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  1. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread how can u tell how much contract a player has before u buy them?
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Think we got a winnable draw in the cup. Not the easiest but could have been worse. Our reserve players have done well against similar strength teams already in the group, and I think we can be confident of beating them.
  3. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread thought i had landed a great one in a silver pack, but it wasn't wayne rooney it was adam! he's still my best striker though so can't complain. figured out how to apply contracts now, all my 1st team are out of contract and i only have about 5 cards though.
  4. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Got my Ultimate team sorted now. A load of random players i have never heard of, won a match against some guy 11-0 and bought a bronze pack for 750. The best player i have is my LW who's rated 68. Since my initial success I have only been playing against guys who have much better players. One guys lowest midfielder was Lucas from Liverpool and he had Benitez and some 84 rated striker so I had no chance and lost 6-3. Saving up now to get a Silver pack to get some quality. A few questions. Is it even worth bothered putting my rubbish players for trade? will anyone even want them. When bought a bronze pck I got stuff like "strikers +3" and "goalkeeper +5 kicking" do these go on automatically and if i buy new players will they have the improved skills too? Finally, I made a schoolboy error thought i was getting a bargain 72 rated striker for 200coins and then it says his contract is out and i can't play him. Is it possible i can renew him a contract? Whats to stop the rest of my teams contract running out?
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We should put her in defence, she seems to have more passion than Paul and couldn't do any worse that's for sure. On the subject of Konchesky, how come all of our team are becomming bald? Reina, Konchesky, Mereiles, Shelvy, Spearing. Cole is developing a bald patch too.
  6. Re: UFC Official Thread How can it be boring? It is MMA at it's ultimate best.
  7. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread only just got my PS3 internet connection sorted. anyone want a game later i am Gentle_Lover88. whats the thing where you buy players for coins? so far I've only played random players head to head.
  8. Re: UFC Official Thread What's wrong with GSP? For me he is the ultimate mixed martial artist. He is one of the few and the best fighter that goes into a fight not relying on his own strangths but targeting his opponents weakness. Every fight he has a stratergy to beat that particular fighter, he fought this fight 100% different to how he fought Hardy and dominated them both. I love watching UFC in the same way I like watching football, I wouldn't enjoy going to see 2 bad teams go and play and score 6-6 when i could watch Barcelona play with brilliant players and beat someone 2-0. The same that I would rather watch GSP fight for 5 rounds dictating everything and controlling the fight that 2 random guys who both swing for the fences. Don't get me wrong, I am not against the strikers and the fights where both stand up and swing for all 3 rounds I do like them too. But GSP isn't boring or any less entertaining the way he fights either. I do agree though, he needs to move up weight classes now for a challenge. Every fight he has lately have promised to give him a chalenge and he has had a cake walk. I love GSP but I would love to see him get someone that he can't controll for 5 rounds where his gameplan doesn't work and he needs a plan B. That would be a great fight.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Can't believe Jovanovic yesterday. I saw him a bit in the worlc cup and he looked like decent player who played the same game as Tevez (not likening him to Tevez by any means but the same style) that he ran after everything and if he got on the ball he generally did something with it. Yesterday there was a flash he got the ball, ran with it past a few guys and hit it and got the bar. Then he wen't back into his previous mode of doing nothing not looking like he wanted to be involved and was pretty sloppy when he was involved. Kelly was good again at rightback and shows good potential.
  10. Re: UFC Official Thread great performance by GSP, picked him apart for all 5 rounds. Just a shame he never finnished him. Woul have been nice to see Josh K on the ground unconscious. What the hell is going on with Danzig's hair?
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Dissapointed that we got no points fromt hat game, thought we deserved soemthing. Like peolpe have said our performance was good. We just needed to be more sharp upfront at the end of the first half, we could have easily killed the game off. Konchesky is a liabillity, teams target him and that is how we are dropping points. Obviously can't blame everything all season on him but the guy is a joke and a liabillity. Who was the person on here saying we need to get rid of Carragher? What a joke that was, he is a brilliant defender and I hope the shoulder injury isn't too serious. As a last line of defence there is not many other players in the world who you would want over him. Have to add too I think N'Gog really did well upfront and I hope we continue, he is a premiership standard striker and if he gets games he will become a great player, you can see he doesn't have the confidence yet to do the things he wants to but I bet if he has a decent run of games he could be a star. Finally, speaking of young stars. How amazing is Suso? Was catching up with the reserve games the other day and he looks like a awsome player already.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think we should do a straight swap Cole replacing Gerrard playing in Gerrards position.
