of okiami before this fight but from the talk of people who had it seemed like it would be a good fight but it was just the same as usual. At one point Silva was stood in front of him with his hands right down by his waist and still he never hit him. Nog was awesome though.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not seen or heard much of Coates until there was speculation we were interested in him a few weeks ago. We do need a decent centre back though. If we land him and is as good as people seem to think he is then we have really done everything we wanted to achieve in this transfer window.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Regardless of who's stats say what any idiot with a braincell and a half can see Downing is better than N'Zogbia. They are not exactly the same kind of player but all round I am sure every manager would prefer Downing. Really like the look of Downing so far, I think he has done well and will provide lots of goals this season. Same with Carroll, quite a few saying he isn't a good striker. He has had a perfectly good goal scratched off and has done well. His header against Arsenal was awesome and unlucky not to score. He does not work well as a lone striker as he is a player who likes to link play up and then finish. Once Suarez and him start alongside each other regular the goals will come. If the referee doesn't blow his whistle for a freekick/
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I do rate Agureo highly and think he is an awesome striker. Still think Carroll will be top scorer this season. Shame his goal was rules out against Sunderland but there is 37 more games left.
  5. Re: UFC Official Thread What a fight that was! There is no adverts at all on this online service just a few gaps in between fights and for when they need a judges decision. Really hope Hardy wins this fight now, have put a bit of money on to spice it up. Going to bed straight after though as I have work at 9am.
  6. Re: UFC Official Thread enjoying this, good quality picture and I like the little bits at the bottom that help you skip back to where the action was in the round. How much is this service for regular events?
  7. Re: UFC Official Thread I'm same have Virginmedia, but when Setanta folded last minute and they broadcast UFC 100 online it was decent quality so shouldn't matter too much this is online. ESPN are still going to air UFC events, the Andserson Silva event is on ESPN as per usual. I think Hardy will win tonight, it suits his style and he is more determined to win. The Ben Henderson fight should be a great one too, could go either way.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I agree that Downing is the best left winger that we could have gotten and I am glad we bought him. He has shown flashes of genius already and he is one of the most consistent players in the premiership. While Ashley Young or someone else has the ability on their day to win games single handedly over the course of 40-50 games Downing will contribute much more and win more points. Watching a few replays this morning and can't believe the Carroll goal was disallowed, it was that which probably gave Barton the inspiration for his fall. Finally even though I hate Wes Brown and always will, it was never a handball. He did everything he could to keep his arms in the best position.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Really disappointing display, I was hoping we would lay down a marker and start the season with a dominant performance and a win. Sunderland have a decent team but they were there for the taking in my opinion. Regardless of any mistakes by the ref about not giving a red card or disallowed goals Kenny has to take the blame. He got it wrong down the right neither Flanagan or Henderson should have started Kelly and Kuyt would have been much better and would have made it a different game. It's not a total disaster but it is definitely a case of 2 points lost and we cannot afford to keep doing this if we want to compete for the title.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think we could risk it and give Doni a run out to play Exeter.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would not miss him for £4m. I liked him and think if he had more of a chance he could improve to be a decent striker. But he never got it and now I think he is not going to ever meet his full potential.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Pleased with the news that we have got Enrique. Left back was a big problem position for us even though Aurelio was a great player his fitness record is very poor and we have never really had a left back that consistently play in a good run of games for a while now. Hopefully now Enrique can sort that problem out and having more reliable full backs will improve the overall defence. News is that the game is on unless something else happens which is unlikely so it may be too soon for Suarez to play in the first game. I am very confident of a win though without him.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think against Sunderland if Johnson is not 100% we will line up with Reina Kelly Carragher Agger Aurelio Adam Lucas Kuyt Aquilani Downing Carroll or maybe 4-4-2 with Kuyt up front and Henderson on the right instead Aquilani. Who knows? We should beat Sunderland though and make a statement of intent.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I wouldn't mind Barton coming in if we do sell Aquilani and then get rid of Cole probably loan out Shelvy. For all Bartons problems he did link up well with Carroll. Would be interesting to see the details of Jovanovic's deal, it was all but done the other day they were only negotiating his wages now suddenly it's all settled. I doubt Anderlecht have gave him more or he has agreed to take more of a cut. We are probably still paying a proportion of his wages.
  15. Re: UFC Official Thread My heart really wants Rampage to win, he is one of the few personality's in the UFC that are genuinely funny and watch-able. I do like Jones too for his personality, after the Shogun fight where he told the story of him chasing a handbag thief was pretty cool. However I don't think he has a chance, Jones is far more intelligent and in 90% of fights the smartest fighter wins. Either way it should be a good fight. Also really glad Fedor got knocked out too, said all along he just has that 1 shot with his wild overhand right which knocks a lot of dopey fighters out. Any fighter with any sort of ability could beat him. Never was number 1 pound for pound fighter and never will be.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Another pre-season game, another 3 goals shipped and another good performance from Aquilani.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I do agree with ray that people need to realise that you are allowed to share your opinion without some moron try to prove it wrong just because he has a different one. I think Carroll is a goal scorer and will get better with every game and am so confident that he will have a successful season me and an old school friend have a £500 wager who will score more league goals Carroll or Hernandez. But people who don't think Carroll is very good are entitled to say so, they are not expressing a fact just their opinion.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It certainly is concerning that an "infection" can keep a player out for a month if they are right and he will be back in September. Especially as it was only a few weeks ago that I read Gerrard said he was in the best condition of his career. I have seen a few players saying "wish we had sold him when we had the chance" but we have benefited more by having him in our team. Having a world class player like Gerrard persuades the likes of Torres and Suarez to come to us, and players like Reina and Kuyt to sign new contracts. And even when he isn't at his best like last season he is still our best player.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's actually been a while since we had a good pre-season. Not just the past 2 seasons but 3 or 4. To be fair this time round the players that aren't performing are the players who were rubbish anyway (Degen, Cole, Poulsen etc). We haven't had hardly any of our main players playing and the ones we have had have done well. I think the plan was for us to get rid of 6-7 of the deadwood get in a new left back and centre back and use the last few games of pre-season to work on our best team, but we just cannot shift the rubbish.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread on the plus Diouf has been banned for 5 years by the Senegal FA.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Yeah such a shame really. Joe Cole used to be one of the players that I always wished had played for Liverpool, now he does and is a shadow of his former self. If there is one of the "dead wood" we have in our team I wish could find some form it's him.
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