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  1. Re: Bayern Munich oki doki will do
  2. Bayern Munich I just took over at Munich and I am wondering about who is good and who is not. I dont watch too much German football but i do know a little bit. can somebody tell me if the 2nd choise keeper is likely to improve because Kahn is quite old and of the younger players which are liekly to become 90+
  3. Re: Transfer not happening :S and only 1 day left can you tell me please, what would be acceptable because i desperately need a midfielder because my current ones are producing nothing
  4. Re: Ruben DE LA RED I heard that Real are bringing him back with a clause in his contract and are going to use him in a deal to get Xabi Alonso from Liverpool However this was when Alonso had a disagreement with Rafa Benitez about missing a game and they seem to have sorted it now I wonder though if he would just be a bit-part player and stay 88 if he comes to Liverpool
  5. Re: Transfer not happening :S and only 1 day left but in the same set up, zaragoza has bought Cesc Fabrigas from Arsenal for £15million and Diego Millito(93 defender) and Diego (94 midfielder) and that has gone by all ok.
  6. Re: Transfer not happening :S and only 1 day left so it doesnt matter even if he initiated the deal?
  7. I am manager at Bayern Munich and have been left with no money and a squad of just 22 players, I recieved a transfer bid from Athletico Madrid for Luka Toni and it was a swap Toni for Diego Forlan, Maxi Rodriguez and £10million, even though Toni is highly rated and is in great form i felt this was a good deal because i got some money and two quality players. I accepted it and then the chairman for Athletico cancelled it because he was not happy. I am manager rated 49 and the Athletico manager is 41. Is there any way we can get this deal done because the transfer window closes tomorrow.
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