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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sammy Lee was motivational coach and tried to do stuff with the players to improve their confidence and self belief. I like Sammy and you can tell he loves the club just from when the camera focuses on the dugout during TV games. But maybe his stuff wasn't working, most of our players did not look like they wanted to be on the pitch over the past couple of seasons.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Carroll will definitely start, he is our main goal scorer and we look to be buying players specifically to supply him with good chances (Downing, Lennon, Adam). He did not look his best in some games for us but he was just coming off a long injury and having to adapt to a new team on top of that. He also did have a few great games and a few efforts that were cleared off the line because they were maybe an inch too far from the post. Personally I think with him and Suarez next season we will for the first time in a long time have 2 main goal getters and they are both offer completely different threats too with Suarez able to run it through 3-4 players and make amazing runs and Carroll being a danger in the air and from outside the box. Other teams will not want to face them if we can get them both firing on all cylinders. Then there is Kuyt and Gerrard too who can both get plenty of goals over a season. Bring on next season I say.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread delighted if we finally get Adam and then seal up Downing. Both great players that would add goals to our team. I think Mererlies is a top player and liked him before he came to Liverpool but I don't think he would be as effective in our starting team as Adam will be, and it is unlikely he will be happy playing from the bench for a whole season. Add to the fact he is one of the few players which people will be willing to pay money for so we can maybe improve the team even more. As for Diego, really skill-full and talented player no doubt about it he could potentially be up there with the to 20 in the world if he was in a top team. But his personality is up there with Diouf. There are reasons why Bremen were willing to sell him then he did not last long at Juventus when really he should have thrived in the Italian league. Also wasn't there some stuff about him taking the ball off a player for a crucial penalty then missing it and all sorts of problems with Wolfsburg. I don't think he would have any respect for Kenny and if things did not go his way we would end up selling him on for a big loss. Hopefully we can seal up Adam, Downing, Zapata and Clichy over the next week or two and we will have an amazing team for the new season. Reina Johnson Carragher Zapata Clichy Lucas Gerrard------- Adam Kuyt ------------------------ Suarez Carroll
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think Clichy isn't that bad, he has pace and is good at getting forward. I would love it if we did get him for under £10million. Having him and Johnson on either side both getting forward for the whole game would help us overwhelm some of the smaller teams who are just content to defend and hold out for a point.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread So we missed out on Young to Man U, like I said when we were linked with him I think he is a good player and would have been useful but I am not too disappointed to not sign him either. He is going to improve Man U though, obviously he is no where near as good as Ronaldo but I think him and Rooney will link up in the same way that they did and will be dangerous next season.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread we are getting a lot of links to Nolan Roux. I have not really heard of him but his stats looks pretty good 21 goals in 53 games. And on the lfc site it says Comolli has recommended him and he isn't bad at spotting talented payers. Looking at the few videos on youtube he seems to be a good finisher, anyone know much about him and think he will suit our team?
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hope this does signal a move for Downing, I have rated him for a long time and wished we had bought him instead of Villa. For the same reasons I said we need Adam, Downing has good delivery from set pieces and will provide plenty of opportunities for Carroll. I was looking forward to this season before the last one had even ended with Suarez lighting up the premier league and now even more so if we get Downing and Zapata we will have a brilliant chance. Some people are saying Carroll has been a flop for us and not looked good but it was simply that we don't really have anyone who can consistently supply the balls he needs and with Gerrard being injured they never got chance to link up and form a partnership.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread How bad must his fitness be if he failed a medical with us? Considering the guys we have let sail through over the years? Either his feet have fallen off or we have improved our standards to more than placing 3 fingers under their balls and asking them to cough. Also I don't get why people are so against signing Adam? For his set piece skills alone he would be invaluable to us, we have nobody that can play consistently that can provide good quality corners or free kicks. Look back at the past few seasons in games where we dropped points despite dominating the whole game but couldn't get a decisive goal, sometimes we had 12+ corners. Add to that that he is a decent player who is confident on the ball and always wants it, a midfield 3 of Gerrard, Adam and Merieles would be incredible with Kuyt Suarez and Carroll in attack. Finally, would really like to see Zapata coming to Liverpool. We look pretty weak at the back it says a lot that Skrtel managed to play every game for us last season when most consider him the 3rd best behind Agger and Carra. Some even rate Soto better than him. Zapata would be the best of our central defenders were he to join.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The odds have been slashed for Mata to come to Liverpool. We seem to get linked to him every transfer window can't see it happening now though. Don't know who is betting on it.
  10. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Anyone have any hints how to get more interest in your players when you want to sell? Been playing career mode a lot lately when I get in from work and put players like Ribery, Lahm and Gomez on the transfer list and nobody even bids for them.
  11. Re: UFC Official Thread I don't know why Tony was seen as a villain on the show, he was the best fighter by a mile and I loved how he always wore a suit in the build up to the fights. Yeah he had that 1 drunk spat but it was nothing really major, the best fighter won. The event last night was not that great really, I think they should hold off doing another TUF season for a while. There are fighters getting through now that were alternates for previous seasons and even some that were completely rejected. It's clear by the fact that contestants from Season 1 that never even made the finals are still competing and doing well against top fighters yet some of the winners from future seasons are washed up and not UFC standard.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I like Henderson and think he would be good for us, but the price is rather inflated. £15million is to be expected because he is English and I think it would be a good deal but paying him £70k a week is absurd. Don't think we have a chance of Adam Johnson at all. I saw a headline that we are linked with Cissoko again, a really good left back which is one of the key areas we need filling.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If we get £8million for N'gog I would be amazed. He had his moments in the cup games early in the season but he is not worth that.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread when it comes to Poulsen, movement is not a word you could associate with him. I'd say we can expect to see the same movement in the tansfer market that we saw from him on the pitch.... none.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What price do we think Charlie Adam will be available for now that Blackpool are out of the premier league? Personally I was glad to see them go down after the way they went about things on deadline day. It is all well and good keeping your best players to help you stay up but then to accept a lower offer from Spurs last minute to me showed that they were just trying to rip Liverpool off because we were desperate. We do still need him in my opinion, we have nobody that is really good at free kicks or corners who gets into the team consistently, and this causes us to miss out on dozens of scoring opportunities over the season.
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