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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Great tournament for Suarez, played amazing. And won the player of the tournament award to top it off so surely he will be full of confidence when he comes back to us. he said before the tournament that he was in excellent condition next season with Liverpool won't suffer should he have a deep run in the CA. Hopefully a couple of weeks rest and he will be doing the same in the league.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread is it not a repeat of the Malaysian 11 game? Our next game should be against Hull on Saturday.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread All 3 of them... They all are more than capable of closing players down and making tackles, I read in one paper a few weeks ago Adam had 88% challenge success rate last season and Gerrard had 84%. Obviously Aquilani wasn't covered in that article but like Neller has said he does a lot of running about off the ball. Add to that we will have Kuyt or Downing who also work hard every minute of the game and Carroll who can defend from the front I think we will have closing down pretty well covered. Like I said I don't think Lucas is poor by any means and will play a big role but I just think Gerrard, Aquilani and Adam will make a better starting line up and are all more complete players.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm a fan and lover of all things Lucas but personally I think that Adam and Aquilani are better than him. I think we will use a system with 3 men in the middle and no doubt Lucas will get some game time but I think our best team when everyone is fit will have; Gerrard------------------Adam -------------Aquilani-----------
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Some great passing moves in that video, I know you can't rate someone off a 3-4min youtube highlight video (there is one that makes Babel look like Messi) but I think some Liverpool fans do forget that he had some good games for us and his problem was never that he struggled with the pace of the English game it was just his fitness record. He played 30 odd games last season for Juve and if he can stay healthy he would be in our first team in my opinion. Some of the passing with Gerrard in that clip is awesome, imagine Gerrard, Aquilani and Adam in a middle 3 with Suarez making runs for them. This is how good he is, 20 seconds into that video the ball he plays it is Degen running on the end of it. Anyone who can deliver a ball which Degen can control easily is a legend in my book.
  6. Re: UFC Official Thread Just watched this, haven't every really like Chael Sonnen but that was funny. Can just imagine them trying to feed a bus a carrot too.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Wasn't really a struggle it was more a case of us getting players some game time. We have a lot of players for CM/AM positions so for the first half we had Carroll alone upfront to give all of Merieles, Adam, Cole, Spearing and Cody a half. Adam showed some good passes and Flannagen and Robinson both looked good at full back but next season I don't think we will ever have Carroll as a lone striker so not too much to worry about, those balls over the top by Adam will create loads of goals when Suarez is making runs and Carroll will have more room. I know it's only 2 pre-season games but Aquilani has done well in both and is making a case to be in the first team, he also made some great passes. N'Gog looks confident again too. And also it was good to see Insua back and didn't do too bad.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I will also concur that Henderson has been brought in to be the long term replacement for Gerrard. Can we have a 10 page "debate" about something less moronic? Will Doni replace Reina????? perhaps?
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Well that is your opinion. I don't think he is average and believe he will do well for us next season.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Don't see what all the fuss is about. Kenny has obviously got a blueprint that he believes will bring long term success to Liverpool football club and that involves Carroll, Suarez, Downing, Adam and Henderson and so we have got them. I rate Downing pretty highly, he is a player I wished we had signed years ago when he was still at Boro. People are saying we have been ripped off because we paid more than United did for Young. While it is true at their best Young is capable of being a much better he is also more capable of going missing and doing nothing for a whole game. Over a course of a season i would prefer Downing, he is consistent and between him Gerrard and Adam there will be plenty of chances created for Carroll. As well as the benefits for Carroll I think Downing would also fit in well with Suarez coming in side and passing it through teams so he is not just limited to getting the ball out wide and launching it in. Can't believe some guy even said "he only scored 8 goals and got 7 assists last season" that is a great contribution in my opinion and if he does the same next season for us then it will be well worth £20million, you have got to remember we are talking about real life football and not Fifa where full backs can score 35 a season.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread pretty good game for our first pre-season match. Compared to the last 2 pre-seasons we actually looked amazing. Some real positives Cody scoring, Aquilani looked fit and did some good passes, Spearing looked good too and Kelly seems to have just picked up from where he was before his injury.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread welcome to him. He was never good enough for us he is the same as Hodgson in that he is a good fit for a team that has no real expectations and can concede an average 2 goals a game and still meet their targets.
  13. Re: Riferimento: Official Liverpool Thread
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Jovanovic hasn't been released, he has been told he is allowed to look for another club and will be able to join anyone who is willing to have him. Basically Liverpool have said we don't wan't you but won't release him because of his massive contract and would have to pay off the remainder of it. The way things are looking we are going to have to make a deal with another club to pay a % of his wages. Because nobody is going to match £120k a week for him. Surely there should be clauses in contracts that reduce players wages if they don't perform and hardly feature.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread pleased that we have finally got him, shame we couldn't have got him last season we may have gotten into Europe. Read somewhere that Blackpool scored 12 goals from corners last season (a premiership record), with Andy Carroll and Kyrigiakos to aim at they could be the vital goals we have been missing out on for a long time. Also with Gerrard not taking them it would make him available to hang around the edge of the area and get some that don't go in directly off the corners
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread yep great movement and finish, can't wait to see him and Gerrard linking up in the premiership.
  17. Re: UFC Official Thread I also thought Wiman had won that fight too, however it was a close one and definitely wasn't the worst decision ever made. I think the cut in round 2 made it look more in Wimans favour than it actually was. the first and thrid rounds could have gone either way so I don't expect much to be made of it.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread There is a lot of fans on various boards complaining that everything has gone quiet lately. This week should show that there is nothing to worry about. With very little media talk we have lost Sammy Lee and gained Kevin Keen as first team coach. Keen works with the same pass and move style which Dalglish swears by and obviously he will have known Clarke from their time at West Ham so it looks to be a good set up that should help get the best out of our players. Hopefully the same is going to happen with transfers, Kenny often tells the press he does not enjoy giving the supporters false hopes and will only ever announce anything when it is official. There is still a while yet until our first pre-season game so can't understand some fans writing us off already.
  19. Re: UFC Official Thread pretty good event last night. Some surprises I never expected Tito to win that. Shame to see Wanderli Silva carry on like this similar to Chuck. He should have retired while he was still on top, all the years of punishment have caught up with him now. Now a ***** like Leben is going to think he is better than Silva.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Some propper moronic stuff being said on this thread lately... Gerrard may only get into the Arsenal team at a stretch? He is unanimously thought of as one of the best players in the world and of this generation. He would get into any team even Barcelona. Another that I found stupid "Rafa put Liverpool on the map"... I really love Rafa and he is a legend of Liverpool but we were the most successful team in England before he came and were winning trophies and were one of the top teams. I know he brought us some world class players and improved the team but we were already well and truly on the map.
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