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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Already bored of all this Perch nonsense.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Great news about Dalglish looking at some of his stats compared to Hodgson played less games, had less shots, fewer passes, lower pass completion rate and we have still won more games and scored more goals. Just like I said the other day we are not playing that great but we are getting goals down to the fact our players are constantly moving on and off the ball and it's overwhelming teams. Shame there isn't 10-15 more games left this season.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Kuyt would be my pick too, Lucas has had a good season at the start of the season and has proven a few people wrong. But Kuyt has been really good again this season not only has he shone towards the end of the season when the team has been steered back on course but at the start when we were not playing well at all and had the idiot in charge putting his zombie in the middle of our midfield Kuyt still played well and we would have been in a lot worse position without him. Regarding Ashley Young coming to us, I wouldn't mind him being in our team as he has pace to cause people problems and has the style of delivery from set pieces that Carroll would thrive. But at the same time I wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't get him either and he went to somewhere else.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Kenny should make Gerrard watch videos of Spearings performances lately and let him know that if he doesn't perform to that level then Spearing will be in the starting line up ahead of him. No doubt Gerrard is the best player we have and is all round miles better than Spearing, but quality passes are no good if you never get the ball. adding Spearing, Suarez and giving Lucas and Mereiles more freedom means we now have 5-6 players constantly running after the ball not giving the opposition time to pass it round us and we now have multiple options when we do have the ball. Before it was just Kuyt doing any running at all with Torres and Gerrard hardly closing anyone down only in the big games (United, Chelsea and Madrid etc) We are still not playing as good as we possibly could and still making mistakes but the movement and determination from Suarez, Kuyt, Spearing, Lucas is overwhelming teams. If we can add a few more top class players and get them to play with the same energy then next season we can easily win the league.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He was a decent player when he did get going, but with his injury record then the time it takes him to get into match shape, it isn't worth having him in the team. I think if we can get a decent price we should cut the losses, especially if the wage figures in the papers are correct. Hope there isn't anything in the stories about Amoo joining Hull permanently. He was one of the youth players that regularly stood out to me and i thought he would start making some first team appearances this season or next.
  6. Re: UFC Official Thread Obviously on the ground was the only place that Shields could have won, but GSP could have handled it. I like GSP's tactics usually how he focuses on his opponents weaknesses and controls the fight to not play to their strength but that fight should be a wake up call if he wants to fight Anderson Silva and other top quality fighters in the higher weight classes. Keeping the fight in 1 area exposes you to get caught, the punch that hurt his eye was not a great one but it landed because he continued to do the same thing for three rounds.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Ah I was looking through and I saw K Dalglish, thought it was the owner. It won anyway so it's all good
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Kenny's horse Stonefield Flyer is running in half an hour. Newcastle 14:10. 9/4 at paddypower.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What are peoples thoughts on Sakho? Seems to be one of our main targets for the summer. He's been known for quite a while and was always highly rated on computer games for the past few years, I have not seem him play in real life though. We do need some quality in our defence, our cover looks ok now we have Kelly,Flanagan and Robinson but our starters need improving.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Shame players have to get old, one of the best players we have had as far as I'm concerned. Will he get a testimonial from Liverpool? I hope so.
  11. Re: UFC Official Thread I'm a big GSP fan but even I was dissapointed. know he had an eye injury from round 3 and still got the win against what people consider is one of the best fighters. But I think there was such a gap in the quality GSP shouldn't have been so afraid of taking him down and giving more of a fight. Other than that it wasn't a bad card, that swelling on Hominick's head almost made me sick though. Gutted Randy retired but atleast he did go out with some good results and fighting a world class fighter.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Good team performance today again can't wait for next season. Tough to decide our best 11. Flanagan has been great after being thrown in at the deep end but he is not our strongest right back by a distance. If everyone was fit and 100% I'd play Reina Johnson Carragher Agger Aurelio Mereiles Lucas Gerrard Kuyt Carroll Suarez Not as a propper 4-3-3 but with Kuyt and Suarez moving all over the place and with Mereiles and Gerrard both doing what they do covering most of the pitch. However Aurelio never seems able to maintain any kind of fitness so I'd probably switch Johnson to the left and have Kelly on the right for most of the games. Also, we look really determined to buy in some more players and there are dozens of players linked with us which would improve our current best 11 so who knows how we could be lining up next season. Can't wait for next season!