  13. Re: UFC Official Thread So glad BJ and Rampage won yesterday. I actually agree with the judges on the Rampage fight, Machida just ran away for the whole first round, Rampage got a take-down and Machida ran away most of the second. The third Machida won it for sure but it wasn't a 10-8 so I would have gave it to Rampage 29-28 too. The BJ fight was just crazy, why couldn't he do it to Edgar?
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Finding it hard to agree that any of the players "played well" against probably the only team that's worked less off the ball than us. What they did to us yesterday was exactly how we have been playing this season, hopefully we will get more confidence from it and use it to build on.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Shelvy has done well when he has been given his oppertunity this season. You must be insane if you can say without it being a joke that you would prefer Poulsen ahead of Shelvy. Or anyone for that matter. I would genuinely prefer Hodgson to pull on some shorts and play in our midfield than Poulsen!
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Now Real and Barca are both after Llorente! We should have got him 3 years ago when I said!
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Pepe has too much class. I'm not saying he is never going to leave Liverpool but if he does, it won't be one where newspapers report stories about him falling out with the manager and trying to force a move. He is one of the best proffesionals in the game and a credit to our club.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Like many others, not suprised we didn't get a win against Wigan. Could feel it coming throughout the whole day. The move to bring Poulsen on when we had just gone to 1-1 and needed a goal was so bad and so insane it was hysterical. In my opinion though we lost this game in 1 area.. left-back. Konchesky is a average player who Wigan targetted and slaughtered. The team had put a awful lot into the Chelsea game and the 3 games before that so you can forgive them for not being able to maintain that intensity and having to grind a win here. I feel we could have done that easier if we had any other of our options in there. I know Agger, Johnson, Aurelio and Soto are injured so we are very short at the back so there wasn't much choice for this particular game. But he should have spent better in the transfer market. The whole Konchesky deal was a joke in my opinion, Insua wanted to leave so we had to get a left-back in, but getting rid of 2 great talented youth players for this idiot. It wasn't as though we were desperate and had no other choice to sacrifce 2 youth players either. We simply could have kept Aquilani here insetad of loaning him out - not wasted money on Poulsen (another joke) and used the Poulsen money to buy an actual talented Left back.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It was a good performance, well done Roy and Torres for pulling it off. Yet again we have movement - we win! Maybe they is actually something in it? Kelly did a great job, you wouldn't think that was his 1st premiership game considering he was against one of the best left sides in the world. Lucas was good too, it always got to me when he was played as a DM, he can play a box-to-box style so well and has a good passing style which suits Torres. Reina showed his class again, didn't have a very busy match but when we needed him he was sharp and we could easily have lost this without him. The only thing that got me was, after a frist half where we ran the show, why did we change our style and try and protect the 2-0 lead. For a long spell in the 2nd half they had 70% posession and the ball never crossed the half way line. Then we attacked for 2mins - controlled everything - then suddenly went back to defending. It was stupid and gave us some un-needed defending to do when we could have bossed the game for the whole 90mins without a scare. Final note that we need to change in our game, we need our front players to close down opposition defenders all the time. Whenever you watch Liverpool have the ball at the back they never ever loko compfortable, they have to play 1st time passes because they are always being closed down. However when it goes up the other end defenders get 6-7+ seconds to have 2 and 3 touches and pass it about unchallenged. Not only does this mean they have more possesion but they are able to set into a formation and provide more options. If we had out players chasing down their defenders every game we would have a lot more points.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The way I see it, we are going into tomorrow with nothing to lose really. Nobody is really expecting us to win and the teams we are competing against now arent likely to pick up points from Chelsea so a loss won't be too devastating. But a win will be great for morale and confidence and put us in a decent position in the table. Basically, we better not start with 2 defesive midfield players playing long balls up to Torres which he has no hope of catching resulting in him not bothering to chase even easy balls and we get thumped 6-0.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'd prefer Gerrard in my team over anyone else, thats for sure.
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