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  1. Re: CHELSEA V LIVERPOOL Firstly welcome to the forum dodge viper, great to see another aussie around, pitty your from Melbourn ... ewwww I know that Liverpool will win, not because of the team but the fans will push them over the line, i for one will wake up at 445 in the morning to watch my team do battle on the other side of the world.
  2. Re: last login date? BAD LUCK, their are tons of other players out there! If they don't respond it is their perogative(dictionary please Bobo), i respond twice maybe three times then leave it until it becomes obvious i do not want to sell the player.
  3. Re: Match Day Time leave it as it is it is perfect for us aussie's at the moment
  4. oobee007

    SM Poetry.

    this isnt really poetry but its good found it on EF A little bit of Alonso in our lives ........ A little bit of Gonzalez down the sides ......... A little bit of Crouch is what we need ....... A little bit of Bellamy with his speed ........ A little bit of Carra in defense .......... A little bit of Gerrard he's immense ........ A little bit of Singing from the fans ......... A little bit of Riise he's your man ........ A little bit of Reina he's pure class ....... A little bit of kuqt he'll kick your ass ..... A little bit of Pennant over here ........... A little bit of Diao no he's a ! ........ A little bit of Kewell with quick feet ....... A little bit of Liverpool cant be beat !!!
  5. oobee007

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup Never my dear nav! Woke up the smorning after i late one (nothing naughty ), to the sound f the cricket i was like yay we win then hang on it pitch black and simmo is bowling??? Well deserved win
  6. Re: shorter login day? May be they are sick of you bidding for that player. Recently i have had and am still encountering cp problems and it is great with the 30 day thingy
  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Love the song Aussie!!!! Goo Goo Dolls - Slide Great Classic
  8. oobee007

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup Australia will win hands down against the Sri Lamkans lets compare sides Australia - Mcgrath: Arguably worlds greatest fast bowler Ponting: Worlds no 1 captain and batsman Hayden: Most runs in a World Cup Sri Lanka- Chucka Murali - 1000 run outs in test/one dayers
  9. oobee007

    Word Game

    Re: Word Game Sammy-the-spammer???
  10. oobee007

    Word Game

    Re: Word Game Idris KamenI
  11. oobee007

    Word Game

    Re: Word Game Robbie Savage
  12. Re: SM Predict - Season 2 Week 20 Wigan 1 - 1 West Ham. Everton 1 - 3 Man Utd. Carlisle 2 - 1 Swansea. Grimsby 2 - 2 Lincoln. Roma 2 - 2 Lazio. Excelsior 0 - 5 AZ Alkmaar Willem II 0 - 3 Ajax Osasuna 0 - 2 Real Zaragoza
  13. oobee007

    Word Game

    Re: Word Game Nourredine Naybet
  14. oobee007

    Word Game

    Re: Word Game Nick Theodorakopulus
  15. Re: Your favourite National team outside of top 10 FIFA rankings Yeah there is Samoa AND American Samoa
  16. Re: Your favourite National team outside of top 10 FIFA rankings Mine is obviously Australia closely followed by Scotland and American Samoa (Last in the FIFA world Rankings,) Reason for Scotland and American Samoa similar talent good game
  17. oobee007


    Today is a special day for Australians and New Zealanders all around the world. It is a day to commerate those who gave their lives to defending our countries in the Boer War, WW1, WW2, the Korean War and the Gulf war. It also commemerates anyone in the Australian Army, Navy, Air Force or Federal Police who have served in peacen keeping missions in East Timor or Fiji, served with the UN. Or fought in the War against Terror (Afgahnastan and Iraq). Lest We Forget
  18. oobee007

    Dan Payne

    Re: Dan Payne I consider myself to be an old fart of the forum' date=' June 2006 is almost a year ago. He sold the coount to his bro and his bro was like: "I don't know these randoms, so why should they be in my setup!"
  19. Chiodos right now i am listening to Chiodos - Baby, you wouldn't last a minute on the creek. And Bagster - Welkumm
  20. Re: Craig Smith Smudger is busy with study and work, spoke to him the other month, and herby is busy at work and with the family, both said though will try and pop in from time to time.
  21. oobee007


    Re: Braces Ahh aussie i am one of the lucky ones, i dont have to get any, yet my bros do when they are older
  22. Re: New Forum Admin Congrats Raz (lol late i know but just popping in), i think raz is a great addition to the team that is already the best
  23. Re: User titles (Junior/Senior etc) Just using a dif computer and seen the changes great stuff guys keep up the good work
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