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Do I have to choose just 1? Usually I don't bother replying to your posts because your so boring and pathetic it doesn't seem fair. It's clear to everyone with half a brain that your a loser and scour the forum looking for a point to prove. I have not really contributed much lately but it seems every time I do read this thread there is always a very dull debate started by you after you have obviously skim read and picked out 1 weak point in a message.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Summed it up Good performance. While we can still get 5th the season is a bit of a write off so it is great we are doing something useful and giving young players chance to get a good run of games. Spearing has come on more during this current spell than in he did during the previous couple of seasons and is finally looking like the talent he used to when he was in the reserve team. Also Flanagan looks to be getting more confident and the team also look to be more confident in him, I know everyone hyped up his debut because it was Man City and he did do a good job, but he got a lot of help from Lucas and Carragher always looking after him, they seem to be trusting him a bit more now and he is getting forward. Not sure which Sunday paper it was but there was a good interview with Comolli talking about the transfer plans over the summer, saying that they are going to review players stats over the past 3 seasons and see how many times they win the ball/give the ball away and said one of the main points they are looking at is how injury prone the players are. Which I think it's about time we did, we have wasted millions on players who are constantly getting injured and then struggle to get into match shape while other teams have players who player every game of the season no bother.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What has all this got to do with anything? Why do you people insist on debating such irrelevant points after what was a really good game?
  16. Re: UFC Official Thread The thing about St Pierre he targets his oppenents weakest area no matter if he is better than them in their strongest area. So I think he will keep it standing as much as he can and try and win it with kicks with a few ground and pounds when they happen to occur.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread didn't Pacheco say something recently like "All Spaniards are leaving Liverpool" Real shame if it is the case he moves on in the summer, a great talent wasted.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What an idiot.
  19. Re: UFC Official Thread Got it wrong with Hardy i guess, I forgot how big Johnson was. Gutted he didn't stand up more though and fight the fight he said hewas going to. Hope Hardy doesn't get cut from the UFC for 3 losses. It would for sure be a bigger upset if Sheilds beat GSP but I am going to put it in writing there is no way it will happen. Ypu may or may not know I am a gambler and have money on GSP already it is a sure thing.
  20. Re: UFC Official Thread UFC Fight Night is back on tonight, a lot of the rubbish fights are available on facebook. Looks a good match up for te main event Hardy V Rumble Johnson. I'm backing Hardy but it will be a close 1.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Jonjo Shelvey is going to be in trouble, tweeted a pic of his willy. it's made him 1 of the most popular trends though so not all bad news.
  22. Re: UFC Official Thread Gutted about these title fights, the only thing I am struggling to decide is who will dominate the most. Richard's best attribute is wrestling and Jones is way more skilled defending against wrestling and is just all round superior. It will be a cake walk for Jones. They could have had the match right after he fought Shogun and he would win. Same goes for GSP V Shields. Shields has made a name for himself fighting at a lower level and didn't look at all good in his UFC debut. if it wasn't for his name they wouldn't let him near the title it's just GSP has dominated the whole division and Silva won't take him. Only good thing is maybe it will set up a super fight St Pierre V Bones. Machida V Randy will be a good right. About time they gave Randy a decent match to let him fight at the level he deserves.
  23. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I like Mereiles always have even before he joined Liverpool. But Mascherano was a good deal better. Remember when he was playing for us he was in a strict regieme with no real freedom. He had orders to stay deep and break up play and did it. If he was in our team now and was allowed to have more freedom and play the same role as Mereiles then maybe he would have scored more. Just think it is a shame he is being wasted now as a back up. As for Gerrard, he was injured and if we were playing anyone else then he probably would not have played. He had a quiet game but I don't think he was even 70%. When he gets 100% with him, Mereiles, Suarez and Carroll we are going to be some force.
  24. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Watching the Barca V Arsenal game today, Mascherano sooo should have stayed with us. He only gets in the team when there is injuries and Busquets has to play in defence. He doesn't fit well with them players and they don't really like giving him the ball. What a waste of a world class player.
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