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  1. PSG are delighted to announce the signing of Igor Akinfeev + cash for Samir Handanovic.
  2. Ok thanks for the explanation Like_A_Boas, never noticed until now...
  3. Hey Guys just noticed something strange about the Oliver Torres rise : he went up +1 today to 88 but when you check the ratingshistory he already went up to 88 on 11 may of this year.
  4. Ter-Stegen any chance of getting a +1 (if they win CL final ) ? Griezmann +1 and Mandzukic +1 ? Anyone agrees ?!
  5. Hoping for a + 2 so he can play first time football in my main setup..
  6. The forum didn't need a rebuild..To be frank it's terrible lay-out is boring,too pale.
  7. Agreed,imo the lay-out is too pale, use some colour...
  8. Agreed, imo it's too pale the lay-out use some colour.. The smilies aren't working either
  9. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Maybe Xhaka Granit ? What do you guys think about him,good signing ?
  10. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Really good analysis of the Man U season spot on in every section !!
  11. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Can someone please suggest a few of the best young 88+ right-backs to pursue? I already have Bellerin. Thanks ! post #150 !!
  12. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I would add Karius and Adrian as outsiders,although it may be a little far fetched.And Matthew Ryan of Brugge is a good goalie but beeing good in Belgium and England is probably something completely different...:rolleyes::pAlthough I would like to see him in the BPL at a midtableside one day.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Answers in bold oh and get De Bruyne he's on fire : the most assists in the Bundesliga that has got to count for something I believe
  14. Re: Respuesta: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Answers in bold.
  15. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Take a look at Schalke's website for the official announcement.
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Benatia Alaba
  17. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Griezmann to 92 or is 93 even a possibility ?
  18. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Any chance of Lichtsteiner getting a 92 ? Personally i feel that he's a very good but underrated player.He really impressed me at the CL semi-final.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bacca>Son>Aubameyang
  20. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Players i have on my shortlist are the following :Which of these players should i get first. Höwedes Benatia Ricardo Rodriguez Matic E.Hazard Götze Aguero Lewangoalski. My 1st team and youth team consists of following players: DEFENCE : Hummels,Carvajal,Subotic,Alaba,Boateng, Javi Martinez,L.Bender,Laporte,Shaw,Bernat,Rojo,Ginter MIDFIELD: Kroos,Pogba,Vidal,Koke,Reus,Schürrle,A.Herrera,Ramsey,Thiago ATTACK: Neymar,Müller,Suarez,Costa,Griezmann,Sanchez Thanks
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