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  1. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! I doubt Sheva will go to the MLS, he is to young to go over when he still has hope of returning to the top pick of European strikers, whether it be at Chelsea, Milan or somewhere else in Europe's top leagues. Don't think Benfica should get Cisse, though Simao will look good in a Liverpool jersey , from what i have heard Cisse has been underperforming and Dudek, well retirement doesn't sound to bad!
  2. finances the money should have been already added to your finances, but you should have also got a club message, must be a bug or something
  3. Re: Should I Sell Dave Nugent? I am doubtful that 22 million would be accepted but you can try and if it isn't just offer him Nugent for 15 million, because as Trent said you can bring in some decent rated youngsters for that money.
  4. oobee007

    SM Friends!

    Re: SM Friends! Great stuff lee only just stumbled across this thread the subscription idea is a little to complex for me, i personally think that you should start a new thread and get an admin to closs it until you want to post another episode??? Plus with subscription how will i know what is going and when i am in it???
  5. Re: Raz's Forum CHAMPIONS! Reports/Transfers torsten frings may be avalaible for 10 mil + a 91+ WB, W, CM
  6. Re: Best of Britain - Transfers/Gossip New Coach, New Talent Only days after arriving at Newcastle following a shock move from league battlers Southampton, manager Jehan Bilimoria has unveiled his first signing Bayern Munich stalwart Lucio. It is believe to have cost around 2 million with Charles N'Zogbia and Titus Bramble heading to the German club. A gem in a star studded side
  7. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- Guti joins Celtic In a recent press release Glasgow Celtic Manager has unveiled his newest signing, in a deal expected to total 17 million pounds. Real Madrid captain Guti. In an interview he said he was glad to bring some fresh faces to his squad and said he hopes Guti will restore the famous winning spirit that Celtic have been lacking lately. Glad to have joinded such a great club In other transfer news Italian super star Alessandro Nesta is expected to join Celtic within days after being placed on the transfer list. Stating that he wanted out of Juventus and Celtic is presenting a wonderful deal. Another one on the way to Celtic?
  8. Re: Wayne Bridge i personally think hat he has been on par with the like of jono woodgate so a 90-91 increase would suit him
  9. Re: Trying to buy from a team with only 18 players Not really because sm is based on real life teams and these teams don't have these quote unqoute 'small, crappy players'
  10. Re: YOUR 5 FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTS Darshan even though it is a goodish thread try not to revive 6 month old threads rather pointlessly
  11. Re: Small private elite league 1 Sorry delfie been busy but will except right now
  12. oobee007

    Longest Unbeaten Run

    Re: LONGEST UNBEATEN RUN Most Games Unbeaten in Row 33 - 25 Oct 2006 to 21 Feb 2007 This is with my Liverpool in EC21 that i have managed since June last year!!! Alright
  13. Re: WHAT ! player refuses to sign for Inter Milan hahahaha Maybe it is because he doesn't want to leave Fiorentina ( although i hear he is going to munchen), not in the same league ie Inter these are only true if we know have some serious player intelligence on our hands, doubtfull though
  14. Re: International Management I think it is a good idea and i would love to have the oppurtunity to manage australia, but unfortunately it would be for golds only and how and who would choose who got who
  15. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Roxanne by Fall out Boy really good cover version
  16. oobee007

    Been a while!!

    Re: Been a while!! Hey dan great to see you back in the land of kings hope you pick up some good teams! about one month before he unofficially left he had a baby,
  17. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Dont like that song tom The kill - 30 seconds to Mars
  18. Re: Small private elite league 1 Have a look at my Real madrid Cassano is available
  19. Re: SM Predict - Season 2 Week 21 Hope i am not to late Man City 0 vs 2 Man Utd Cesena 0 vs 3 juventus Borussia M`gladbach 1 vs 2 Bayern Munich Nottm Forest 2 vs 1 Crewe Luton 1 vs 2 Sunderland Ac Milan 3 vs 1 Fiorentina Real Madrid 1 vs 2 Sevilla Arsenal 2 vs 2 Chelsea
  20. With a lot of player comparision threads appearing i have decided to crerate one where you respong to the previous post then add new players you want to have compared. I'll start Agger vs Hypiia
  21. Re: Is that what I think it is? ..... No waaayyy! WELCOME BACK HERBY Great to see you back were you belong, how are those Brisbane Broncos of yours going??? Hopr you get your Swindon back, no doubt everyone on the forum will be hunting it just for you.
  22. Re: Cheating in wc 111 Just a tip ivan star out the names and wc number on the forum but email the full details to stegore.
  23. Re: MIKEL, Jon Obi Until he breals into the Chelsea first team and plays there on a consistent basis i think that a rating of 89 is just fine. He should go up to 90 if this happens and has plenty of years ahead of him.
  24. Re: dudek....and boruc Why bring up an old and dead topic hopefully it will be locked soon
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