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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread maybe the mods finally realised he is a moronic dickhead. I'm with Ajax in wanting the deal done quickly too.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What a goal for the second. First time I have watched Liverpool in ages and thought that we actually looked a better team than the opponents. Still plenty of space to improve too but you have got to feel with Carragher coming back and Gerrard things well deffinetly get better. I like the 3 CM with Torres upfront on his own system. Think Maxi and Mereiles both did great and have shown glimses of their best since Kenny has been in charge. Final point. So glad Johnson has cut his hair.
  3. Re: UFC Official Thread I dunno the tickets are meg expensive. Cant wait to see Silva V Belfort!
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread wow I knew we were linked with Honda ages ago. Would be really pleased if he signed. A player I have admired for a while.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Poor Jack... If six million is what we get for Babel on top of getting his wages off our books then that would be a good deal.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread How much has babel been sold for? Been out all day and havn't seen on the news what kind of figures are they suggesting?
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Poulsen and Jovanovic out Spearing and Maxi in. I'd say that was sensible. Glad Spearing is in the team as we need somone with balls to lead the team. Merlies needs to up his game today, he gave the ball away so much against blackpool I thought he was Torres.
  8. Re: El Hadj Diouf is a disgrace to the EPL and football! "I would call him a sewer rat, but he isn't even that good" about right as far as his personallity is concerned.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread With all the stuff about Man U yesterday I forgot to say that finally I agree with something that Neil Warnock has said. Usually he is one of the morons of football talking nonsense to get on TV because he is too poor a manager to ever get in the spotlight. But his comments about Diouf were spot on, about time someone came out and said it.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Yeah Babel did well from the bench. Kelly was the best performer in our team in my opinion. Considering the opposition he had to deal with he more than held his own. Really like him at right back and hope he gets the job. Lucas did well too. Wonder if Cole will be in the first team when he is fit? Obviously Gerrard is suspended against Everton now so Cole will more than likely play there, but when they are both back will Gerrard still play as attacking midfielder or drop to centre and have Cole behind Torres?
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Do we reckon that Kenny is going to stick with Kelly at right back and play Johnson as a right winger? Saw an interview with Aldo and he suggested that is what he would like to see and have seen a few people say it on TV too, most of the fans online have been calling for it for a while. Thought the performance of the team was generally better. Torres still had a few moments where he looked like throwing his dummy out but on the whole he did good. if we play like that every week from now till the end of the season we wil be ok.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Don't think Owen Coyle is the right man for the job. He is a good manager and every club that he has moved onto has always been a step up, he has got Bolton into a good position. Do you think Liverpool is the next step up from Bolton though? Some would argue that it was probably not even a step up going off recent performances. But in general Liverpool have a world class team.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread what a moron
  14. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread is there no more free prizes for logging into the site now?
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Torres is becomming like Drogba for me. He has all the abillity and the talent to be the best in the world. But he can't take the slightest thing not going his way. Is it just coincidence that all his brilliant performances come when the world is watching in the glamourous games against Chelsa, Man Utd and Real Madrid etc, then regular league games against weaker teams if the linesman flags him offside he throws a strop.
  16. Re: UFC Official Thread what was it that happened at the end of the first round? I accidently spilt my drink and just saw the aftermath as they were walking away.
  17. Re: UFC Official Thread Great fights I thought last night. Another judges decision that got booed though, however I tought it was a draw too. Edgar won 3 rounds that fight and Maynard won 2 but with the 10-8 first round. I was shocked that it wasn't stopped though in the first round, I have seen people take less hits than that and the ref has jumped in. Glad he didn't as Edgar recovered eventually but he was deffinetly knocked out atleast twice. I'm a big fan of Thiago Silva and glad he won against Vera. Vera looks far too weak against everyone he fights, almost reminds me of FPS Doug (Boom Headshot! guy) and his ribs stick out over his abs too far. Really loved Silva giving him a thai back massage and then break his nose. (that was sick!)
  18. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Keep getting crappy mini silver packs as a daily bonus! would rather have nothing!
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Usually I oppose sacking managers so quickly and think that most of the time it is a ridiculous option that does more harm than good because it is by weak teams who get rid of an average manager and appoint another equally average manager. However, if we stick with Hodgson for much longer we will be in the relagation zone again. The team is a shadow of the team it could be and Hodgson isn't, never has been and never will be any where near capable of getting us to where we want to be.
  20. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread making a little fortune just by logging in daily online. up over 6k now. Might play a few games later and try my luck buying a gold pack.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I don't get the ketchup bit.
  22. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread geez how do you play against weaker teams than yourself. I had a propper rubbish team of bronze and kept only getting games from teams with silver players and they kept catching me on the counter attack. So I built up a pretty oksih team of silvers, and I get teams who have gold players that keep catching me on the counter attack. Then I improve my team to have a few silvers and gold players. And I get games from players with complete gold teams with great players that catch me on the counter attack. I'm not a brilliant amazing player and I don't mind losing games against better players. But i would atleast like a chance. A few of my losses have been down to be getting completely pwned. But most of them I've been giving a good match, even winning with more shots and then I get a corner or somethign and their fast striker has all the space and my players can't keep up. Gets depressing.
  23. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread thanks for the tips Neller. Anyone wants to play me I am going to be on in a bit Gentle_Lover88.
  24. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread lol Neller you know you sound like you know a bit too much about the scam! anyway, I've just started playing this and am using up all my rubbish players to play single player to raise points for better players. Managed to pick up Richard Dunne for 600 but what happens if you use up all your players contracts and have no way to field a full team?
  25. Re: Official Liverpool Thread more rumours about Elia, I wouldn't mind him coming to Liverpool for 3-5million.
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