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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Great game, thought Suarez and Mereiles were a different class. Espescially the opening 10mins, the passing moves were brilliant. Good to see Carroll get some game time under his belt too. Only you'se morons could come on a football forum after seeing an amazing game and then talk about how both Liverpool and Celtic both sing the same song. Bet half the people saying how bad the atmosphere is at Anfield havn't even been to any matches and are just copying what you have heard said by other people. Yeah it wasn't rocking and I have been when there has been more noise but it wasn't bad. I wasn't on the Kop but there was fins singing where I was.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Agree with you Ben, didn't see the international game but have seen the youth and reserve games regularly on LFCtv. We have had quite a few "gold generations" lately yet they all seem to fizzle out and drift away to other pastures. I think the only one that really got into the team was Insua, and then we sold him. Hopefully some of this group will come through and live up to their potential.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Liverpool fans never get a break. When things are not running smooth there is a million and 1 morons on here trying to act like they are genius pointing out we don't have a strong team and there is 6 teams with better starting 11s than us. They then dissapear when we have a run of good results and start playing some way towards the level we are capable. So now we are playing well our key players get "linked" with other teams. Pepe has more class in his genitals than the people who make these stories, you can garuntee if he ever does want to leave for whatever reason he will do thinks respectfully and propper.
  4. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Anyone play the career mode on fifa11? just a few questions. During the season you get messages saying that I should tell players I appreciate them playing well when they have been good. How can I do this? And if you have players that are knocking on and retiring, do you get a youth player to replace them in your squad when they do go. Or do you just have to keep buying in?
  5. Re: UFC Official Thread Really liked BJ and rated him highly. But He seems to like you say not care anymore. Even when it came to try and regain his title he didn't look like he wanted it. Fitch for me too.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread yeah? Was Agger the only player to foul him though or not?
  7. Re: UFC Official Thread GSP scared of Silva? You can garuntee St Pierre has already got the gameplan to beat Silva figured out. The thing with GSP is he is very attentive to the details and a real proffesional, to fight Silva he would need to increase his muscle by 10lbs. He knows going up and down in weights can have big effects and he wants to make sure everything is 100% and build up the weight naturally when it is right. It's easy for some fighters to go up and down the weight classes because their frames and body type mean they can just dehydrate themselves or lose some excess fat and drop to a certain weight, but St Pierre is a pure athlete. The fight will happen I am sure of that and I am also sure St Pierre will beat Silva.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Was Agger the only player to foul him? Can't remember anyone else, and he only touched the ball about 3 times.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread How brilliant was Carragher today? People can say what they want about him being rubbish and only boots the ball down the pitch randomly, but he was awsome today not just his tackles and blocks. How accurate was his long passes and switches? He did really well espescially considering he was up against Drogba and Torres and only just back from an injury. Only thing that has brought me down... I had Mereiles to hit the woodwork and Maxi to be first goal scorer! if it was the other way round would have got me a nice £200
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If we sold Gerrard we could then buy N'Zogbia for 24million!!!
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread With all the goals and action in todays game does anyone get the feeling we are going to have a boring 0-0?
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Get on Lucas at 10-1 to be the first to foul Torres on Sunday. Not because he particularly hates him, but he is just so bad at tackling and Torres will have to get past him before he gets to the likes of Carra and Agger. Come on Lucas!
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm opposite of you neller and am going into this game with alot of confidence. Suarez hadn't played for weeks because of his ban and then wasn't allowed to train and still came on from the bench and got into the game straight away. Gerrard and Mereiles seem to have a good understanding and when either goes forward the other drops back, somethign which we have not had in the centre for a while, usually we have had either 2 players staying back and no options upfront or 2 players staying forward and leaving us open. Johnson seems to be back on his game too and I like him on the left. Our defence is still shakey but with Kelly in at right back, Agger back to fitness and hopefully Carragher we will have a solid back line. I think we will do them 2-0!
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We didn't pay £35million for Carroll for potential at all. We paid that much because it was a last minute deal for their top goal scorer (who scored more than their other strikers combined) who still had a very long contract. We were being left in the lurch with only N'Gog as a real out and out striker and so had to stump up the money to get him.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Got over the initial shock now, seeing Torres interview almost brought me to tears. And I didn't even cry when Mufasa died! I have been saying for a while that we should cash in on Torres because he spends more time looking at the ref and linesmen/women than he does running into the box. But I never actually beleved we would sell him. I still stand by the fact that on his day he is the best striker in the world by a mile, and if he ever got his head sorted and the right mentaillity he could be better than Messi. However we need to move on, Carroll despite the price is a good player for us and I strongly believe he will go on to have a great record for Liverpool. Will he single handedly win us the league next season? No. But him and Suarez up front with a couple more signings we could have a real shot at it.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread So dissapointed we never completed the Charlie Adam signing now, his crosses and delivery would have been something that Carroll could have thrived on.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What a ffffffing joke of a signing! If i saw someone on SM buying Carroll for £35million I would report them!
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread doesn't matter what rules are going to come in, they will find a way round it. There was talk that clubs had to be profitable for them to play in Europe, the multi billionaire owners could easily use 1 of their companies and sign a "sponsorship deal" with their club giving them the millions they need to balance the books in return for a logo on their website. Same thing happened with the wages recently, there was a super tax rule which meant that the super rich had to pay much more tax than regular people causing concern all the big players would leave for Spain because even on a lower basic wage they would earn more than in England after tax even on a much higher wage. But they have got round it by creating image right clasuses. There was a bit in the paper the other weak Garteh Barry only pays 2% tax. As for Torres, just seen on SSN that we have said he is available now for £50million. But really is that enough? I think we are going to have to use almost 3/4 of that replacing him for someone who is not nearly as good as him. WHich is not rebuiling at all. Fernando Llorente is my biggest wish that we could get, he won't be available for less than £25million thats for sure. Newcastle are asking for £30million for Andy Carroll!!! So even with this glorious £50million we are not going to transform too much.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If he is still here for the chelsea game I'm having £10 on him to score a hat-trick against them then kiss the badge.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread you had to go and jynx me didn't you! I had £5 on Blackpool at 9-1 too!
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread can't believe they sacked Andy Gray for this nonsense. Some people say they hate him and he was clueless and so and so, but the fact is he was the best commentator in football. As for Charlie Adam we needd to push the boat out to get him, he isn't worth the 15mill that is being suggested by Blackpool but we could easily go about 8million. Maybe let him stay and play against Man U score a goal and beat them and then we can buy him.
  22. Re: Official Liverpool Thread About time thigns are starting to move on with Suarez, hopefully him and Adam will come in and we will end the season in style.
  23. Re: Official Liverpool Thread 10-03-2010 I said this. Knew it would take someone of equal genius like Kenny to realise it is the winning system. Maxi was injured at the time I think so I would have put him in ahead of Cole.
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