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  1. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Can someone help me a hand with selecting the players i should sell from this lot? Leali Nicola Timo Horn (Sell ?) Lukas Raeder (sell I think?) Shaw Luke Sead Kolasinac (sell?) Nicolas Murru (sell ?) Günter Korray Diego Reyes Eric Dier (sell ?) Alberto Masi Laporte Aymeric Wallace Oliveira Gustavo Luis (sell?) Crisetig Lorenzo (sell ?) Höjbjerg Pierre Paul Pogba Kovacic Mateo Adam Maher Nick Powell Olsen Patrick (sell ?) Stendera Marc Lucas Piazon Max Meyer Serge Gnabry Mitchell Weiser Angelo Henriquez Weihrauch Patrick (sell ?) Stepinski Mariusz (sell ?) Gianni Bruno (sell ?)
  2. Re: Counter formations Anyone ?? This is the most important match in the season for me ,so any help would be much appreciated
  3. Re: Defender needed Diego Reyes,Dragovic Aleksandar,Matthias Ginter,Alderweireld Toby
  4. Re: I cannot buy a win with my team at the moment. Maybe you can show us your previous game results so we can see what the problems is (wrong instructions,shots on target,possesion ,etc) This way we can help you more effectively.
  5. Re: Counter formations All right lads I'm in the following situation : I'm first in division 1 with a 2 points lead on my main competitor and have two more matches to go,and then the championship will be ended for this season.So I need one win to insure myself of the title.The following match is against my main competitor and he will probably play a 3-2-2-2-1 formation with the following line up and instructions:Tackling normal,mentality normal,passing mixed,attack mixed,pace normal,pressure own half,counter attack and Tight Marking GK : Helton LB :Lahm CB :Ferdinand RB :Zanetti CM :Pirlo CM :Valero RW :Neymar LW :Vucinic CF :Eto'o (forward arrow towards goal) CF :Pato (forward arrow towards goal) ST : Ibrahimovic (backwords arrow towards midfield) He has an average team of 92 (and so have I).I normally play exact the same formation as he does.Now how can I win this game? Can anyone help me on this one,I have never won against this formation.This is like THE match of the season for me... My team : GK : De Gea LB :Evra CB :Hummels RB :Rafael CM :Vidal CM :Kroos RW :Valencia LW :Reus CF :Rooney (forward arrow towards goal) CF: Dzeko (forward arrow towards goal) ST :Gomez (backwords arrow towards midfield)
  6. Re: HÖWEDES, Benedikt Yes i'm 99 % sure Höwedes will rise +1.
  7. Re: forgotten these players? Rating changes don't happen with a fixed schedule anymore so i'm guessing in august or september maybe...
  8. Re: my team who should i get rid of Good squad,i've put feedback in bold were you can improve your squad
  9. Re: someone just offered me kagawa for hulk, do i take it? Kagawa without a shadow of a doubt : do it !
  10. Re: Predictions for top clubs in top 4 countrires That's a great job,congratulations !! I'm eagerly awaiting for the ratings changes for Germany !! Thanks for your effort
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Alex Sandro
  12. Lucas Digne Luke Shaw Alex Grimaldo Ben Davies Which one is the best upcoming young LB at the moment ?
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for some reinforcements for my midfield (young talents).i'm torn between these players ,and i don't know which players to choose. I don't have a lot of money so I would max go for two players. Kovacic Mateo (transfer free can get him for 4.4M) De Bruyne Kevin 11.6M (definetly in for a rise ,will only increase his value) Alen Hilalovic 2.3M On which players should i put an offer first ? Thanks
  14. Re: Arkadiusz Milik & Mattia Destro future? Destro : 91/92 Milik : 89/90 (not sure ,would love to have some confirmation about that...)
  15. Re: F.C. Barcelona: Who to keep or sell (and what is their prediction for next season Red = definetly sell,Green = definetly keep,Black = i don't know (ask other forumers).Get Max Meyer,Nicola Murru,Stefano(s) Kapino,Diego Reyes,Inigo Martinez,Wallace Oliveira,Stendera Marc while you can
  16. Re: Counter formations Can someone please help me with a succesfull formation and instructions for my Man United : De Gea Ter Stegen Evra Vermaelen Vidal Vidic Hummels Höwedes Rafael Nastasic Jones Bender S Bender L Kroos Alcantara Jovetic Schürrle Rooney Gomez Dzeko I was doing great untill now with 4-3-3wingers ( in 1st place ,with a couple of points in front of the competition),but now have lost 5 out of 6 games !) I really want to win the title this season ,with only 12 games to go it really is going to be a close call ( currently at 1st position because of a higher goalratio...) Thanks
  17. Re: Counter formations Big game coming up today : a World Champions Cup Final against a average rated team of 91 (my average rating is 91 as well).It's a managed team that will probably play 4-4-2 Diamond,with the following instructions : Tackling style normal Mentality normal passing style mixed attacking style mixed pace normal pressure own half Anyone got some suggestions on how to counter attack ?
  18. Any opinions on the next rating changes for my Man U team ? Thanks Marc Andre Ter Stegen 89 David De Gea 90 Patrice Evra 93 Thomas Vermaelen 91 Arturo Vidal 92 Nemanja Vidic 95 Mats Hummels 93 Matija Nastasic 88 Phil Jones 89 Benedikt Höwedes 90 Rafael Da Silva 90 Sven Bender 90 Lars Bender 90 Toni Kroos 92 Thiago Alcantara 90 Marco Reus 92 Andre Schürrle 91 Antonio Valencia 92 Erik Lamela 90 Edin Dzeko 92 Mario Gomez 93 Stevan Jovetic 91 Wayne Rooney 95 Youth team: Leali Nicola 83 Timo Horn 82 Lukas Raeder 75 Kolasinac Sead 82 Koray Gunter 78 Eric Dier 82 Alberto Masi 82 Aymeric Laporte 82 Olliveira Wallace 80 Luis Gustavo 82 Lorenzo Crisetig 80 Pierre Hojbjerg 75 Paul Pogba 87 Nick Powell 80 Patrick Olsen 77 Marc Stendera 75 Mitchell Weiser 77 Serge Gnabry 77 Max Meyer 77 Patrick Weihrauch 75 Angelo Henriquez 80 Mariusz Stepinski 80
  19. Re: Should i sell or keep, thoughts appreciated Keep the bolded ones
  20. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Which players should I sell ? Any players that are worth keeping ? Any advice would be much appreciated Lukas Raeder Leali Nicola Timo Horn Kolasinac Sead Günter Koray Masi Alberto Laporte Aymeric Dier Eric Wallace Oliveira Höjbjerg Pierre Crisetig Lorenzo Gusta Luis (From Barcelona Stendera Marc Powell Nick Pogba Paul Olsen Patrick Meyer Max Gnabry Serge Weihrauch Patrick Henriquez Angelo Stepinski Mariusz Thanks
  21. Re: Counter formations Yes 4-5-1 is a good formation : you won't be overruled by their 5 midfielders.The key of this formation is to attack on both flanks,because the 3-5-2 formation doesn't have fullbacks to stop your wingers.It' has been Explained by someone on the tactics thread very well.Just forgot his name (i think it was "The tactician" or something like that..) You could also use 4-3-3W both then you have to have a much stronger midfield then your opponent. For the 4-5-1 use the following instructions : Put forward arrows on both wingers tackling style:hard Mentality:normal Passing style: short attacking style: both flanks Tempo:normal Pressing: Own half Play style: counter attack,tight marking,man behind the ball It would be nice if you post your result against this formation
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Eduardo Salvio although it's a close call.
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